Monday, January 02, 2012

495. Lipat!Lipat! Pak!! Lipat!!

Pelipat... (Apooo la kena mengena kan adehlaaa)

i've once wanted to write something dangerous,
dangerous in reading material could be a few type..
its either sexy, religiously contradict, satanic, political
or judgemental.
I have let a friend read it and ask him his opinion.
Farid said, writing stuff like that would make people
change their perspective towards the writer.

According to him, if there are people who actually adore
the writer as if the writer is a good person, or a good believer,
an obedient son. By writing as such would definitely
change their perspective. He no longer be the good guy
everyone thought he is. The obedient follower he always preached about.
He's just like those hypocrite writer who shout..
!jangan pangkah alipmimnunwau!!', but still
be happy with the facilities provided.

Yes I agreed with him and let that post
chained and crying alone in my rib cage,

Today, I wanna post one that may
change your perspective about me.
My excuse would be that usually
I do keep this well mantained.
but the day this happened.
I did not,
I slipped,
I failed,
so dont think less of me.
its a one time mistake okeh!

Some of u know that I went to DermaDarah
on the last day of 2011, sat on the stool just
like everybody else letting them poke my finger
for a drip of blood to test the blood platelet.
I wanted to do the joke ...
'darah apa?'
'darah bangsawan'
but i could not, since the doctor didnt even asked.
She saw A+ on the red book i handed earlier.

It happened when the nurse was going
to poke my right 'pelipat' for the blood taking.
(Pelipat : the other side of the 'Siku')
She took a cloth with alcohol on it
to sterilize the 'pelipat' surface,
(Doctor Dhiya sila bagi tau untuk apa
diorang lap guna alkohol tu sebelum cucuk)
She wipe the 'pelipat' surface and the 'daki'
from my yesterday's jogging and a whole day
of working in the kitchen came off.
The daki was so thick that she needed
three sets of cloth with alcohol to wipe them off.
Ohh malunya..

Everytime she wiped, the cloth would stain heavily.
The best description would be like a white
t shirt with wilsmis faces printed on it as the stain.
Here I am smiling awkwardly.
The nurse didnt say a word, she just poked
the big diameter needle into me and let the blood flow.
I checked my other 'pelipat' and found it was clean.
Oh yes i did wash thoroughly during my daily mandi,
but i guess that morning I missed a spot.
and the spot was the one the nurse had to put her
attention to. adohlaaa... malu sepasal ngan nurse comel.

so words to other penderma darah,
make sure u clean the spot they poke.
it'll be sure damn memalukan if it was with
daki melekkit setebal keju dlm big mac.


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

hewhew..dah 2 kali derma darah..selepas derma tu,badan ringan jaa..

Akue Achik said...

pocket, knp tak pos? ttap akn bca..

dah 3 kali try drma darah tp tiap kli tu jgak kna reject..berat tak ckup..damn..

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

bolat takut darah ! even drah sndri pon -____- tapi dlm hti nk jugak derma ! =(

ciK LyndaWawa said...

saya tak pernah derma darah..derma dara pun tak penah jugak......=]

zonaku said...

x penah lak kena camtu. but everytime cam nak cakap je, x yah buat blood group test x blh ke???

syabab said...

syabab las year wat daa..sekali nk wat kt hospital tp xleh sbb pernah telan panadol kurg 2minggu.. btw pocket alcohol uh sapu tuk elak infection. tuk sterilise kawasan uh..jap bhse syabab ni trlalu science ka?hehe.. sje je nk tolong doktor dhiya tuk jawab...hehe.. btw sterilise kt sini bukan mandul aww tp tuk clean the area from any infection..

Chuu Muqhlis said...

pocket, gaya tlis mcm stain byk sgt., btw chuu x pena pong derma darah, last time ade nk derma tp x lepas .,

Dee said...

tak perlu malu..menderma darah tu kan kerja mulia..hehehe..

littledolphin said...

oh relaxlah kawan.

tidak ada apa-apa yang perlu dimalukan.

yang penting anda berani derma darah!

p/s i think i understand how you feel.there's lots of thing i wanna tell but i just dont have enough courage for fear people will change their perspective about me :(

Dhiya Fariza said...

syabab was right. Alcohol swabs are used to clean the injection site before injection to ensure the bacteria on ur hand completely inactive. :) proud of u sebab derma darah. syukurlah.

Fatin Mraz said...

tidak pernah menderma darah. kerana selalu kene reject. tak cukup berat. x cukup tidur. dsbgnya..


FarahMohdRadzi said...

dah penah darah gak last march, pastu nak derma lagi sept hari tu tapi tak lepas..darah tak cukup pulak..hehehe

Anum said...

good entry
derma darah, sekali je

Alkisah said...

bak kata pepatah samy vellu, "Worang-worang muda sekarang banyak suka hisap dada, Marilah kita semua menderma dara"

alkisah tak pernah derma darah lagi.. ermm

Aemy Shamy said...

if i wasn't mistaken the alcohol's to sterilize your skin to avoid any kind of bacterial infection between the needle & your blood, or from environment..heee... offense, but i think it's common for most guys, maybe u're not the metrosexual type..but its okay, the thickness of daki doesn't define a person. hehehe. :p

the bottom line is, u made a very good deed. congrats :)

syabab said...

hahah..syaba lom cdg jd tokey la pocket.. rm40 smlm?supe harga temphn hotel bajet da..haha... syabab xase bos syabb nk mek kalo pocket demand cmtu..hihi

hani said...

same mcm FM, tak cukup berat. huhuh..

Kidd Fallen said...

Okay tak cukup berat --' HAHA ;D

Anonymous said...

oh pocket.pas baca entry ko xde la bertukar perspective. normal je.

tapi malangnya ko dah kehilangan peluang nak ngorat nurse comel. kekekekkeke..tak pe lainkali pastikan steril badan dulu. teehee.

aku pun suka derma darah. rasa best je. pastu bila baring tgh darah mengalir tu sambil berangan ada vampire hensem dtg ambil bekalan darah. *mengarut*