Sunday, January 29, 2012

516. The Final Red Boat

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515. TheRedBoat2
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514. TheRedBoat

Having my heart broken with a dream beyond
my hand to ever touch again, I  started to school again,
The bad dream of owing money to Along
is finally over. I am now a new man,
I still kept in touch with the people
who were into boating business.
We still talk over sessions of teh tarik..
Whenever I wanted to fish a bit,
I would call Farid..
and when he is unavailable..
I'd go with other friends
who are still in the business.

One day I got in touch with a guy who
occasionally goes to fish under the
Penang Bridge tru Forum. He dont know me,
to him, I'm just another guy who love to write
crap in the forum. I asked him about the red boat,
have he heard any rumors before..
it was told that the boat  was haunted
but who was the one telling them?

... and his answer shocked me. It was Farid..
It seems like once he was with Farid coming
back from his fishing spot. Farid told him
that people are seeing sirens swimming
right underneath the red boat. Ohh.. is this true?
Farid? the one I call my friend,
the one I thought got my back.

I then got curious and suspicious...
I called back the Along who lend me the money,
acting like I'm somebody else who look for Pocket
which is me. The Along told me that he got no
way of contacting Pocket, the pocket seems to
be changing his handphone too frequent. heheh yes I do!
but a dear friend of the Pocket can lead me to him..
'Lu tanya ini namber haa.. ini orang tau mana
itu jantan tak guna nama pocket tu duduk, lia 
lali dari gua 2 tahun woo!! haiyaaaa!!'
'Itu orang ada nama ka tauke?'
'Ini orang nama Falid! Falid!!'

ehh... ?
Farid was the one who told the 'Along'
about my whereabout? Farid was the one
who spread the haunted story?
No wonder he bought my boat...
I was an opponent to get rid of...
a rival to kill..

terasa sedih,
terasa buduh,
hati ni pedih,
hancur luluh,

Berkawan biar seribu,
kerna duit, tinggal selipat.
adik beradik jadi tak sebulu,
lagikan pula Ajnabi sepejabat.

There u go pocketeers,
A story about back stabbers.
Now let me remind u..
that this is a metaphoric story.
(Metaphoric as if i wanna tell my story
but I wanna keep the details off the net.)
There was no 'Along'
There was no siren
and certainly there was no red boat.
(Plus.. I dont fish)

But there was a broken heart,
that now learnt to trust no one no more.

Here u go Sis El-Janna...
a back stabber story from your request
here : BackStabbed


Liselle MonCherie said...

Gosh! That was...a great disappointment! being betrayed by
your own bestfriend :O!

No wonder my mom always tell me to
trust no one but myself.

Now I know Why!

Faza said...

how sad :'(

littledolphin said...

backstabbers exist everywhere.

trust no one except yourself.

according to law 2 in the book 'the 48 laws of power' by robert greene,never put too much trust in friends.

PHD is a very common disease in our country ,my friend

littledolphin said...

and that farid will definitely treima balasan one day!

Akue Achik said...

pedih....disangka kwn rpny pisau tajam..

backstabber...tak taw mcmmn nak explain..emotional plak sy baca entri ni..huh

Fatin Mraz said...

bab trust nih..once broken..considered gone!

zonaku said...

its hard... yes!

is there any guilt feeling in farid's heart? if yes.... then he deserve to be forgiven, if not, pray that one day he will repent.

::i try to follow my own advice, damn hard!::

Pocket said...

or what they say as..
'Trust with Backup'

yes yes i trust u harddisk..
but i'm making back-up disk :D

sdih.. sdih

Ohh.. i have to google that one up sis, kurang berpengetahuan sikit :D

Pocket yang dok mengingat cerita ni laagi sedih :D heheh.. tp tak per.. buleh jer nak nulih lagi:D

Nice to see,
nice to hold?
Once broken..
considered sold!

heheh, tp pocket tak tau
camana nak pusing ayat bagi
ada perkataan 'Trust' dlm tu

Yes, there may be guilt,
but still he put his own self first.
That is unforgiven.

syabab said...

if pocket read about my comment as syabab never hve experience one night one on one with guyz do pillow talk bcos i use to be in yor place so i don't get easily trust someone n sometimes i will be paranoid if someone being nice to me..huhu but hey at least that the only hings u can do to protect yorself from getting hurt again.. btw i use to believe the words "sahabat" n now im doubt about it...huhu... nice story pocket although the story was jz garam2 nk kasi sedap but the point of the story make us realise about someone we love doesn't meant someone that love us..

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hmm not like shabab, i still trust sahabat walaupun i got backstabbes sooooooooo many times

dhiera said...

tak suka dengan kawan yang konon kawan baik tapi sebenarnya kawan yang cuba makan kawan~

Hanie Dew said...

nice story pocket. finally, i got your point here.

alhamdulillah aku tak pernah lagi kene mcm ko kene atau yg sewaktu dengannya. sama ada aku dah lupa atau aku tak perasan atau tak tau langsung. tapi sedih dgn org yg berperangai macm ni. betul ckp littledolphin. PHD is a very common disease in our country. eh no. in our race. haha

El-Janna said...

ur dream like drama la.. kisah backstabbed ni tak pelbagai. ya. cuma ni je 1 perkara yg manusia boleh lakukan tanpa pelbagai.. yang saketnya pasti org paling dekat..

nice pocket. thanks again^^