Monday, December 19, 2011

481. WhyDoWeNeed...

...a tape recorder,

 oh i forgot, u guys are generation that
 never saw a tape recorder. well basically
 an audio recording device. It can be anything
 base on when is this text is being read.
 MP3 for people who look up to Najib and
 Pak Lah as their PM :D.

 so why pocketeers? why?
The most common one is when u are too lazy
 to take note and thought that those laziness
 would wear off when the clock reaching 11pm
 and the FOX channel is showing TerraNova
 series for the third time.
 well newsflash pocketeers,
no!! laziness will not wear off :D

 Another one is for listening your own
 voice conversing in foreign language.
 yes yes you over there.. i know u know this
better then anyone else ayaq masak.
 Pocketeers, on a fine day when your voice
is as merdu as the tweeting bird. Try to record
your voice while u'r conversing in english and
hear em again... u will be amaze at what u'll hear..
is it the same as Selena Gomez when
 she's in that 'wizards of waverly place'?
or maybe with an accent like harry potter,
pronouncing water with an apostrophy at the 'T'...
like WA'ER me?
i tried this, i sounded just like
a malaysian who speaks english :D
'yes lah, u know.. det wan never can sell waaannn

 oh oh.. another one more reason.
and this is quite interesting..
We need a tape recorder to eavesdrop
 in people's conversation. On a fine day
when everyone just in the mood to gossip,
 try to start recording and leave the device
 hidden on your desk camouflage like it was
 some decoration duck or a paper weight
in the shape of a dog poo.

 U'll be surprise at the result :D
 'waahhh, pergi jugak pocket, orang baru nak 
gossip pasal awek dia, kacau daun betul lah' 

 'korang tahu, pocket tu bodek gila gila punya, 
 sebelum si farid tu jadi boss dulu, cam biasaaa 
 jer diorang kawan. sekarang... siap belanja makan siot!! 
galaxy tab yang bini si farid pakai tu? pocket lah !!' 

 'pocket tu sebenarnya taik pit, dia ngaku sendiri 
dulu masa aku rapat ngan dia dulu, hampir masuk 
 pusat lah wei!' 

 oi oi! bila masa plak pocket masuk pusat?
 camni punya overweight pun layak jgak nak
 jadi taik pit ker? apoooolah.
Any other reason why do we need a tape recorder pocketeers?


Dhiya Fariza said...

i had this, i've seen it, use it, damaged it and throw it away hehe.

multifunction recorder huh. im not that brave enough to hear my annoying voice uttering english words. embarrassing but i do like to hear others though especially when they bad mouthing someone else :p

hani said...

i need tape recorder to replay the old greenday cassette i just found in my old-unwanted-about-to-be-thrown-away-dresser i had in my room when i was 14.haha.. :)

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

tringat recorder tokwan bce entry nih -,-"

Fatin Mraz said...

mm..pernah rakam masa meeting.. huhu.. mase tuh serius boring nak mamp*s nak tulis minit..

littledolphin said...

i might need it to record converstaions.might be useful as evidence in court one day.HAHA

or maybe since i might be a journalist one day(well im not sure media managemeNt,journalism or PR),so ya,i'll need one.

littledolphin said...

btw the details are there already.under your last comment (:

p/s sorry for the miscommunication. heee

syabab said...

okeyh syabab need to admit somethin i use my ph to record my won voice while im talking or even singing.. people keep mocking my macho voice so im kinda curious why people think my macho vooice was funnie n it is different when syabab try to sing... kira nk puji diri sendiri lah nie..nk harap org lenn puji men dis is a secret aww pocket... or it is not?errr...

HEMY said...

ni zaman2 aku dulu smpi 14kali rewrite kaset recordable tu..ahahaha

rozeeta rashid said...

untuk dengar suara yang tersayang? lepas rindu. tapi baik call je kan. haha.

nak test tengok ada bakat jadi pembaca berita ke tak.

good idea. boleh tau kalau orang mengumpat masa kita takda kan. hehe.

Pocket said...

throw it away? alaaa..
(Dah tu rosak nak wat apa lagi kan..)

do try to record your voice..
it does sound awkward at first,
but u'll know what i mean when
u heard yourself talking in arab or english :D

cukup Kholkhollah ker?

green day dookie?
ohh.. pocket sunggoh suka album tu:D

Oiih! i'm not that old.

kiranya balik tu sempat lah nak play and rewind pelan pelan kan:D

owh.. untuk journalist memang perlu. tala jer tape recorder kat muka orang and ask...
'apa pendapat anda tentang pembunuhan ini, siapa yang mungkin terlibat?'


owh sis!! pocket dah tak leh nak gi blog yg tu lg. tlg re-invite or mail me the link please :D

yang ni pun pocket pernah try gak,
hasilnya gagal.. langsung tak sedap, siap lari pitching lagi hahahah..

ruparupanya kekawan dok puji tu adalah dlm versi perli.. seronok diorang nak dgr pocket malukan diri kat karaoke :(

zaman kita kan.. sampai putus tali lah:D

Oooiihh!! memang memang!
dulu dok wat kaset letter!!
pasal zaman dulu tak der henpon,
so tak selalu buleh dengar suara sidia.. hehehe, kamu mengembalikan kenangansilam la sis:)

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

jrg npk recorder tknologi lme jgn dlupekan,tnpe die xte lahh mp3 bgai sume

eLL said...

oh mannn, saya tak mahu lagi dengar recording sbb hari-hari saya dengar kes kemalangan thru recording.

Jue said...

it may sounds awkward but i do record my conversation with bf using hp! haha

bdsrkan cth sbnr;

Bf: Its confirm Lisa Surihani blakon dlm movie **lupe lak nama movie** haha

Me: Bukan ler

Bf: iye

Me: kalau bkn?

Bf: bet rm50

Ofc la aku menang kan haha..kalau bf x ngaku ade janji, playback je rekod tu haha

Anonymous said...

aku pernah ada tape recorder masa sekolah menengah. aku record cikgu aku explain kat science lab. malas nak tulis nota punya pasal.