Friday, November 18, 2011

447. Curi Siapa Punya?

yes Hanie, i was busy...
but here i am, to make it all up to u guys,
tonite.. i'll BW like never before..
and i'll even watch you Vlog okeh :D

Today's post...

Situation :
THere is a house,
A big house by the hill with all the maid and the buttler,
with cats running all around the fountain trying their luck
to feast on the swimming ikan koi. with marbles floor for
the kancil, Estima and bentley to park.

well basically the biggest and luxurious
house imagineable for your mind ok.
Lets name the owner as 'Farid'

There is the water supply pipe from
the main pipe to the house...

...and there is the Pocket installing a pipe outside
of Farid's water meter stealing the water for his
own use. I dont know, washing his motorcycle maybe.

The question is :
This is called water stealing kan?
Is'nt this haram?
but think about it, this is water,
god's creation.. since when is using
god's given water is haram kan?
and ...
pocket is not stealing water from farid..
cause the water pipe is installed from
the main pipe before reaching Farid's
water meter.
Farid will not be paying for the water..
no one will.
But pocketeers, regardless of the reason,
I still feel that this is haram.
(I dont know the hukum or what does this
falls under which clause, i just think that this
is haram ok)


There is this guy who i met the other day told me
that he never paid for his internet for over a year.
It seems like he bought a device with funny looking
antenna that could 'sedut' other's wifi signal
regardless of the Password lock and use it to
have the line for himself.
Its like hacking the Wifi Modem itself.
'Will the owner be having slower connection then?' i asked.
'yes, but he or she wont even realizes it since it'll
just feel like your net line is used by 2 computer,
nuttin much kan..'

but pocketeers... i still feel like it's haram for doing
this and we should killthose who do it by piercing
them with a thousand needle.
ok.. not all but those who do it to you. agree?

remember how frustrating it is when your TM Streamyx
wifi somehow felt slow.. if u know that this was due to
some punk stealing your wifi, dont u wanna smack
him in the head and just simply report him to the authority?
Well i do...
cause lately internet is everything.
u pocketeers .... are everything.


Akue Achik said...

please dont smack me..huhuu

tp sy xpnh lg la amek line...not yet..hehe

Ayaq said...
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Ayaq said...

Saya pantang sikit bab2 amek sesuatu yang bukan hak kita. Macam contoh kalau makan ramai2, sorang bayar dulu lepas tu nanti nak kira bill utk bahagi duit, saya akan bagitau siap2 kalau nak round up.

Sesetengah orang anggap macam, alah, 1, 2 sen ja, tak payah la bagi balik kot, but still, that one or two cents are not mine, lebih baik tanya dulu tuan punya duit kan? :)

Even yang macam contoh paip air tu pun, walaupun si Farid takkan bayar utk air yang pocket guna, but still, the pipe is meant for Farid's household only, jadi bagi saya mmg saya consider haram juge huhu.

Aemy Shamy said...

hmmm im not sure la about the 1st one, but i think if Farid's okay with that, so it's okay he okay with that?
oh that modem..i know that, my friend owns it & he's using internet for free for the rest of his life. haha. it's cool, but yeah, i think it's haram too but i don't know..huhu..

Saiazuan said...

hmm if farid say yes you can have it,its not haram la.. and i also agree with ayaq, its haram

littledolphin said...

saya tak reti nak hack.dan saya tak pernah curi line.the end.haha.ok belum end lagi.

water tu memanglah god's creation but nak rawat air tu and the water management and bla bla bla need like err..stealing la juga tu.~lalalalala

zonaku said...

tell me when u want to smack them,.... gonna join u

x blh hidup secara jujur ka?

syabab said...

yes i agree wif pocket dat water r god creation but considered to there r the owner i guess we should ask before use.. is like if farid have perigi n his neighbour wanna use ofcos they should ask or else it sound like stealing.. n about haram halal is the God desicion.. wat r we here to do is to think n realise whether wat we did was right or wrong.. God creates us to identify between good n bad... not judging wat halal n haram... so personally pocket i will go wif thinking is it bad action or good action to use others property without their permission?so i will said is bad action..but i cant judge it as haram...hehe

EZAN IDMA said...

sengal tol main curi2

Hanie_Dew said...

case no.1 rasanya kene tanya pada yang lebih arif. yang lebih tajam fikirannya utk menilai halal haram. some bole kata x. some mungkin kata ya, haram.

case no.2 waaahh..gile best dia dpt pakai internet free...hahahhahahahaha

yeah..glad to see you again pocket.suke baca ur story. =)