Monday, January 23, 2012

511. Girl In Purple

vanessa hudgens is dang pretty no?
I went to see this movie the other day
just so that I can see her...
and I ended up not understanding
the whole movie because all I did
was looking at her.  ohh..

why is it that she had to be in that movie!!!?

now if anyone asked me why is it
that the 75inch HD Tv inside the
grandpa's house doesnt show anything
other then an errupting volcanoes
also i cant answer.

They've introuced her with that
hair moving slow motion gesture
like u see in Shampoo comercials,
they let her wear a purple inner
with white on top.
By mid of the movie,
they lose the white top!!
oh why oh why!!?

and dont let me start on the pants
she was wearing... its too dang low!
so low.. that when she had to tucked
in the purple inner when taking that
falling-shot... the whole picture
just doesnt work :D
(see.. I was looking too much at her
till I can realize that she tucked
the camy in during the falling-shot)
Kenapa masa ni tuck in?
adoh laaaaaaa...

ok in the end
the hero get to kiss the heroin.
that is it, the usual..
the father and son bonding finally
worked out.. ohh the usual..
not to forget, everybody wins..
the girl get to go to college,
the poor father finally able to afford for it,
the family seems happy...
the grandfather got his bike. :D

so people, go and see her..
she is definitely well worth paying
my RM11 for :D heheheheh


littledolphin said...

nak tengok juga! T_T

tapi takut nak tanya my mum whether i can go and watch.urgh

she encourage me to go out(she keeps saying,'hana pergi lah keluar dengan kawan ke apa,ni asyik duduk dalam bilik je!' but she complains when i am i supposed to go out without spending anything? o.0

Dhiya Fariza said...

err okay.

Muhammad Saiazuan Norhalik said...

vanessa hudgens :D

syabab said...

haha i guess u spend one n half hour watching vanessa hudgen from head to toe... xtau nk komen pe.. cos lom ade pengalaman g watching the actor or actress rather than the movie...hohohoh...

echaRierie said...

waaa..penangan vanessa tue..
smlm igt mau tgk last2 fullhouse..adehh.. time tgk movie lain plk..haha

Aemy Shamy said...

i know right! she's distracting the whole movie! i keep looking my boyfriend's eyes during in cinema, just to see which part did he look at. hahaha. no offense but vanessa hudgen looks like a whore..hehe :p

hani said...

sebut je vanessa hudgens, coonofirm tringat high school musical

anamizu kaito said...

perhh sexy siot! patutla pocket punya mata tak berkedip =P

cik ana

Hanie Dew said...

ahahahahah pocket soh "go see her" not "go watch the movie". tsk tsk tsk ...pocket..pocket. guy is always be a guy. << curik kata kata Jue. hihihi

Annaster said...

wah, detailnya on VH? crush on her ke?

filanastasia said...

adoiyaii pocket.. the only reason i go n watch just becoz the boy (he's grow up since zahtura - demm cute lol) n the journey which sambungan to the 1st one.. never the hudgens.. i like deschannel more..

well taste manusia kan different.. but i like the body.. fit.. nak eksesais jugak, mau badan seperti hudgens.. heheheh