Monday, November 28, 2011

458. Tangan Kanan


...ever stand for your right?
or in malay, its.. 'mempertahankan hak anda'
all of us are entitle for a right bestowed onto us.
The right to speak,
The right to drive-on when our lane is with green traffic light.
The right to park if we have paid monthly and our Effing Car
Number is marked on the effing parking box.
The right to stay in the right lane if we are going too
fast till the police patrol car also cant catch up.
Well basically all of the rights.
(Who agree with me raise your right hand!)

Now now.. I'm not going to talk about those big big 'Right'
like voting for the leader, or 'berparang' over a piece of land
passed down from your father to you.
Example was too big? then what about the right to vote for
your favourite bintang kecil by SMSing his 'code' to the number
appear on the TV screen.

I'm talking about small small right, like those cofee taking turn
at IKEA refills after you have spent 20second of waiting in line.
u have waited,
its your turn..
somebody gesturing to cut in,
u protect your right!
u push your shoulder in,
blocking the old lady out!

or atleast that was what happened.
a young girl that i dont dare to ask for her number came in and
hit my cofee cup out of the cofee dripping zon just to ensure an
old lady who was trying to cut in line from the left, failed to do so.
Oh the long haired sexy 14 year old adik won of course,
the hitting was so hard it almost spills off the cofee inside.
'eeeehhh... back of the line please' was somewhat she said.

come to think of it,
its not about fighting for your right anymore isnt it?
its about winning your mini game inside this big ridiculous
game we call life.

-Winning while driving,
-Winning for a seat at the bench when our feet is sore from
too much walking.
-Winning the seats in IKEA canteen just to eat that beef balls
in the lunchtime of a cutiumum.
-Winning in price haggling
(Just like what i've posted : 378. Sekilo berapa ni cikk?)
-Getting to see the movie of your choice when the Hubby
wanted to see another one. hummm
-It makes us feel special for an itsy bitsy milisecond kan?
'I have won today! from an old lady who cant put her
cup first because her left hand was holding the tongkat berkaki empat.

The question is, 'is it worth the broken heart, the pain we cause
just to win? Those car that we overtake? some old pakcik who
cant seat cause all of the seats are filled with youngsters who
cant keep their hand to themselves?
Your hubby wanting to see that movie...?

ohh!! There's gotta be more to life - Stacy Olego..
(olego koko..
minuman yang lazat...
sedia diminum..
eh camana lagu dia?)


Dhiya Fariza said...

well depend on what we're fighting for. if it is necessary and logical why not. but in this case that girl wouldnt let old lady berkaki empat potong line? now that is just i dunno. sad? hemmm

Akue Achik said...

demi pride n winning, rmai yg sggup bt apa sj..

consequence tak fkir lgsung,,ksian la kat org tua..

nak mng pun kna tgok xsmua org akn fkir bnda yg sma..kan..?

Syahirah Suhaili said...

katakan hak "tak nak" kepada rokok..haha..tringat lak iklan kat tv..kalau difikir2kan la..memang seharusnya la kita fikir ati orang dulu..eyh,yeke camtu? haha..xdela..kene fikir "perlukah or berbaloikah"..kene fikir pro and cons..

Saiazuan said...

hmm kadang2 lebh bagus kalah daripada menang.. i nevermind losing somehing small like that, coz i wanna win something big!!! :D

littledolphin said...

kalau penting,hak itu peru dipertahankan.tapi kalau setakat perkara kecil macam orang nak potong line tu,kita kena lah bertoleransi.

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

masing-masing punya hal.

masing-masing punya perangai

Fatin Mraz said...

for me, dats what i refer to 'the ugly truth'.. its reality that we have to face...

sometimes we regards something as 'our rights' and so to others..

well, in this life nothing is berharga than bertolak ansur in small-small things.. nak menang boleh, tapi ada lah kesan nya selepas itu.. mungkin rasa bersalah ker kan..

Ayaq said...

Orrico lah! Celah mana olego haha.

zonaku said...

bkn 'oligo' ke?

depends on situation...

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

it's necessary to win when you're being bullied. Like when Afdlin Shauki was called whatever by Hans Isaac and it was good to win in his career to ensure that he got his sanity back.

But, we often failed to differentiate whether we were the ones who have been bullied or we were the bullies.

For example, bila tang boss marah and you pi buat Oligo punya sign (punyalah senangnya idop...kalau macam tu Sha pon nak buat!). Maybe you rasa boss u marah tu buli you...tapi tak ka boss tu sebenarnya yg kena buli? Dahla kena marah dgn big boss, bila pi marah anak buah...dia dengan selamba buat sign Oligo...macam budak cacat?

Asyila Zainuddin said...

rasenye bergantung kat situasi masa tu jugak la kan.. :)

Pocket said...

yes, depend on what we're fighting for, but usually people dont think that much. yes, the scene was sad.

agaknya budak muda tu just nak menang jer kot, dia tak perasan kater 'lawan'nya orang tua... ohh

yes, semua orang kena start dah letak dua jari kat bibir dan gerakkan nya cam wiper keter menepis hujan tu :D
hak kita selaku non smoker ditempat awam...

in that case,
i'll let the old lady win.

penting ker tak tu yang kita malas nak pikir tu.
kopi? penting!
ATM? Penting!
tiket wayang? Laaagi penting!

yes, jangan kita jadi serupa sudah:D

Bertolak ansur kan.
some people consider orang yang
bertolak ansur...

kalah pertandingan dari awal.

memang la ayaq,
pocket sajer jer tu..
pasal nak nyanyi gak lagu
olego koko tu :D

pocket tak ingat plak..
tp spelling kamu macam lagi betul :D

U definitely have to show me the 'OLigo Sign' heheheh:D

in that case of yours definitely the boss is the one being bullied.
And his sikap tolak ansur with u cost him the battle :D


tp kita tak selalu define situasi tu dulu sebelum lawan.
kita kira nak menang jer...

apa apa hal pun kita menang jer dulu

Aemy Shamy said...

depends on with whom i deal with...if it's a very old lady/man, i might wave a white flag,,but if it's a rude 12 years old kid or an arrogant man or snobbish diva, of course i want to's my mercy! :p hehehe...

rozeeta rashid said...

small things pejam2 mata je lah. hehe. tapi overtake kereta lain best lah. and also bila orang lain nak potong, rasa nak bawak lagi laju. haha.

lupa la pulak lagu oligo tuuu

IZNIE said...

bergantung lah pd keadaan

eh lagu oligo koko
oligo koko
minuman yg hebat
ceria gembira nikmati bersama
oooo oligo oligo oligo koko
huuuuuu uuuuu

hafal kott. haha

~SaL IjOu~ said...

kadang2 kita akan kalah..& kadang2 kita perlu mengalah~ ^^

Finaz Jaafar said...

okay kadang2 i really dont care kalah..tapi selalunye bile kalah rasa macam nak mngamuk je ! rasa dibuli ! isk isk isk

*SiRibenMerah said...

lagu last tuh jugak yg best...

Anonymous said...

mengalah lebih baik dan lebih perlu pada yang berkenaan. tapi tak semua bende bole nak mengalah. takkan sampai orang nak "pijak kepala" nak mengalah jugak. no. no. no.