Sunday, January 01, 2012

494. Kahwin Tahun Ni Jom!

in my line of work,
we PLAN for an improvement,
and we DO the plan
we CHECK.. if this is working...
if not, we request for ACTION.
Its basically what they call as PDCA...
Click for a good informative readings.. below are
just my version of 'informative-Reading' heheheh.

so pocketeers, dont let the resolution stays inside
your mind. Let it run in the living room shouting
'i am free!! i am real!! i am for goooooodddd!!'
like those small chicken little.

Start out by listing the goals pocketeers..
-Be kurus a bit more.. (this is like all to common already right?)
-Buy that dream house..
-Jalan Jalan Singapore?
-Marry Yusry... (Oh but i tot he is taken?)
-BMW? Sha oh Sha.... your aim is too high.
-Kissing a blogger?
(here i am claiming that i am too a blogger ^^)
-Derma Darah!!

So how to get there?
-Buy a jogging shoes.. or that SenamRobik CD :D
-How much does the house and the BMW cost?
With 200 ringgit a month, It'll be 2017 just to pay
for the down payment ohh.. tukar rancangan lain lah!
-Singapore? Air Asia is cheap already..
or u can always go by bus :D
-Yusry? so think.. how to eliminate kak lisa?
hummmm.. stab? frame? u know u cant beat her
in beauty...

Make a timing plan.. a realistic target of when to get what
-AirAsia ticket to be purchase by May for a trip in Nov.
-90Kg by March, 80Kg by June, 75Kg by September...
-err.. sharpen your knife and stalk her by February..?
Ohh how dark your mind is pocket!!

U start by implementing whatever that you've plan.
According to the timing plan...
-Jogging? Macam la pocket ada masa sangat kan..
Senam robik? seriously look ridiculous if anyone
would see u doing it, unless if u have a room all
for yourself :D
- by June we'll have to keep atleast RM1ooo
so that we can get RM2000 by the day of the
trip to Singapore :D .. Cook people, no more eating
out... Vinci shoes instead of Prada okeh!!
-DermaDarah, open up the weekend for any plans
for March.. June.. September.. and December.
i guess that is all about derma darah..
-So now that KakLisa is out of the picture by April,
u have to get into the picture by May... let AbangYusry
merana sekejap sebulan.. takkan nak terus masuk jarum

If any of your plans is not working according to the
timing plan,
-Pocket is not 85kg by April,
-KakLisa is still happily running with AbangYus
along TamanTasikPerdana..
-RM1000 is still not accumulated by June.
Merlion is fading away.. ohhhhh.

Then its time for u to do ACTION
-Buy a diet tea instead hahahah:D
-Oh admit it, KakLisa is far too cute for u 'cut',
u cant do it. Let the pro do it instead.
Look for 'Hire-Assassin' in the YellowPages ^^
-Duit tak terkumpul? KadKredit? Oh jangaaaannn!!
ok then, Maggi dua bulan? <- yang ni buleh:D

and hopefully u'll achieve your goals for 2012.
so where is that pen and paper?...
I wish u a happy new year,
Hope u get what u want.
Resolution is not for u to talk about but do nothing about..

PS: by the end of this post i've just realize.
THis post is not for u guys, its for me.. oh


Cha said...

Yusry? ewwwwwwww

Lisa? ewwwwwwww

hahahaha. =P

Hellowwww 2012. Hope you will be the best year yawwww!

littledolphin said...

ok so my resolution is more menabung.

it isn't a new resolution so i'll just continue what i have been doing since last year.straightaway keep any balance i have in my purse on friday.and make sure the amount must be at least rm50.for an easier way, just take one rm50 note from my whole week allowance and straightaway put into the secret container.hahahaha

be green.same thing i do since last year.decline any offer from the cashier for plastic bag.hehe

be telling my friends what i really think and not just pendam dalam hati.

be more not going to help my friends doing their assignments eliminating those who depend on me/just using me from the team.bwahahahaha

be hardworking.ok this one i have no idea how to do it. :8

ciK LyndaWawa said...

ehem2..dia ajak kawen..
ok..jemput tau..
selamat tahun baru..=]

syabab said...

kissing a blogger xde plan n how to get there meh??haha... syabab lom terpikir g sal 2012..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Cesss...u took advantage of my posting meh! Anywayz, good job! Our blogs seems to maintain their chemistry. And speaking of which, here I am again; reading about your plan with Kak Lisa (where's the janda? U change taste oredi???)

Kissing a blogger on a BMW then get hook up and asked him to marry me on 12.12.12 was actually the plan. That is, 5 days before his birthday. That is, if I get to get down on my knees and say, "Jom kawen! No. 2 is nothing as long as u don't give me no. 4!"

Walaaaaaa!!! Now I know what to post in my blog oredi.

See? I told u our blogs got chemistry! Hehe!

rozeeta rashid said...

my main goal this year is to get a job! stress tak kerja2 lagi nih.

emy|farid said...

kak lisa happily ever after. hihi

Bashtiah said...

Pocket, this is really a great post for new year. The best I've read so far... hahah. Yeah yeah, PDCA!

ZURAINI said...

p sngapore tu best! jom jom kte g. heee

Aemy Shamy said...

actually, you can't accept the fact that Lisa is taken by Yusri, right? oh come on, admit it :p hahaha...
wish you can achieve your resolutions. happy new year!!!!! ^^

CekbOlat-bOlat said...

bkn pocket dh khwin ke? -___-

ye kruskan bdan a bit more? ekekeke..
gudluck =D

msih smpat ucp Hepy New Year Pockettt!

zonaku said...

pesal menyimpang jauh ngan tajuk????

lamanya skip menderma, 3 tahun. what happen???? buku ilang?

Dhiya Fariza said...

fheuwh pjg pulak entry ni, lama tak singgah sini hehe happy new year. nothing to comment on ur entry but i would to like to carve a smile for u :)

Pocket said...

eww!! eww!!

then make yourself a timing plan sis!
RM2K by October maybe,
and start to buy yourself a 'bag-guni'
to carry out all the groceries u buy
in K4 or Tesco.
a good effort indeed sis :D

about the becoming more 'kejam' tu..
that one is hard sis.. i wish u all
the best in that ^^

saper nak ajak kawin?

yang pastinya tidak dengan kamu.

kena pikir bro!
setahun tu 1/80 dari umur kamu tu!
Kalau kamu idup 80tahun la tu pun...
cuba tanak nasik 4 pot tengok,
1/80 dari nasik tu dah buleh sepotong sushi gak tuu!!

heheh, apooo la punya perumpamaan.

heheh, just took a few of this and that from your post sis. jangan marah :D
hence the link ok ^^

ohh.. 12/12/12!!
someone getting married on that date.

yes, our blogs still got it :D
and luv reading yours too sis

Plan : get a job by April,
DO : Look inside jobstreet
Check: no job by April?
Action: Guna lah kabell!! :D heheheh

tak naakkk!!!!

am glad u think so,
sure hope it could help people
in getting somewhere..
and i would get some good point with god
if someone actually became a better person out of it :D

Moh kiter :D

Yes, some of it started from that thought.
But why write an emotional post when we
can make it more interesting kan? :D

so PDCA :D

Bukan lelaki buleh kahwin lagi ker?

tak menyimpang.
antara PDCA yang paling besh pon pasal nak kawin jgak :D

hooh hooh, buku ilang.
dalam masa tiga tahun tu, ada gak nam kali menderma. tp not recorded. ohhh rugi.

target 100 kali nih!! hoyeah
lagi 93

and here i am,
smiling back at you:D

so planning anything Doc?

EZAN IDMA said...

kissing blogger? awww! hahah happy neyear pocket! mygodbless you!

Chuu Muqhlis said...

knape derma darah msti ade dlm list ? ngee,

Fatin Mraz said...

hehee.. ha ah lah..

Hanie_Dew said...

ceh pocket.kalao utk ko, kenapa ko nak chase yusry and to eliminate lisa. apekah??? O.o

azam aku yg asyik brought forward adalah nak buy that dream house.kene menyimpan secara serius. unless aku menang peraduan 1 juta.

oh.pocket.just love reading ur writing.not the writer okey.nnt Jue jeles. hahahhahhaha

Cik Qemm said...

jom jom kawen tahun ni :)

tp takkan abg pocket berkenan kt abg yusry kot :P

Liza Razak said...

my resolution : i want to be skinny !!

Ainie said...

Wishing everyone happy and healthy always in 2012. We should all enjoy in what we do.