Tuesday, November 08, 2011

438. Meretun Pertama

I had a the most vivid dream last night,
woke up at 4 just to write it.
plot wise, i tot it was nice story line:D
hence the pocket woke up to write it down.
my first draft was a failure,
so does the second one.
here goes the third...

Pocket was waiting for her by the pillars in the
Hotel Staff locker room, it was a bit dark from
where he was standing. His heart pounds like
never before, the fact that he is stalking the
'Invisible Hammer' was one thing,
the fact that this is the girls locker room was another...
oh please let there be no other girls...

'ktap ktap ktap' foot steps!!
Grasping breath.
benapas tu jangan bunyi
macam lembu buleh tak?
it was liyana from HR...
ok this girl i wanna watch >:D

After liyana went on with her uniform
changed skipping and happy, as happy
as pocket was all alone in the dark,
pocket is still waiting for the
'Invisible Hammer' lady to appear.
Yes, she will appear, cause pocket saw
the hammer floating out from the
locker room earlier, this time the
'Invisible Hammer' was not careful
enough to cover her hammer from
people's view. And pocket got lucky.

There were incidents lately of ladies being attacked
by an invisible attacker armed with a blunt heavy
weapon. And the hotel staff starts to put on nickname
for the character in the incident.

Hence the Invisible Hammer name.
Lets call her IH after this ok..
Tak larat dah pocket nak taip nama tu selalu.. ohh.

Words were that all the victims were related with
'Hani' from Quality Department, she was a mean lady
who managed to fill the entire 24 storeys building with
people who hate her, even the customers hated her.
But somehow she got an airtight alibi every time the IH strikes.

Basically she got away.. well not this time 'Hani',
cause u're going down! Pocket is here to reveal u..
at least after a few more staff changing to their
uniforms that is...
take your time.. its ok,
we have all day :D

xxxxxx Bersambung di 439.Meretun Kedua xxxxxxxxxxx

Yes yes pocketeers,
as usual, the pocket have
his quota of words to type daily,
and todays quota is up. Ohh!!


zonaku said...

i thought men have less words to be said compared to ladies...... never about writing or typing them.....

please continue fast as at the moment i have no words to type..... just gonna read

Saiazuan said...

hoho lots of draft u make before publishing this one.. idea dry out before you know it rite

Dhiya Fariza said...

Ala ala cepatlah sambung ishhhhhhhhh

Martika Diyana said...

wahahaha... lagi2 :)

gedek! said...

anti klimaks betol!


littledolphin said...

hantu kah manusia?

betulkah hani? O.O

entah-entah.... ;0

cimOt said...

aku setuju ngan zonaku..hihihi

EZAN IDMA said...

ok then.....

Akue Achik said...

errr..bila dah to be continued ni mula la saya tak puas hatiii..sob2

Anonymous said...

sound mysterious. pastu??

hi, 1st time here^^

Dee said...


Pocket said...

kinda understand your point.
of course i'll continue,
tonite maybe:D
(when else?)

yes of course,
wrote it this way,
somehow the detail is too long.
rewrite it... still something is not right...

here goes the third draft:D

Yes sis, i'll even try to post twice a day for u okeh :)

first time seing your nick here,
selamat datang ke laman pocket :D

lagi? malam ni^^

hehehe, memang intro pon:)

jangan begitu.
kang pocket terseram plak:)

yes yes, n please wait for the finale :)

then pocket gi tutup lampu,
n bermula lah pengembaraan ke angkasa lepas!! eh?
silap cerita

nak wat camner..
pocket kena divide kan cerita pocket. dah tertaip panjang sangat la plak.. :D

n please dont make it the last time okeh :)

Jeng! jeng!jeng!! :D

zonaku said...

tq cimot.. cepat la pocket!

rozeeta rashid said...

alaa sambung2 pulakk.

Anonymous said...

baru perasan aku keje tak sam atempat ngan ko pocket. baru teperasan aku jadi IH tadi. hakhakhak.

Mya said...

wahwahhh gigihnya pocket. okay wanna read more..

Jue said...

Nsb hanie dah ckp psl blog ko. So ive learned from farid entry, aku p godek entry lama dulu hahaha
Hani tu ckp lg jd hanie hihi