Tuesday, January 17, 2012

506. GemuruhJiwaaaa!!!


I came to work today, Happy.
The housemate cooked nasik goreng
and I ate like its my first nasik
for the week.
Got out of the house early, 624am..
waahh.. I dont have to twist the
accelerator to its maximum speed
today. 50km/j would be enough :D
(The maximum speed is 60km/j anyway)

And today was just like those days
where I am blessed with green lights
all the way. And just like what
i've wrote previously,
423. TigaEkorGagak...
I think today its going to be an easy,
hassle free, not to forget lucky day.
Waah... cant wait to see who's going
to smile at me today :D

As I was heading towards the employee's
motorcycle parking lot, slowing more
and more as i am reaching pedestrian area.
Parking lot was also filled with
empty spaces, hey I am lucky today..
Or at least I thought it was.

but then I took a right turn
a little bit too senget, I got scared
so I step on the brake pedal with my right
foot. Pushing the brake pedal while u'r
senget to the right would cause disaster.
The brake pedal hit a step near the parking lot.
THe hit was quite hard, sending me off balance,
crash landed to lay my back on the floor.
20% pain, 80% shame.
Can I just sleep here and act like
I got into a coma? I dont think I can face
people after that silly hit I just did to my self.

so there it goes pocketeers,
the 12green-lights-will-bring-luck
theory is not true at all.

The beloved EX5 broke a bit
the brake pedal bent.
I am scratched here and there,
My harga diri just went down a notch.

Duit duit!!
dimana kau duuuiiittt..
duit duit!!

Why the title is gemuruh jiwa u may ask?
Well i got this habit of putting all my 
post related to any crash i got myself 
into with the title 'Gemuruh jiwa'
A few more of my Gemuruh Jiwa series :


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

duit ada di baaannnkk..hewhew

dhiera said...

kesian ye pocket. kalau parking lot still empty then, no one there rite?

tak pe. guard je kot yg mungkin nampak. hehehe

littledolphin said...

20% pain 80% shame.reminds me of fort minor sudddenly. o.o

ok forget that fort minor thingy.

let me MODIFY a quote by Arthur Conan Doyle.

dont call anything a FORTUNE until you have seen the end of it. :ppppp

the original word is actually 'misfortune.' BAHAHAHAHAHA

syabab said...

hehe... soe for "hehe".. i suppose to feel sympathise but the way pocket citer wat syabb cm nk senyum je..eneway pocket time pocket jatuh uh ramai org ka?i thought pocket smpai awl so i assume mesti xramai g yg smpai...hik3.. but eneway nasib bek xde pape.. hopefully u find duit kt bank2 berdekatan yer..

p/s: member syabb kemalangn langgar anjing.. anjing uh mati n die lak cedera sana sini...huhu

ciK LyndaWawa said...

takpe poket..len kali jatuh...miscall saye.......nanti saya anta mr supermen,,,hehehe

Ayaq said...

Haiya...okay tak tu?

Hanie Dew said...

hahahaha...geli hati part yang pocket nak pura pura koma.hahahahaha..sakit perut gelak.

agree with littledolphin nye quote by Arthur Conan Doyle tu. =)

Hanie Dew said...

pocket komen ko twist tp baca 3 kali paham dah.

Titisan Hujan said...


kim slm kt housemate
rjin grg nasi pepagi

Pocket said...

kalau ada laa..
dah 17hb dah nii:(

...'also filled with
empty spaces,

meaning ada la empty spaces tu,
orang yg dok lepak lagi lalu lalang ramai gak :(

hooh hooh,
lagu aper tuu? tingat plak :D
heheh, quote tu menarik :D
pocket suka :)

ramai ramai!
sorang pung tak datang tolong,
diorang dok konpius, pocket wat lawak ka bebetul nyer xcden.

okeh! bak sini fon no :D

humm, calar balar la sikit tubuh ku yang monggel ni ^^

dah la ngantut ngantut sikit kan,
macam nak terus tido jer rase heheheh

InshaAllah, dia rajin sikit
kebelakangan ni.. untung utk pocket lah hahahah

Aemy Shamy said...

it's okay to be shamed sekali sekala...yg panting you're safe..nyawa tu yg penting. so next time, be careful..hehe..

Dee said...

pocket ok ke? hrp2 tak cedera teruk..cedera poket je kan? hehehe..take care..

rozeeta rashid said...

hahaha. pocket pocket.. nak kesian tapi tergelak pulak. pretending that u got into a coma is definitely a good thing to do in an embarassing situation like that. haha.

~SaL IjOu~ said...

ouh..pity u pocket..but things like this do happen once in a while..whenever u recall back & tell others..it turn out to be a funny things to share n u make people laugh with you..a shame thing does bring joy in different way, aite~ ;p

Dhiya Fariza said...

omg omg omg i hope u're okay in regards to not feeling ashame anymore hehehe. sorry sorry that i laugh. sorry