Monday, December 26, 2011

489. People'sMisery...

tell me..
Since when is it that knowing people's
misery would make u feel better?

Why pocket! that question is easy!
-when u come to know that he who took
your girl got run down by an 18 tyres
truck, and now living through a mechanical
paru paru using his Socso or insurance
money down to the pit and his family
is now considering to pull the plug.
Wow!! i'd say that i'll be happy to hear that of course!!
oh but that is just happy for the
vengeance right? OK, wrong description.

-when the father who ditched your mother
for another small frame bimbo 23 years ago,
leaving your mother to trudge the strong
current of life alone by herself,
that father was found dead recently and
left u with some EPF money and a piece of
land for u to 'parang-parang' over.
why? who would'nt be happy? Money Money Money!
Oh but that is just happy for the money right?
So that u can pay the HBO and a grand livina..
ok.. wrong again.

Both of the description above is wrong.

What i meant was, when ever u tell your husband
or your BF or simply the ear-dat-listen that
u had the worst week,
5 interviews and still nothing,
the bonus is too less,
your 'God-Blessed-Deformed-Leg' is aching,
or you just simply had a bad hair day...

..and the advise they gave to you was to sabar
and they remind u about other people's misery...
'ko tahu, kat somalia sana lagi teruk hidup diorang'
'5 interbiew? weh, si samad yang tak cukup 10 tu,
dah gi 50 interbiew tahun nih, dok tanam anggur gitu gak'
'kira ok gak ko dapat gak, aku tak dapat langsung!!'
'ko bayangkan orang yg tak der kaki, camner?'
'ko bayang orang yang tak der rambut.. camner?'
(CikBolat jangan angkat tangan, kamu masih berambut)

ever had those kinda nasihat?
yes yes, i know all about bersyukur and thanking god
bout what we have and blessed with. Yes i know!

..but psychologically speaking, telling people
that his life is not that bad by comparing
to other's misery is not that much of a good
advise dont u think?

Why do I have to care about u not getting your bonus?
u'r rich enough with your monthly salary.

If people's heartbroken can be soothe by hearing
other's misery, then put the picture of those
people who die of starvation on the dining hall.
and serve your son and daughters a 400gm of nasi,
with a piece of ayam masak merah no bigger then
Your thumbdrive. 'Bersyukur lah, orang kat somalia
sana nuu laaagi tak der makanan'
pour them another bowl of gravy sis!!

..and when u'r signing them off to a public school
that have the worst SPM Passing rate in the state,
tell them about those who never made it to school,
never made it to PMR even.. so that they would be
grateful. At least they made it to school.

In advising people, it has become too common
for people to compare our nasib with those
who are less fortunate ..
and we're suppose to feel good about this why?


CekbOlat-bOlat said...

eh? nme cikbolat ade? kuang3.. hahaha..

mcm tamak je tak dpat bonus.. pdhal gaji bulanan mewah.. -_-" itu tak baik..

Saiazuan said...

i used to be someone yg suka compare ngan orng lain.. but since i kenal blogging world, my rotten mentality fade away.. i wanna be a 1st class mentality people :)

syabab said...

why we need to accept it?well we can ignore it if we want too..exmples when beauty people said that beauty is nothing compared to sincere heart but how about people who r not beauty?they knoe better about people judging them trough their face.. but back again no one knoe anyone else unless ur in their shoes.. so by getting depressed jz bcos u don get wat u want why don u fight for it...usaha n never give up..usually persoalan cm pocket ckp uh timbul bila kita mengalah n people said leks la weh ko kira untung lah dr budak tuuut tu die lg teruk... -.-" so kamateh n shpw to the world about how bad u want somethin or how bad yor life is...hehe

Dhiya Fariza said...

Agreed with syabab :)

Fatin Mraz said...

bab banding membanding ni mmg takkan habis.. kan..

Jue said...

Bile aku kasi advise, aku slalu bandingkan ngan diri aku je. Xmo jauh2 sbb dah common sgt tp only with those i know them well or vice versa. Bak kata Hanie, agaknya kalau dia dlm dunia aku, dah x ttanggung kot

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

oohh...u're reminding me of work, pocket! sangat tension apabila org dok mentioned,

"Kak Sha...hang tak tau buat proposal ka? Apasal hang tak propose bonus aku banyak sikit? Si Assalam tuh apasai lagi banyak dr aku?"

Haiii...if perangai membandingkan, or the misery was listened to properly, I might as well proposed a high bonus for the most miserable one: MYSELF.

Kan pocket?

Anonymous said...

agree with Jue. kalau nak nasihat orang bai contoh terdekat baru nasihat tu bagi impak maksima. boel nampak direct tak payah nak bayang bayangkan.

Akue Achik said...

mungkin sbb bila kita rsa unlucky then kita compare dgn mreka yg lbh less fortunate, kita msh bole ada sift does make us feel better kan tp tak bmksud kita happy dgn pnderitaan org yg ssh tu..

rozeeta rashid said...

compare our lives to those who are less fortunate buat kita sedar n bersyukur dengan apa yang kita dapat. but if we want to succeed, look up and compare to those who are much better than us.

littledolphin said...

ah,finally !

this is something i'd wanted to express since long ago!oh thank you pocket!

i'm just sooo tired of people who said,'ala,at least kau dapat tawaran tu..bersyukur lah wey.'

its not that im not grateful,but im just ambitious.i have goals and i wanna achieve that goals of mine.i plan my goals since i was small and of course i would do anything for it.

just because i reject the offer to unisza,it doesnt mean im not means im considering other options too.whats the points of options if we do not consider it?kan kan kan?

Hanih Borhan said...

Haah kan? Baru perasan... Another perspective to ponder upon...

Thanks to you...