Thursday, January 19, 2012

509. Ripped

in my post 506. GemuruhJiwaaaa!!!
i have told u that i was stupid enough
to hit an innocent batu (More like a step)
 that made me do a double loop jump
to fall on my back bone washing away
my machoness right?
Yes i did.

And so there i was lying on my back,
hoping that people didnt see me,
i stand up and went ahead with the usual
Standard Operation Procedure u do after
u hit something and the bike is lying helplessly
on the floor.  Parked the EX5 properly..
and as quick as possible i went on into the 'kilang'
without looking right or left. Basically i was hoping
that no one would stop me and ask me what happened..
Cause the explanation would be an epic joke :D heheh

it was a normal day in the Production Floor,
so does in the office, i went on flirting, working,
yelling, cursing and even slamming the phone.
The usual stuff. At 930 i went on my break,
walk all the way from the store to the canteen
which is located in the other end of the building.
after i ate, i needed to go the loo.
And so i went.
Cutting this story short.. as i was going to wear
my pants again, i was shocked that there was 3 holes
to put in my leg. eh!! sejak bila plak aku ni berkaki tiga?
Oh no!! could it be!!
the accident earlier in the morning actually
ripped my pants nearly half way through!
The hole at the back side is as big as the
slot u put in your leg!! ooiihh!!

i wear it anyway, hoping that the opening is not that obvious.
ohh now that i know, no wonder today i felt slightly breezy
underneath!! ooiihh!!
Panic about this, i checked the situation
below in front of the mirror, the light blue shirt
tucked in underneath  is visible tru the opening!!
its that obvious!!
OK dont go mengarut asking me any other
color u can see from the opening.
am not going to answer u anyway..

what to do! what to do!!
after a bit of thinking and the staepler tricks
didnt work.. i pull all my strength to walk
anyway to the HR room and ask for Male Operators
Slack. It was a ridiculous trip,
stop and lean on the wall everytime there is
people passing by, run as fast as u can when
there's no one around.

and the mission accomplished.
i got my pants... ohh.. what a relieve.
i went on into the office and of course,
everybody started to ask why am i wearing
the odd color pants.
i told them what happened and everyone laughed.
ohh i was the joke of the day. what can i say..
i asked them,
'so guys..  no one noticed that the pants 
was half torn open at the back?'
'tak plak beb!'
'serious aku tak perasan'

half heartedly i am happy that people
are not noticing, but this also somewhat
makes me sad,

no one looked at my ponggong anymore..
ohh ohh..


missSenget said...

so kene work hard laa lepas ni nak jadikan punggung tu tumpuan mata...


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

nak tergelak.tapi mcm kesian pulak


*opss sory


Aemy Shamy said...

hahaha! ohh poor u...the worst thing i've ever had is wearing clothes inside out..everyone looked at me..ugh! i don't which one is worst, because a hole of the pants can be hidden. hehehe...

hey, change topic..hehe..u work at food industry? do u know what's the exact job at quality control & assurance (QC/QA) department? hehe....
you can give me the answer on one of my blog post..thx :)

Fatin Mraz said...

firstly i like this post.
esp part, 'hoping that people didnt see me'..hahaha! kelakar pun ada.. walopun kesian juge..

part yg last tuh.. serius? x dr yg prasan?? cerr cek betul2.. hahaa

zonaku said...

mesti ada y perasan.. cuma kesian nk ngaku.........

it nice to cheer people's day.. so early in the morning....


Elie Lily said...

ayat last tak boleh blah! ahhaha

Hermin said...

lah kesiannya.....

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

hehe that is lol of the day ;)

btw i keep wondering what is ur fb? where do u live? dah lama kenal di blog tp x kenal in personal

Dhiya Fariza said...

i pity u a lot but im sorry i laughed a lot reading it. sorry again! hehe

Pocket said...

itu la,
nak kena gi gym lah gini :D

heheh, jangan kesiankan sidia yang buat salah kat diri sndiri ni heheheh:D

yes, wearing your shirt inside out is a common mistake :D but u can always say its style :D

but a hole in the pants? ohh ohh!

nope, i am not in the food industries,
though i would like to!
The QC Checking would be to sampling the nugget for their daily output :D
goreng! goreng! goreng!!

err.. diorang perasan,
tp tak nak bagi tau pocket
supaya pocket buleh gi menjaja
seluruh kampung?

aduh kejam nya kamu..
pocket gi tanya balik ari ni!!

kesian nanti pocket akan digelakkan ngan lebih dan lebih lagi..
ohh.. tolong jangan describe apa yg kamu nampak :D

Ayat last tu penutup cerita.
honest oppinion tuu :D

Kesian kan kesian kan!! ^^
so belikan saya seluar satu bleh?

betul tu,
we never came to know over blogging level kan.. well i live in penang,
n my FB? well u can search my E mail add inside my blog profile :D

i am glad my story could
cheer people up,

littledolphin said...

omg,seriously? :o

hahahaha kesian gila !!!

i think they said that they did not perasan the rip part just to make you feel better :pppp

aleen aiden said...

no wonder today i felt slightly breezy
underneath!! ooiihh!!

kah3.macam mana boleh tak perasan oit!

SimplySeoul said...

hahaha. thank god no one notice. that would be embarrassing enuff. pack some extra clothes at the office, you know, in case you feel like showing some machoness some other time hehe.

rozeeta rashid said...

hahaha. boleh pulak koyak takde sapa perasan.

anamizu kaito said...

adeh kesian sebab dah jatuh tu..



errr tapi nak tergelak jugakla pocket..


oppss sory =P

cik ana