Thursday, November 10, 2011

440. Meretun Ketiga

Sambungan dari 439. Meretun Kedua
what do u do when u'r seing something
awesome right infront of u and u are
allowed to anything (Within reason)
...with that thing?
U try it on!

Moto besor!
try naik nak amik feel...
keter cantik!
try duduk sambil pegang pegang stereng
Senapang sniper macho!
amik la belakon mcm nak tembak orang kejap.
awek comel! ......
try sembang je la kot..
within reason kan :D
dah tu takkan nak....

And so pocket tried the invisible cloak,
the material was thick with ornament design
that look like jawi writings on it.
it must be the jampi srapah.
the sleeve was longer with bigger
opening at the end. if the material
on the sleeve is a see through,
this cloak would pass for those
recent bride wedding dress everybody
is in craze about.
the button was awkwardly
normal for something magical
like that.
Big button for big holes.
Top button was up to the nose..

the lower portion was so long dragging
by the floor that the floor sweeper
would be thankful seeing u in it.
Cause u'd be doing his job instead.
Pocket was in amaze as he was wearing
the invisible cloak, the best part was
the hood. It was a hood u often see
movies describing necromancer.
A hood that elevates to the front
till its shadow will cast upon
your face blocking any light
from your eyes.
thus if worn in daylight even.
people cant see your face.
huiyooo!! sikit lagi macam purdah jee!! :D

Completed wearing this,
pocket turned around towards
that big mirror by the wall.
And all he can see was his background.
Since he is the one holding the hammer,
he might as well be the 'Invisible Hammer'
himself... ohh the power

Then the devil came flying by pocket's ear
and start whispering devilish thoughts.
Ohh.. i can do a lot of good in this cloak.
wah, i can be a super hero and help the poor.
i can stalk people more easily with this cloak.
and the final words were....
i can bring justice for the victim,
Hani's sister Maria can have a taste
of her own medicine with me in this robe..

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Bersambung xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Macam tu la bisikan 'lalat' tu,
munyiknya macam ikhlas jer,
then.. sedar sedar... dah pun
terlanggar border... ohh


HEMY said...

wah teringat citer hollow man lepas dia jadi invi tu..dia gi umah jiran dia yg dok naked kat tepi tingkap..ahahaha

*SiRibenMerah said...

tuhan bayar cash...

Anonymous said...

panjangnya mimpi ko pocket. tp funla baca. sbb aku suke citer fantasy. hahaha..aku anggap Meretun series ni cam ala ala novel dah. baik ko carik idea sambung jadi novel. atau aku rampas ko punye invisible cloak. then i'll turn to invisible hammer. muahahahahahaaha

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

klu i minx nk shoing anyhitng in this apekan daya it just a dream

rozeeta rashid said...

pocket nak jadi hero. go pocket go! hehe.

Akue Achik said...

jln crita die lpas ni mcm nk bnuh org je.....huhuhuu

littledolphin said...

UH-OH.are u planning something? o.o

Dhiya Fariza said...

Omg omg omg. Cant wait for the forth part

Jue said...

Mula2 bisikan tu msti cam ckp kununnya kita par jd superhero sgala kan
Tp sbnrnya lain yg akn cite spiderman tu kan nak skip bc ending cite trus!haha