Saturday, January 28, 2012

515. TheRedBoat2

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514. TheRedBoat

...and 2 years gone by just like how u
drink teh tarik, Its slow and sweet..
suam suam sauna till the last drop.
Farid started to 'not-showing' to work
a few days of the week. I asked him why,
he told me that he got himself a
new project. Ohh.. good for him,
wishing him the best in his project.
what ever it was...

Me on the other hand, life was getting hard.
The 'Along' whom I owed for 4Thousand ringgit
found me asking for his 12thousand ringgit...
additional 4k was for the bunga..
and another 4k was to pay for
the finders-fee they said.
Ohh they actually paid someone to find me?
waah i'm flattered!

My business was getting slow,
somehow all the people who wanted to
rent for boats starting to avoided me..
I dont know why, they just slowly goes on
to other tekong. The 'Along' Chalenge and
the customer depleting issues brought me
to one conclusion...I should end this before
I loss more.
The thought of selling my boat crosses my mind.

But somehow, all the other boater doesnt
want to buy my boat.. Later on i heard that
there were rumours about my boat is haunted.
people hearing weird sounds..
Sirens was seen following me when I'm on my boat...
Ohh.. where do they got that story?
they even saw a girl standing in front of
my boat once when I was coming back from
sending the night shift customer.
(This was true, she was my GF at that time..
we were on the sungai for a romantic tour
by the sunset! huiyooo!!
but I cant tell them this story right?)

I tried and tried to sell my boat,
even gone to the extend of offering half
the price of the usual boat.
But none were interested.
Then Farid came and he saved my life.
He bought the boat for 5K.
He kept on saying that he is helping a friend,
and a lot of work to be done to remove any
spirits that is haunting my boat.
Oh Farid, hang beletiaq macam pompuan la weh!
But at least I got some money,
its nutting much, but atleast paying
the 'Along' will not be that hard now.

And that was the point where I change
the route of my life and my dream...
from dreaming to be a tauke for boats
all around penang to become a blogger
who writes metaphoric story like this.
There was no boat..
There was no Sirens..
THere was no 'Along'
But there was a dream that was crushed
by an incident I cant escape.. Ohh..

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Ain Atika Zailani said...

kite sebenarnye kagum dengan kebolehan pocket menulis..=)

Martika Diyana said...
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Martika Diyana said...

betul.. kadang2 kite tau yang itu bukan jalan kite, then why wait kan. as long as pk secara positif, and take it as pengalaman.
pasal along tu.. saye paham perasaan awak.

saye pun setuju ngan ain. kagum cara awak menulis. :)

most probably next post will be the conclusion kan (rasenye la). i cant wait huhuhu

littledolphin said...

crushed dream. ah so sad :(

i hate crushed dream T_T


Akue Achik said...

Ohh they actually paid someone to find me?
waah i'm flattered!

hahahaa,,that`s hilarious..seriously.. :D

dr angan dibawa ke penulisan blog..awesome..

Pocket said...

pocket plak tak..
pasal rase cam tak cukup garaaam jer :D hehehe

yes, kalau dok teruskan lagi,
makan modal pun satu,
buang masa lagi satu,
not to forget menyakitkan
mereka yang tersayang :D

yes, the next one is the conclusion Finale

and most of us do have to go tru wit that experience once or twice kan ^^ adehlaaa...

happy woo..
terasa macam aku ni penting sangaaat jer heheheh:D

Dee said...

kdg2 tak tau pocket tulis tu kisah benar atau khayalan..hehehe..

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

penulisan pocket memang lain dari yang lain...heheh

c'axoera ヅ said...

there is where the dreams came from :) keep on moving..

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hmm interesting story.. i can catch up with this one even i didnt read the 1st one..

Hanie Dew said...

pocket pocket pocket. aku dah agakk ni cerita metaphore. ni kalau jue baca mau dia ulang tiga kali.

cuma diri kita yang tau jalan mana patut ambik. kadangkala juga impian kita tak sesuai dengan cara kita, diri kita. jadi kena la beralih arah.

El-Janna said...

pocket.. i excited gila bca ini celita. mimpi ka kamu? :(
haiya.. tekong a...^^