Saturday, November 19, 2011

448. Curi Orang Punya!!

Yesterday i was bombed with a very disturbing
news, My brother's KayBiPiThree'O'Five was
missing from the parking site infront of
Pharmaniaga somewhere in kajang.

It was a wira SE black and the lamp inside was blue color,
the car audio was bought by me which was a SANYO brand
with blue illumination too.
It got a dent on its left rear tyre sport rim made by me..
who backed too much to a low stone devider infront of
SSF inderawasih.
A pic of the KayBiPiThree'O'Five, yes, yes the standard..
no tanduk or ekor or anything.

If the roof got a memory recording device, and playable
like a black box. It would show the most wonderful time
we had in it.
My housemate once was on that car and puked from
the heat of the 12 o'clock heat.
My Previous GF and I got notty in that car..
Although i didnt tell my brother about it,
I know he knows. Shhh... shut up and let the 'hanyut' ok!
We were just driving!!! (To tell u the truth, i cant remember
what happened dat day.. i do remember the back of a lorry
so near to us and we cant see a thing.. )

Along learnt her driving skill from that car.
She drove the car starting from she was 12 years old.
A police lady stopped them once when she's 16 and
the excuse for letting an underage lady drive without
her driving licence was that the actual driver
(Which was Filantera) had a medical situation that
doesnt allow him to drive. Somehow the police believed
them and let them go.

A lot of trips to the Batu hampar in Yan..
Filantera did ram the back of an iswara once
and had to pay RM800 just to recover the damage.

I hope he found the car again,
I hope the driver just borrowed the car
to get to seremban and left it there for
the police to recover.
I hope all goes well with Filantera,
Be strong bro...

Anyone got any ideas or any way of getting the car back..
The number is as stated in the first paragraph.
if anyone who know how to help.
please comment ^^


Akue Achik said...

repot polis..tu je yg sy tau pocket..huhu

RazFiRa said...

sabar k.. tanye sape2 yg expert carik barang hilang

EZAN IDMA said...

kene curi. jahat tol pencuri

leyaliyana said...

damn! that sucks >_<

Saiazuan said...

i hate stealers.. taking someone else properties without permission

gedek! said...

no tanduk or ekor?

Keh keh keh...

good one!

Juliet_iRa~" said...

kesiannyaa..smoga dpt jumpa blk..

Cik Pulau said...

hope everything goes fine..

anamizu said...

kene curi??? ohmaiii..dah report polis ke pocket???

cik ana

Fatin Mraz said...

oh my.. kete kene curik?
isk.. harap2 polis jumpa. dan tuan punya kereta dpt kereta itu balik..

my cousin pun ada ilang kete, repot polis, kete mmg x jumpa dah.. seb bek dpt kete baru.. insurans cover..

Aemy Shamy said...

have you lodge a report?? gosh, i hear so many news about stolen cars bro in law's Prado also was stolen months ago & haven't been found up til now. we consider it's been sold, disassemble, or whatever...huhu..
i hope you guys will found the car soon...

Rashid said...

Dorang pencuri ni memang licik .. tapi harap-harap polis lagi licik.

Bulan puasa lalu ada bual ngan seorang mekanik kereta. Mekanik tu bagitau ada setengah-setengah kes, polis guna juga 'bomoh' .. entahle ..

Apapun moga jumpa balik kete tu ..

~SaL IjOu~ said...

oh my..its a car..not a toy..its like a nightmare..~ I hope there is a miracle & they will find it somewhere~

blog-tips-kurus said...

harap2 tiada benda penting dalam kereta itu. doa, usaha + tawakal ye. Insya Allah, rezeki awak ada lagit tu..

miSs aMaL said...

whoahh..jht btl.hope plis dpt tgkp org tu dan bwk msk lokap.hak3.hope jmpa blk ye..:)

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adwafarahin said...

rejam jugak klu dpt pencuri tu!

hani said...

oh dear..
ada hikmahnya tu..
sabar sabar..

Mya said...

jahatnya! nanti Tuhan marah tauuu

rozeeta rashid said...

my friend's friend punya kereta pun baru kena curi few weeks ago. teruk betul. apa punya olangg!

Dhiya Fariza said...

i hope the car wont go missing that long.

Tny said...

Owhh???! The car masa kita 1st bloggers met up makan nasi ketam tu ke? Alahai... Harap Filantera byk bersabaq.. Dh pi menengok ke, mnatau leh buat org yg 'pinjam' tu hantaq balik reta tu..

*SiRibenMerah said...

ouh, saya penah naik kereta neh dulu!

semoga ada jodoh kembali jumpe kete neh..
sabar yek..

Anonymous said...

bukan nak takutkan ko. tp biasa org curik kete ni ada sindiket. once dia dpt terus hantar pi kilang untuk disassemble.

tak pun terus ke kargo kapal atau mungkin kilang disassemble tu di atas kapal itu sendiri.

peluang tu ttp ada tp amat tipis.

tp aku ttp doa semoga kete tu jumpa balik.

Anonymous said...

huuu. be patient.

hmmm taktau nk cakap ape.

just like zuan said,i hate stealer.