Thursday, November 03, 2011

435. Ok daah bang..

I once worked in a posh indian restaurant,
where the nepalese chef wears high hat,
the crew wears tight skirt and the pay
is much higher.

we came to scan in by 4pm cause dinner serves at 5.
That day the owner's wife came working in too.
Its either she's worried about saturday's night
or she got nothing to do. ohh the great life of those
who are rich. U can choose whether to work..
or not.. wah wah wah!! lemak kamu!!

since the Madam of the floor is in the house,
i worked in a very much faster pace.
Well of course, she's the one who count our
total working hours by the end of the month,
have to show off and kipas a bit la kan.
the cabbage salad ready within the first 15 minute
of the hour, the carrot slice is extra fine today,
u can fit them in the needle hole. and the curry
is ready 15minute before opening.
All spick and Span ready to be served.

'kriiinnggg, kriiinnngggg' the phone rang.
distance talking in polite words.
'kletak' as the sound of the gagang
safely secured on the phone deck,
'Owner nak maaaaiiiii!!!'
shout one of the chef.. adoi! adoi! adoi!!
off we went rushing to the toilet,
clean everything again.
replace the toilet paper and fold it
to the redtangle shape u often found in hotels,
candle! where is the candle!!
Someone is wiping the floor with
cloth using her hands. The label was cleaned.
the rice was checked and then rechecked.
'jangaaan la mantah! jangaaan la mantah'

after everything checked and rechecked.
we sat down with 3 minute to opening.
Some customer was already wondering
around the entrance hoping that we would
let them in. oh no we wont!
with owner on the way,
we need all the extra minute to rest.

'pocket.. semua dah ok kan?'
the owner's wife asked.
'ok dah cik' shortly answered.
'konpom balik ngan chef..
semua dah ok dah kan?'
she starts to tremble, her hand shakes.
her knee was kept together like little
child keeping her wee wee.
'cik... tak per cik.. janganrisau,
semua dah ok dah' i tried to comfort her
'satgi abang mai, tak dak apa lagi yang tak
buat kan..' her lipst was trembling like little girl
about to cry... sucking the
hingus that was not there.

and then she cried. with her lips now
forming the upside down half moon,
she start to cry.
Cried like little baby crying.
with sound that something like
'wahaaaaaaa.. wahaaaaa..
ohee daaaahhhh ahang..
ohee daaahhh' was what she was shouting
out loud. something that i thought sounded
like 'ok dah abang.. ok daah'
the hand gestures freaks me the most,
she was grasping them together like she's
pleading for her life.
somewhat like the hand gesture when u greet
a chinese guy 'GongHeeFatchoy!'
ohh... the chef came hastily from the kitchen,
hold her by the hand and start to comfort her,
hug her, lead her to a chair back in the kitchen.
they were talking to her..
i could not hear them as one of the other chef
was handing me towel to clean the pee left
smeared on the floor.
As disgusting as it is, i did it.

as i was wiping with my hand,
kneeling on the floor... i was thinking
what made her terrified of her husband
so much that she cried like that?

demon oh demon away u be,
let this poor soul alone and happy
we are nothing but weak flesh of soil,
burnt by your blaze that brings the blood to boil.

now human, now human, how far can i be,
when u hold me dear till i cant be free,
practicing what i do till my pride is empty,
of the devil in you that have no pity


princess said...

okay . boleh tak nak jealous dgn blog pocket ni ? sgt suka zombie . cantik tahu ? hee : )

Akue Achik said...

hrp2 xjd kat saya..AMIN...

Dhiya Fariza said...

i dont understand why was she so scared of her hubby pocket.

rozeeta rashid said...

husband dia scary sangat ke? teruk bebenor nangis.

gedek! said...

Memang ada 'brain' la kat blog ni....


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

pocket you rock!!

Mya said...

that scary?

Titisan Hujan said...

nebes beno smpai nangis

hani said...

she peed?? for real??

Small Dolphin said...

oh my.i'm sure her husband is a very fussy and hot tempered kind of person.

we should respect our husband,not be scared of them .


she actually pee? :0

Saiazuan said...


u know what, i got one friend yg suka bca blog u.. but she's a silent reader la.. she like ur blog ;)

Aemy Shamy said...

huhu why's that..?? is her husband that fierce? hmmm..suspicious.
oh i just read ur previous post, now i know what's ur job. that's cool! means we're in the same path..i'll start my training next march, i hope i'll get something better from it.. :)

& for ur previous comment, its ok, i understand what exactly did u mean..but if it's really me that u're referring to, that's ok though, i don't feel offended at all. i appreciate every comment i receive on my posts ^^

Pocket said...

jeles jer,
tp tak der aper nak dijeleskan poon :)

zombie tu lukih sendiri tau!! :D


That she never tell,
but the question 'why'
was never asked.

husband dia scary utk kita yang pekerja. tp tak la sampai pukul pukul. tp ngan bini dia pocket tak tahuu..

hehehe, tp brain kena makan dek zombie

roock a by baby,
dowwn the tree topp..


we never asked the wife,
how did she became like that.

itu laa, nebes apernyer la kan :)
bukan nya interview pong

Hooh! n pocket selaku junior yg jadi mangsa nak nyuci nyer.. ohh

kan kan kan, kna respect,
takut sikit sikit tu maybe lah kan..
tp reaction wife nyer tu terlebih lebih..

ker? domestic violence?

ohh.. terimakasih kata kat dia :D
banyak lagi citer nii,
kita selang selikan ngan post yg bodoh bodoh alang jgak hahah

we never got the chance to know.

ohh comment for various post :)
yes, then we can talk from the same point of view :)

hanaahmad said...

takut sangat. nasib baik bini takut laki. kalau laki takut bini? hue hue hue

Pocket said...

kalau keadaan tu terbalik,
bukan owner yang nak datang,
tp si MEM yang nak datang.
and the owner yang actually
dok nangis,

pocket rase sure kurang sikit hormat ku jadinya :)

Anonymous said...

apa yang jadi sebenanya. aku tak dpat bygkan wife owner tu tgh nanges sampai ter tu.