Wednesday, November 09, 2011

439. Meretun Kedua

pocketeers, sambungan dari 438.Meretun Pertama
was the dream that vivid?
well no, it was just flashes of scenes
compiled by my sick brain as a story.
The whole 'me-stalkin-in-the-ladies-locker'
was true in my dream, but people coming
in and out changing to their uniform was
a total 'made-up'. Hey i'm allowed to put
some belacan in my sambal right?

After a few hot chicks coming in and out,
Pocket was also entertained by makcik's
from the cleaning and kitchen division
changing to their uniforms or the other
way around. Ohh my eyess!!
it buuuurrrnnnnssss!!!

Well what can he say,
stay the course!!
stay the course!!
Waiting for the 'Invisible Hammer' to appear,
all of a sudden, the door closed and u can
hear footsteps even though there was no one

The heart that never stops thumping
from the beginning of this stalking activity
just starts to thump faster..
oh when will this stop!?
Pocket was trying to make out where was
the foot steps sound originated.
The foot steps seems like wondering around
the locker room, definitely checking out the
area. I bet she'll reveal herself if there was
no one there.

And so she did, a locker miraculously swung
opened and there she was taking off her
Invisible cloak right by pocket's row,
from the reflection of the mirror,
he can see the figure clear enough..
but unlike 'Hani' the QA lady,
she was much shorter,
fair skin with small frame.
The cloak starts to reveal
its owner as soon as she
took it off from her body.
No, the invisible Hammer was not Hani,
she was Hani's little sister. Maria.
An 18 years old girl who just joined in.
she is from the laundry division.

She must be listening to her sister hate
story every night on their way home thus
she's taking action on all the person who
have been hurting Hani lately. Or atleast
that was pocket's theory that is.

Pocket waited. she left.
After confirming she have left the locker area,
pocket went on and picked the lock from the locker.
There it was.. the invisible cloak.
It looked like a baju hujan covering every inch
of your body down to the tumit. The colour was
black with marking of somewhat jawi writing.
Pocket inspected the cloak. He could find
the heavy hammer in the hidden area inside.
ohh so this is the murder weapon...
blood dried up on the metal.

Ohh.. how could u do the thing u do.
some people love with hate in their gut.
and Maria's love got blood all over it.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bersambung xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

we love people and we show it,
some in the most pleasant way we could.
proud of it, taking picture as we should.
some is not so much we can be proud of.
secret we keep even from the one we love.


Saiazuan said...

sorry pocket, after 2nd time reading, i still didnt get into the whole story, maybe my imagination in english story is bad.. adoi~ need to reed more english book

littledolphin said...

it is not a ghost? o.o


cerita ni buat saya cuak.berdebar-debar hatiku membaca ini. :P

Akue Achik said...

is this something about secret pocket? huhuhu

such an implicit story for a kindergarten like me..huhu

rozeeta rashid said...

may i borrow the invisible cloak please?? haha.

Waqheh said...

salam hand in my pocket...

Elie Lily said...

elie kena baca 2-3 kali entry ni..but still macma tak dpt tgkap maksudnya! heheh

~Kenanga Suchi~ said...

err.. kena datang baca sekali lagi kot. :D

Anonymous said...

nak tekeluar jantung aku dub dab sama ngan pocket yang duk sembunyik dalam loker nak tgk IH sebenar. scary owh..

Anonymous said...

wei bile tgk makcik burn plak mata ko.sblm tu ok je kan.

royalti mintak kat juelina. tgk dia bz lagi hari ni.

Pocket said...

tak per,
penyampaian pocket masih lemah lagi kot...
akan pocket baiki:D

tak, bukan antu,
seorang adik berbaju magik :D

hehehe, ada ker unsur unsur sebegitu?
ada la sikit sikit kot.. heheh:D

kalau pocket ada, pocket takkan bagi kat kamu...
takut kamu 'hilang' nanti,
camana nak tuntut balik ?

salah waqheh...

Ellie Lily,
kalau la nuffnang bagi kredit everytime u'r reading it,
sure pocket kayer rayer kan hahahaha

Takper Kenanga,
mai baca balik bila dah komplit maybe :D

hehehe, jantung tu kalau terkeluar, sila pasang balik. skru driver mesti mau ada :D

oh nooo!!
aku pejamkan mata ku ini,
tapi aku tetap nampak bayangan ituuu!! terbakaaarrr!!! :D heheheh

Finaz Jaafar said...

1. i tiba2 sama pendapat dengan Saiazuan..sebab i'm not really good in english maybe..sobbss

2. kenapa u suka smbung2 ni??grrr

Dhiya Fariza said...

Its getting scary - proceeding to third part

Jue said...

Amboi mata tbakaq eh bila.makcik cleaner p salin baju sabo je la hahaha