Wednesday, January 04, 2012

496. Lured


I know a guy who are so into fishing.
He cant be contacted during most weekends.
if he is not in his fishing trips, he'll
be with his family.. looking for fishing spots.
He got about 12 fishing rods. The major one.
And a few more of the minor one.
There is a full set ready to go in the trunk
of his car just in case he come across a puddle
of ikan puyu.

Three sets of stories to fill in 1001malam of fishing story.
If the king got bored with the first set,
the bride can tell the other two.

700 lures!! which is averagely cost at 15 ringgit
per piece. Of course there were those of 4 ringgit
per piece... and there is also those that cost
70ringgit per piece.
Some of them imported directly
from the land of uncle sam.

I asked him, what is so interesting about
going to rural area or paying for a boat to
bring u to a fishing spot out there in the sea
just for u to sit down and wait for fish to eat
your lure?

And he started his speech like poet who
have lived 300 years talking about life.
'Its not about the fish, its about the ...'
ohh i dont have to bore u about his poetic
explanation do i?
Bottom line is, he luved it.
He's poetic about it.
There is strategy in fishing.
There is 'life' in fishing.
Fishing Men are guys who can keep his anger down.
...and a whole of a lot other thing.

and his final conclusion was the nicest.
'..and i am proud to be good in something i luv'
Ohh.. he even have the gut to say that he is good!!

are u good in something?
hell... ask me now,
i dont think i can answer u.
good in english? naaawwwhhhh,
look up there, i'd say u can find
20 grammatical mistake right away!
Good in flirting?
I've flirted with 8 girls in my whole life,
and 4 of them i've got to hold hands,
4 ajer? hek enneeeee
aquarium? i own a 2 feeter.
in aquarium world, that is like a jogger who
just bought his first shoe laces.

now i ask u...
are u good in something?

Dont u wanna be? atleast one...
the one to be proud of...
the one your son could be proud of..
My mother is an excellent baker!
My father is a great rock climber!
i know bashtiah would say..
'My mother is a great swimmer and
the best swimming instructor'
good for her.
What about u pocketeers? Anything?

ohh.. am I intimidated with 2012?


Anum said...


dhiera said...

erkkkk.... i'm good in listening. ok tak? hahahahaha

Finaz Jaafar said...

I'm good at...errmmm ermmm ermmm...
after few hours pun still ermm errmmm ermmm..hehehe

Anonymous said...

i'd say, i'm quite good in convincing people. Jue yang kata bukan aku.

owh pocket, tuan hamba mahu berjumpa?
buleh aja. "plus it would be awkward.pocket ni tak pandai sembang :D sure meraban ke cerita itik migration nanti:D" <<< tak kesah langsung. hahahahha

Bashtiah said...

Hahah.. Thanks Pocket! Yeah I'd say that again. My mum is a good swimming instructor. :) (proud)

ciK LyndaWawa said...

hencik pocket...

senyum aje la ye...

zonaku said...

i have good shoulder that were chosen by my closest friend to lean & wept, to cry their heart out.

enough, yet not enough right?

Pocket said...

Ermmmmmmm... jgak.

that is because we dont have
'ear-lid' like we have 'eye-lid'
if we have, u'd be closing them too ..

itulah.. pocket cuba dah.. tak der!1

if u are good in convincing people, the u should be in sales. asking people like pocket to buy a car that i couldnt afford:D heheheh

...and what will your daughters and sons be proud of u of?

i'd say swimming too :D

senyum senyum

yes, but u cant make money out of those sis :D owh! u can be a counselor! :D

littledolphin said...


i dont know what i am good at but i know what i am not good at.

i'm so terible when it comes to drawing and computer software stuffs.HAHA

I wish i had a talent in writing. T_T

Aemy Shamy said...

i don't know what i'm good at exactly.....maybe i'm good in convincing people :p heh!
i wish i'm good in writing, because i want so much to be a writer..but i'm still learning. my english is so mediocre.
i'm sure there's something u really good at. :) just like everyone

Dhiya Fariza said...

im good at drinking plain water 6 glasses a day. im good at sleeping more than 12 hours XD

aleen aiden said...

ouchh.that could be a tough one to answer.
err.. err...can i get back to u later? *larikk

rozeeta rashid said...

fishing is boringg. hehe. bosan je tunggu bila umpan nak mengena.

i'm good with numbers. i'm good at making people laugh even when i'm feeling down. =)

anamizu kaito said...

aku ada kenal sorang blogger kaki pancing (

dia ni mmg pemancing tegar.. and bila aku dapat tau lifestory dia dr awal,aku respect gila..

and kaki pancing ni majoriti mmg penyabar.

cik ana