Wednesday, December 21, 2011

483. 3 Things U Wont Agree...

3 things i think u wont agree with me.

i'm ok with lez, lets refer to the word
as the letter 'L' from now on okeh..
segan gak nak taip nam kali..
I'm Ok with L, now i'm not saying that
L is Halal or How does the community should
look into the matter.
Its wrong i know..
but i'm OK with it.

Why? u might ask.
What is sexier then one sexy lady?
two sexy lady being sexy of course!!
heheheh >:D

2) I think people should look into smoking
issues in a more serious aproach,
saman on sight,
or even better katok on sight.
put aside the whole cigarrette is contributing
a lot in Malaysia's economy from the taxes
cause healthwise, we are in jeopardy.

A young girl by the age of five was walking
and her eyes got hit by the cigarete fire
making her blind.
I guess the smoker was holding his cigarete
with his arm straight, walking through the
walkway and a five year old girl height would
be about that much also no?
Imagine you grown up to your beautiful and happy
twenties without your eyesight? when u ask your
mother why.. the answer was 'a smoker did it'.
How would u feel?

me? my work uniform got burnt last night,
the smoker was holding his 'torch'
recklessly in a pasar malam.

3) Big Big companies like Honda, FOrd, Suzuki,
Celcom, Digi, Maxis and even 'Anakku' should
put their commercials in NuffNang more!
(Oh but this one i think u guys
do agree with me right? heheheh)

Hey hey!! its wednesday!
another 2 days to work till the HOLIDAY.
Book a one night stay in the HardRock Hotel
maybe pocketeers?
ohh as if i have the cash ^^;


littledolphin said...

i'm ok with L too . yeah it's wrong,but i dont discriminate them.i have some L friends,and i can only pray so they will turn normal.but im still friends with them no matter what.

there was a girl who got blind because of the cigarette fire?!!!

i didnt know that :o

thats horrible!

Saiazuan said...

as for smoking issues, i am just one innocent boy who live with smokers around me..

and for ads, yeah agree with it xD

p.s about L matters, aku tak paham.. adoi knapa la susah sgt nak paham L matters ni ;(

zonaku said...

hardrock hotel during this super peak season?????

all d best!

Juliet_iRa~" said...

katakan xnk pd smoker!huu

nak holiday kat mn??
penang keee??

nk ikut!hahaha ;p

Juliet_iRa~" said...

psss : tu la kecik je kan alto ni?tp comel la kot utk girl mcm ira ni...huuuuu

xtau nak pilih mn...:(

SimplySeoul said...

I agree with youuuu.....(dragging the sentence)

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

L ?? -_-"

eh.. pocket bkn org Penang dh ke?

say to easy=) said...

say no to smoke!

ade dgr sound mcm n g hardrock hotel.gua nak ikut weyh.penang is my hometown!hahaah

syabab said...

syabab agree jew ngn sume uh 2sexy woman is better than one
smoking should be banned..
yg sal iklan nauffnang lak syabab xmek port sgt sbb xde nuffnang pon..hehe

Super Nia Hana said...

ha..bilalahh somi den nk berenti rokok

Anonymous said...

1) talkign about the L. kalau orang tak kenal aku ngan mesti anggap kitorg L. hehe.. the sexy part excluded.

2) smoking is a bad habit to gain. most of them dah start terpengaruh dari sekolah menengah. banyak sgt ke rokok menyumbang ekonomi negara. cis. aku sedang berusaha memberhentikan smoking habits husband sendiri. ffuuhh..

3) mestilah agree. walaupun kalau tgk earnign nuff cam tak gerak gerak. hahahahha

Jue said...

1. sbut psl L, husband Hanie bfore waktu jd bf dia dulu before kawen *complex x pjelasan neh?haha** ingat kitaorg L hahaha ape brg L beb hahahahaha

2. Seyes x phm ade yg smoke sbb nak nmpk cool..omaikambing!

Jue said...

sbut psl Nuffnang ads, dr dulu smpi la ni x pnah cecah rm50 haha

Dhiya Fariza said...

Im not ok with L. Never will be. (personal choice)

When i become a doctor, i shall do something bout this smoking issue. If they wont stop, they just have to wait huhuhu

Elie Lily said...

Dont u think the L word is too subjektive meh? hahha..

tapi bab smoking tu, elie setuju kot! :D

Cik Pulau said...

honestly.. sangat tak suka smoker.. and takleh nak bau asap rokok. terus batuk2.. kejam ke??? huu~

hanaahmad said...

mohon bawa saya jalan2 sekitar Penang? *off topic.