Friday, November 25, 2011

455. BuatPening...

Atau dalam bahasa orang puteh nyer... Buffered Earnings,
tak tak bukan direct translation!!
lebih kepada pantun... ataupun rhymes.

Yes, the nuffnang desk already told me about this and
i have read and reread over and over again their
explanation. I still not able to grasp what is the best
part about buffered earning. Its not that their
english or explanation is bad...
its just me who are not good in understanding them.
yes yes.. everybody seems to aim for it.
and i know for sure, even if one is granted this,
one can always lose it the next day.
So i have to work harder to ensure this stays.

so as easy as this may sound pocketeers,
anyone care to explain in the easiest explanation
what is buffered earning.



Saiazuan said...

hoho u got BE.. maintain ur traffic :D

Pocket said...

setengah happy,
setengah pressure la plak.

yes, need to mantain trafic pas ni

Dee said...

entahlah pocket..dee tak tgk sgt BE ni..dee tgk amount yg kt bwh tu je..naik or static..hahaha..sbb tak sabar2 nak cash out ni..tapi org kata lagi byk BE..lagi byk earnings..bila BE dah tamat dia akan masuk kat Metered Earnings..ok tak explanation?

dill said...

hoho. try asking 'famous' blogger since they always get buffered earning. as for me, i never get one.



una berry said...

alahai nuffang
dari dulu dok 4.50 je
i heard it's a good thing :D

Anonymous said...

aku sampai skrg ni xpaham cemana nuff calculate BE tu. nak menten trafik smapai bape riban baru dpt earning byk. daily ka, monthly ka, weekly ka. tah la.

El-Janna said...

best la dpat be:( sedihnya

hani said...

mcm asb ke eh?

Aemy Shamy said...

the thing is, i also don't know what exactly BE is & how it i can't help u here, pal. hehehe. besides, i dont use nuffnang anymore or whatever ads..bcoz i think mcm xda makna BE dulu langsung xda i've discarded it..hehe..

Fatin Mraz said...

fm pun x pasti.. my earning statik jer, x tau naper..