Friday, January 27, 2012

514. TheRedBoat

This was suppose to be a short story,
But I've lost my quota by my third point.
And so here i am elaborating it to 3 post.
A short story...
A Metaphoric story,
I was not into fishing,
I dont own a boat,
I did not sleep with the officials to get
along with my business. (Although I wish
that I am, considering she's comel enough
of course)

Right after my SPM, I got involved in
fishing business. 20K for a proper
floating vessels and a 30 horsepower
engine can do fine in the business of
bringing people into the mid of the sea.
Waiting for fishes to catch, Hoping that
they get the biggest catch there is to
brag with people by framing the photo onto
the living room wall.

You got to be good though, foreseeing what
fishes to look for, where to look for and
strategy to get those fishes.
Not to forget how to detect 'PakYa' (Buaya)
since 40% of the customer will be going
to fish for Udang Galah.

In the business, I got along with people
here and there, some were nice to me not
to forget those who envy me,
Well my boat is red.. but that was not the point.
My boat was better then theirs.
So I can go further.
Hence... a lot more customer calling in.
Usually its the tiang in penang bridge,
small small undisturbed island..
Muka Head or teluk bahang...
Plus, I can speak in english a lot better
then the other 'Tekong' back then.
So my target customer is a wee bit more
then theirs.
(Jadi belajo la cakap omputeh yer adik adik)

I got lonely though, no one want to be friends
with the new blood. I ate alone for the first
three month until I come to know Farid...
The guy from Bagan, a local guy who also own
his own boat. We were always together when we're
not bringing people to their fishing spot.
And when we do, we send our customer in the morning,
we got back to the port for lunch together..
Somehow we clicked like the battery cover clicking
to the back of your astro remote.
No rattle, no gap... just simply Clicked.

Most of the time we would go fishing both of us,
and during those fishing trip that we spill out
everything.  Its kinda inevitable actually,
two guys sitting alone waiting,
its nuttin much.
Our previous scandal..
My licence is already overdue,
but sleeping with the PIC made me tru.
His  regretted sin that he did back in
his younger days.
My debt with Along was the reason
I went on the hiding,
Cheat-trick in fishing location.
..and even stories about families.
Ohh.. the whole 1001 nights.

He was good to me, I got personal with him
to the extend of sleeping in his place
whenever I'm too tired to go back home.
His wife and son were also nice to me...
made me felt like I got myself a family.
Even if he was an ajnabi from work.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Bersambung ke 515. TheRedBoat2 xxxxxxxxxx

I guess that is it with us and work,
we start on a job... all lonely.
Looking for the one to 'Click'.
The work place seems friendlier right after,
and work would seems a lot easier then.
So good luck to the lady who got her job
in a logistic company recently. I hope u get
along with others well. Main baik baik tau!
jangan gaduh gaduh :D


Martika Diyana said...

interesting.. waiting for next post :)

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

jgn gaudh-gaduh abg pocket bgi coki2..

say to easy=) said...

Lama x jenguk pocket!nice entry kali nie..xsabar tunggu next post.hehe..btw penang dok area mane?my hometown at kepala batas:D

littledolphin said...

getting along with people isnt one of my strength T_T

it is usually awakwarddd.

p/s menantikan post yang seterusnya

filanastasia said...

unlike me.. i get along well from the start.. tapi bila dah lama2.. mereka mula naek kepala.. bila kita tegur, mula tarik muka bujur sampai mcm telur.. hahahah

Liselle MonCherie said...

Dude,your awesome!
Nice story!
can't wait to read your next post
Haha :D

hani said...

carik somebody yang boleh click dengan kita memang susah. nak nak pulak if kita mula-mula masuk sorang-sorang. takde sape yang kita boleh pandang and sengih siket sebab sama-sama budak baru. berfikir nak menyibuk ke, nak jadik kera sumbang sampai ada orang tegur. atau worse, sampai dituduh sombong. aish.. nak mula buat kawan memang payah!

"main baik baik tau, jangan gaduh gaduh" i miss to hear that from my mum! :)

zonaku said...

so sweet.....

tq! sokong cekbolat-bolat...


anamizu kaito said...

hurmmm betol la pocket ckp..
ssh nak dpt click..
tmbh2 pulak kalo mmg mulut berat..
lg la ssh nak rapat..

"main baikbaik tau"

nahh amek choki2..hehe =P

cik ana

ILA HonEyBuNNy said...

hehe..tak baik gadoh3 tau...wakkaka..;)

Akue Achik said...

ermmmm..pocket, cerita sbnrny berpust kpd new worker tu ker?hehee

syabab said...

1stly syabab thought that the word "boat" is metaphor.. but i guess pocket really have a red boat?hehe.. wahh syabab lom ade pengalaman lg 1001 night guy on guy telling each other about their story... huhu.. n btw im olso use to be lonely...ehmm...

p/s: hopefully i get wat u try to said or else i need to read again n again to understand the meaning...huhu.. so let us wait for nex story about yor bff farid..hehe

Hanie Dew said...

waahhh..cuti weekend aku off dari bw byk mcm byk je aku telepas entry pocket.

masih xdpt tgkap isi cerita ni. ok. move to the next entry plak.