Tuesday, November 29, 2011

459. 'BeatMeKindly'

Are u a kind person?
I bet u are..
well, people can be kind to each other
and yes, they can also be rude.
But how do we react towards people's
kindness ya pocketeers?
I think there are 2 type of person
in this world. (Talking about kindness)
Those who pay with kindness,
and those who take advantages.

Those who take advantage of
people's kindness is easy,
U do good to them, they ignore.
U pay em a visit, they forgot.
U cook something for them...
they throw it away.
after a few kindness, u start to realize
what kind of person they are.
and U start to create the space between
U and them. One day..their phone number
will be lost in your cheap phone...
and when u change your number,
u kinda fail to notify them the new one.
The End.

People who pay kindness with kindness.
This kind of people is so hard to handle,
they always look for a way to top up your
kindness ensuring u loose in that minigame
they call...
'Beat Me Kindly'

If u pay for his lunch,
do not have dinner with him,
cause he'll definitely be paying those
big and fresh fish right out of the sea
and have them goreng tiga rasa for u just
to top up the nasi goreng u paid.

If u bring them to jalan jalan in penang,
then they'll bring u to a better area
for jalan jalan, with light and show..
with clown juggling by the road.

Ohh dont ever give them a present,
u'll have a hard time to top their
present next year.
U give an i phone,
they'll reply with IPad.
U give a decoration lamp,
they'll reply with an LCD TV
(is somewhat a deco lamp too,
its nice looking glass deco with light
coming out showing nice picture)
U give them a simple water flusk,
prepare your house for the water heater.

Its like they want u to be happy,
honestly from their heart, wanting u to smile,
like your smile could cure their pain and
having u around would be the best medicine.
They dont 'bodek' u for any bigger favor..
as if u own a piece of land that they can inherit
if u die.
They dont care if u'r a miskin old hag
who live under the titi.
THey are just kind hearted.

What to do with this kind of people?
have them in your speed dials,
notify them if u'r changing your phone.
Hell i'll even notify them if i'm blessed
with and early settlement six feet under.
Tru dreams ..huhuuuuuuuu (Takuuutttt!!)

...cause Filantera, syahiela, bro Kon,
I cant even start to describe your kindness
towards us truout the trip last weekend.
I am thinking of a way to top those up..
but i guess u have max out by all the food
and the sight seeing. See u again okeh.
Thank you for the best weekend ever :D


KizZ said...


Saiazuan said...

fuhh rare sbrnya orng baik mcm tu... i am average i think, coz sometimes i can be bad, sometimes i can be good..hahahahaha kidding, only people can judge who am i

Fatin Mraz said...

mm..very true, 'space' itu terjadi kerana tiada the so-called 'good relationship' di situ..

a good one has to do with both parties..

p/s:org yg baik ada di hati kita, kita akan ingat selalu...dekat di hati... org yg yang sebaliknya, ada di fikiran untuk kita fikir mengapa ia perlu ada di hati..
& when we found out the reasons, we know why they r not in our heart! =}

littledolphin said...

you must had a very cool weekend last week :P

Well once we do too much good for someone ,and they dont seem to appreciate it,lama-lama menyampah juga.and there's no reason to notify them.perhaps they dont even care. T_T

it's hard to find someone like the second one you describe who always try to topup every kindness we do. :/

zonaku said...

you are blessed if you have lots of friends in the second category.........

Dee said...

orang berbudi kita berbahasa..feel blessed kalau ada kwn2 yg mcm tu kan..

Akue Achik said...

dah jrg2 jmpa mnusia yg kind zmn skg ni..even sy sndiri tak kind..no offence..

Akue Achik said...

dah jrg2 jmpa mnusia yg kind zmn skg ni..even sy sndiri tak kind..no offence..

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

xyah buat bek sgt dgn org yg xreti hrgaii kite ;)

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

org memberi kita merasa..
orang dh bagi.. apa lagi.. rembat lah semuaaa ! ahahaha.. *erkk

say to easy=) said...

totally agree.sangat susah cari manusia hati baik

hani said...

that's very KIND of you pocket,
for kindly post some gratitude for your friends; those kind people. :)

Anonymous said...

sangat bertuah kalau jumpa dengan orang memliki hati seikhlas itu. sangat jarang. sangat susah. dan bila sekali jumpa, jangan la hilang kan dia dari pandangan dan hidup kita.

ciK LyndaWawa said...

hi mr cool.==]