Thursday, December 22, 2011

485. Winning Or Losing

Pocketeers, an emotional post.
i have wrote something like this before,
here i am posting about it again.

This life is a game,
there is not such thing as 'fair',
nothing that spelled near as 'same',
or 'good' and 'bad'.
Its about winning.. and losing.

You ask a guy,
'oh so u have a blog?
how is the traffic?'
'well about 120unique a day' was his
answer and u smile 'oh good!'
while inside your heart, u thought..
in blogging comparing to this loser..
'i won!'

u went and cut the line for people who
waited to use the ATM machine, U hold
up your hand asking for permission,
the old lady was nice enough to smile
and let u cut.
U smile back,
while inside your heart, u thought...
'i won'
i have taken a short cut in getting
my money today and this makcik... lost

u were walking with her and
intentionally u've 'sigong'
her chest. She gave a short shriek
and yelled 'hoi! aper ni!!' in full
furious of the mother dragon who
have red blazing fire as her hair
she got angry at you. U apologize
and told her it was an accident.
For what it matter, u didnt felt
Pujuk punya pujuk, rayu punya rayu..
Due to love and the fact that
no one else can send her home, she
accepted your apology. And off u go
holding hands like u'r suppose to.
U smiled, she smiled back..
u thought..
'I won'
... in a game of asking for apology
for what i did that clearly is wrong,
she lost

He hit u again, hit u hard this time,
a few bruises on your shoulder, a swollen
finger and a cut in your upper lips.
U thought u had it this time,
u'll leave him this time...
But he beg for mercy,
kneeling by the front door
putting his hand together,
asking for forgiveness.
U fall for those 'kesian' eyes
just like puss in boots.
u say 'OK'
he say 'sorry'
He smiled...


hani said...

to err is human
to forgive = divine (Alexander pope)

Dhiya Fariza said...

depend on the purity of one's heart whether the person apply situation like these as lose/win condition or take it as a nature of life and let it be let it go and implant some maturity within one's heart. - pandangan je ;)

littledolphin said...

i find cutting queue makes me feel guilty. instead of making me feel lose.I wish i can be more merciless. T_T

I'm too nice to others.i forgive too easily .people easily take advantage of i keep losing.

i need to win sometimes too,dont you think so?

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

-_-" nver win..

syabab said...

ehmmm syabab read twice to undertand the emotional part n wat i thinks is winning are the main part of ego.. the more ego ur the more winning u wanna catch.. while forgiveness always will be given although how many mistake someone make...yes for him he might think he win bcos he is very good in pujuk rayu n make the pussy eyes look cute but perhaps for the gurlz why she's accept the apology bcos she know someday sooner or later the guyz will change to the better person.. n she willing to give a lot of chances until one day the guyz should realise that the gurl oledy spend the rest of her life giving him a chances to change... so i guess she also a winner..they will be never a loser since everyone will win but different prospect..

syabab said...

correction: #there will never be a loser since everyone will win but in different prospect..

hanjila said...

once my lil sis said, "the last time we 'perang dingin', i win becoz u have to cry in the bedroom."

the art of winning, speechless

anamizu kaito said...

ade ke term "win-win situation"?
rasenye mcm xde je dlm dunia nih =.='

cik ana

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

bukan dpt adiah pon kn klu menang cenggituuuuu

Cha said...

Kalau pocket macam tu, saya tumbuk2 sampai lebam


zonaku said...

mengalah bukan bererti kalah.....

Anonymous said...

and he thought "i won"..hehehe

dan aku sgt la benci kalau ada orang potong queue. jangan seklai buat depan aku mmg kene sound. hehehe. kene buat muke kesian macam puss in boots baru aku kasi.

Bashtiah said...

Winning or losing...

I guess it has something to do with ego, too.. heh.

A woman 'jual mahal', the man still begs and tries. Along the process the lady thought 'i won'..

Ala I don't know... This winning and losing thing really is a subjective thing.