Saturday, December 10, 2011

472. GulungLagi!

once in a while i will be writing without
any proper intention or purpose, letting
this fat tingling bones from my hand dancing
on the keyboard forming words and telling
stories about myself in this blog.

Talking about blog.. Miss FatinMraz did
a great post the other day about how to blog.
its a wake up call to some of us and for me
its a reminder of what we're doing here.

Check it out here :

one thing that i have to add would be,
in blogging.. people want to know more
about the blog owner. yes.. u can always
type informative story like how Bro Saiazuan
was telling people about gadgets and that
would attract people very much but still,
people would like to know the blog owner
too. u never know! he or she might be
the one who will be sitting by your side on
your wedding day. So loosen up the story
and slip in a thing or two about u..
yes u.. the blog owner who key in your
e mail add and password at every blogging
session :D

things like what Saiazuan wrote
in his post >Kerjaya about him
focusing in Software Developing
would definitely interest blogger
from the same field no?

Kerjaya kan?
pocket is thinking about changing
his carrier to a better one now.
Aiming for an extra RM500 a month
cause i wanna own that car that
can also brought a bicycle on top,
right now my only transport would
be the 2wheelers EX5.
The housemate's kancil can always
top those bicycle up but it would
look funny.
And carrying a bicycle with my EX5 would
be even funnier.. heheh

ohh, what can i say, people always
think about people's comment and
My zipper is undone lah,
(Please do tell me this before
massive damage is done)
Your desk is messy lah,
your handphone is too cheap lah,
hey hey.. if we always think about
people's comment, who's life are we leading?
oh no! but i do care about the comment
that u'r leaving in my blog.
Your comment really made my day,
and i luv reading and reply each and
every one of them, but these recent week
have been hectic and i just dont have the
time to reply back, for that i am sorry.
Hope changing my work can give me more
time to blog happily. (If i can..)

or do i need those android handphone
that could access my blog and write comment
as soon as you pushed the button 'publish comment'?

now that would be nice.


zonaku said...

i'm too shy to reveal too much on the blog. no need to put in much about your personal, as your entries will really disclose who you are.

changing job? all the best!!!! i'm also in the middle of the chaos of career path..... taking a break without a kit kat.

pocket, jom p pesta...

Anonymous said...

Yes pocket.u definitely need an android hp utk reply komen every readers dan senang nak bw jgk.yey!

Setiap komen ada dua je.sama ada nak buat ko lebih baik atau nak kondem nersangka baik itu lebih baik.kan.

Ni entry sebenanya nak ckp ko bz xsempat nak reply komen kan.kan.kan.Hahhhahahaha

Pocket said...

i am not saying about those name or faces like what they did when replying tags, or like some people who actually put their phone no in their FB Profile.
that is dangerous.

just a bit of this and that about u.
what do u like,
what do u hate,
what do u think people should hate :D

pesta? jom.. malam ni.. pocket pakai baju ungu, tunggu bawah pokok ketapang :D (Iyer iyer jer macam nak pergi sunggoh)

heheh, one of them yes,
i wanted to apologize about me not replying your kind comment :D

android HP kaaa?
try sekali dua kengkawan punya..
terasa kebestan nya...
beli kanaaaa...
bonos oh bonos.. masyuk lah kamu:D

hani said...

agak2 nak tukar kerja apa?
bestla.. boleh main tukar-tukar

Dhiya Fariza said...

Goodluck in leading your life into a much better environment/perspective/things suma2 tulah hehe. Specially on the job ofcourse and the phone

syabab said...

pocket keje selum nie pon syabab xbpe sure pe sbb lastime engineer kan?sknk nk tuka er?errr busineesman?hehe.. okeyh syabab will take note about blog interest... btw ur rite world without devil n iman are like world with nothin.. tp jgn lah pilih yg jahat e..hehe

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

wakakkak....sekarang kalau bz memang publish n balas komen guna BB....hehe.;)pakai jangan xpakai..hehe

rozeeta rashid said...

wah extra 500. boleh la belanjaa. haha.

saya kekadang tak reply jugak komen orang bila busy. hehe.

littledolphin said...


littledolphin said...

BTW POCKET I REALLY DO APPRECIATE UR COMMENT REGARDING THE ENTRY IN MY OTHER BLOG. oop sorry tercapslock.haha really thank you so much! :)

i want to reply your comment but i'm still thinking of the right questions.

Cha said...

May you success in you new job.

nanti dapat belanja makan =P

Aemy Shamy said...

now i got some new lesson & guidance to improve my blog posts..thx for writing your voice, Pocket! like i said before, your posts have always been something that make me think.. :)

najwa aminah abas said...

thanks. ini sungguh membantu.

leaving something for you to smile today. sebab kau buat hari aku dengan mengatakan komen made ur day. i hope i made ur day. cheers yo! :)

JHaZKiTaRo said...

salam kenal.. kalau nak baca my experience travel ke 46 buah negara, sila2 la singgah my blog (Aku Sebutir Pasir).. :)

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

...we have been talking about those people who are just too bold in exposing themselves, kan pocket? it was like our everyday issue. but then and fame might not be the interest for some but for many, Pocket. You have to understand that.

Otherwise, taklah org dok sibuk nak keluar muka bangang kat YouTube?

Same goes to blog.

zonaku said...

pokok ketapang ada ka kat pesta.. dok nampak pokok lampu ja........

hujung mgu ramai org. mmg smpai cam nak guna tape recorder ja bila suara dah mula ilang... lutut cam nk tercabut....

Pocket said...

tak tau lagi,
cari jom :D

so which is better? BB or Iphone or Android?

tuka jadi business man besh woo..
kita jual 'orang' heheh:)
perniagaan tenaga pekerja sekarang amat mendapat sambutan.
sebab orang 'kita' tak nak buat keja remeh temeh.

heheh, so kamu guna BB yek?
button BB kechik sangat!
jari pocket tak cerlus

kalau betul pocket buleh dapat,
inshaAllah pocket wat GiveAway yer sis!! :D

T-shirt ngan muka pocket kat depan!!

and by revealing as much hook me to u sis, how i would like to know the life, the love, the mess (if there was any)

ginger, sihat? :D

umph! Belanja prosperities :D

well there is more inside this thick skull sis, some are so spicy,
it would make me look like i'm a godless person.. ohh..
let that one shut inside frst :D

yes, and i'm waking up sunday subuh just to reply em sis:D
thankyou so much > _ <

salam kenal, makasih.

yes, people and their intentions.
different people with different purpose in doing things,
i guess u are right sis.
miss u.
miss the talk,^^;

heheh, pocket tak tahu,
pakai main sebut jer :D

memang orang ramai,
pocket lemah sikit ngan orang reramai nih, terasa mcm diri ini a waste of space.

dill said...

I rarely tell who i really am in flesh in my blog. But mostly i will share my feelings and my thoughts. It is comfortable though.


say to easy=) said...

kalau kita busy hingga x sempat reply komen or jejak diorang tak mengapa sebab dah free kita akan jejak diorang jugak.sesibuk mana blog juga kita akan terjah:D

btw thanks,entry ini sangat membantu untuk saya :)

angga zhan said...

I like it., keep smile :) ..
cool :)
by the way, join and follow my blog please..
I'm already followed your blog..
I'm waiting for you to visit and join in my blog
salam kenal,, and God Bless You..

ciK LyndaWawa said...

ala. poket..nak extra 500 sebab nak memetik cigu di taman le tu..hehehehe=]

Fatin Mraz said...

thanks pocket for this.
really appreciate it. =)
FM tulis beser2 jer..

once in a while i do have a feeling of sharing things about blogging..instead of the routine life..

..about career.. kalau ada better offer, why not kan, pocket. go for it!

bab critism tuh, rasenya x perlu amik port..we know our priorities..

n last but not least, thanks again for this featured in. =)

p/s: weekend bz ngan 'bisnes baru'..tu yg lambat cket sampai umah pocket nih..

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

nk pinang bolat letteww =,="

*SiRibenMerah said...

guessing that all ur KG was in here comment together.. lalalalala..

Sha, miss u!hiksss..(lama u x singgah my blog)

Pocket seems to be like he is so most wanted person laaa..bohsan!

anamizu said...

pocket do have a lot of fans..
jeles! T___T hehe

got better job? go for it pocket!
sapa tau blh beli iPhone nti..hehe

cik ana