Sunday, December 11, 2011

473. Know Your Game...


its sunday and i woke up late today.. 640am..

A shout out to myself and for u .. maybe.
do u know how to play the badminton?
i bet u do...
no i mean the rules and regulation?
the shuttle falls inside the white line, means in.
the shuttle falls outside means out.
do not touch the net,
do not flirt with the empire,
do not intentionally smash the shuttle
to the empire, even if she gave a few bad calls.
well the whole shabang, and i dont have
to list it down here right? u know better.

Sports would be the same with life i guess,
it teaches u to follow the rules and goal oriented.
know your goal, think of strategies to win it.
and work with the pantang larang to get ahead.

Lets talk about work for instance.
like my work, i'm the carton stamper for instance,
my goal is to finish stamping 400 carton a day,
and that is what i have to do... 400 carton a day it is,
if i cant get it... then i'll lose. Just like how bowlers
lost if they cant get an average of 260pins and above.

Like friendship,
I have u guys as my 'virtual' friends,
a few more in my real world.
every comment needs reply,
every temujanji needs me to show up, Sory ayaq masak.
every sms and calls to be attended to,
and so that is what i have to do...
show up!!
and if i fail to do so, i'll lose.
just like how a petanque player who
fail to get as much balls near the le petite.

...and just like when u are in love.
know the prohibition in the games,
do not let her know that u'r flirting with girls,
do not let her see the naughty message in your HP,
Show up on time and whatever she cook, is delicious!
or else u'll lose!!
Just like how a swimmer dont know that she suppose
to reach the final wall with both hands. DQ when she
actually won.
(Thanks Bashtiah for the awesome story : Know It All Yeah)

so pocketeers,
year 2011 i have lost in a minigame i got myself into.
lost it once and got humiliated by the 'L' mark in the
forehead all year long.
I'm not going to lose again in 2012...
set your goal,
know the rules,
and win the game. Hoyeah!!!


Bashtiah said...

hahahah.. Hi pocket!
I always like it when you tell your own side of story. Hahah...

Opps.. terkena sudah~ yeah, next time you enter a competition, make sure you know the rules. ;)

ciK LyndaWawa said...

alaa..poket kan dah de cikgu! dunt noty2.......nanti cikgu marah..=]

Pocket said...

oh dont get me wrong. am not makıng fun of u or anytıng as such.

but your story really
made me realıze why
ı've lost.

oh sedıh.

littledolphin said...

exactly! know the rules and know your goals,the chances of success to be yours is very HIGH!

I just loose. T______T

syabab said...

its okeyh pocket... loose yor goal dis year doesnt meant u will loose again n again..or if ur fail many times trust me there will be a time that u will get the goal.... it is the only matter of chayok n consistent wif wat u do...insyaAllah everythin will turn out very well (^_^)

echaRierie said...

waaa..liked !
byk point penting dlm post ni..

so,say syuhh3 to "L"..

Fatin Mraz said...

thanks pocket, for this..
i've got new game set just started lately, i hope this coming 2012 -i'm going to achieve my goal..

nway, satu ayat tuh sgt touching.. heehe.. u're my virtual friend too! now dag upgrade jadi BFF..

all the best~

bendul said...

am a loser too..
let's work it out next year..
maybe together...? :)

najwa aminah abas said...

640 am and that is late? u just gain my respect brotha!

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

=,=" should i sentap? wkaaka

Cha said...

6.40am is already late for you? ahaa good man. susah nak jumpa lelaki suka bangun awal pagi. paling awal pun bangun tengahari =P

rozeeta rashid said...

in it to win it. hehe.

AkuTaip said...

in game,people cant cheat coz got refferee..
in real life,people cheat,all the time T,T

ciK LyndaWawa said...


Anonymous said...

set your goal,
know the rules,
and win the game.

i love this part :D

*SiRibenMerah said...

I'm pretty sure if u combine with bendul again for next year, both of you will be the great loser all the time..just as what u did this year!
hahaha.. my dear,finally bendul has shown up in my entry and comment : let's go again..
can't wait to make it real for next year! yeahooooo!!!

*I'm sure both of u had a gossip conversation about it aite??

anamizu said...

"rules and regulation"<-- tetiba teringat lagu grason chance..demm~

2011 come to its end..lets get up for 2012..achieve our goalS..yeahhh!

cik ana

Anonymous said...

Dah pasang azam baru masa awal muharram hari tu semoga azam dan cita cita kite tercapai.

Dhiya Fariza said...

nice. but in the game of relationship, i dont think cheating should be applied as mention above just saying. and by relationship i meant the one who already married (SENTAP tiba2)

butt the main point is i like what u are trying to portray here pocket. things need to be keep in order for the upcoming year. no more being a big L in the forehead :p