Thursday, September 29, 2011

402. 'Pockeett!!! pockeettt!!'

ngan bunyi macam orang meracau..

Pocketeers, this is an actual story,
how i hope that the people around me are not reading this.
(For they can pinpoint the lady character in this story
without the need of any investigation)

A lady was recently sent to her parent's house 300km
away from where his husband and child sleeps.
She was accused of having an affair, SMS was the proof,
the hubby got furious all and all the same old story.

After a few weeks of therapy and consultation,
the lady was given a second chance and they
got back together again.
Sleeping side by side again.
She told the hubby that she ended the relationship
with that guy whom she refers to as 'sedara-angkat',
abang ka adik ka, i dont care, they start by all this
abang adik angkat thingy just to end up having
everything terangkat. Huh!!
She deleted the phone number and basically
crossed her heart and hope to die <- is this religious
practice or just an american culture?

Well anyway, two days ago..
the lady came to me asking for help.
The hubby wanted to confront this
'sedara-angkat' but the 'sedara angkat'
refuses to. 'oh! what to do!? what to do!?'

From her story, it seems like the hubby still thinks
that the feeling is still there, that even they're not
texting each other, or having secret meeting in dark
places, the feeling is still there.

She kept on insisting that she have forgotten all about
that guy, that his name never crossed her heart ever again.
That she dont have any feeling whatsoever
about him anymore. With wet eyes and heartful voice
the story goes on and on... I nearly believed her... nearly.

In the end i asked..
'kenapa dia kata gitu Kak Ima,
apa yang trigger perasaan sangsi tu kembali?'
'tak tau la..' a long pause.. taking her breath summoning
all the courage to say the word. Looking at the wall.
'katanya kak dok ngigau nama laki tu masa tidoq'
she said with tears pouring even more...

laaaaa... memang laaa.
Nampak sangat tak habih lagi demam cinta. Hoh!!
Pocketeers, cinta tu ... buleh padam padam ker?

...i couldnt stay away, i couldnt fight it
i had hoped u see my face and that u'd be reminded
that for me it is'nt over....
never mind i'll find someone like uuuuuu
-adele - someone like u-


Anonymous said...

alahai ko jadi penasihat dia ke.

kalo ko ada senggugut, aku serahkan ko pada ripley's believe it or not.

Fatin Mraz said...

err..cemasnya tajuk dia.. sempat bace seblm log out ni.. igt apa tadi.. =I

Ayaq said...

Uhuhuhu mintak2 saya tak jadi camtu...

Saiazuan said...

pergh, pocket jd penasiht ek :D

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

susaaa sgttttt..sebab dah sygkan someone kannn.its hard to find another same like him or her

budakijaupendek said...

terlalu sayangkan that person la tu.

una berry said...

that's how her subconscious mind telling her that she still has the feeling for the saudara angkat.
I just don't understand why she fall for it at the 1st place whilst she still somebody's wife.sorry, I just can't tolerate infidelity for any cause.

miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda said...

heheheheeh! pocket pockettt.kite pun ngan saket gak ni :(

*SiRibenMerah said...

talking about heart is so complicated..

hard to let it go aite??

Aemy Shamy said...

ouhhhh the Adele's song makes me cry every time i listen to's a very beautiful sad song :( huhu....

well, love's a very complicated subject. it's supposed to be holy & wonderful, not pain & doubtful, right? tp sometimes kita sendiri confuse ngan perasaan sendiri..not sure whether it's love or not.

from my point of view, klu someone tu dah ada pasangan, tp dia cheat & seeing somebody else, that's not love....that's greed & selfish. but if we're in love with someone else's gf/bf...that's love that needs us to think twice. u wouldn't want to be happy over others' pain, would you?

Pocket said...

Hanie and Saiazuan
tak la jadi penasihat,
tak dapat gaji pong,
cuba bagi singgit dua,
besh gak kan :D

hehehe, ingat apa la kan :D

tajuk tu kiranya orang ngigau nama pocket lah, ada ker ?

yes, pocket pun mintak mintak kamu tak jadi gitu :D

itulah nyer.. susah woo :D

sampai ngigau!
memang la kantoi kan:D

its just the point where u questioned your decision, was i too young? was it the right decision?
and then came the nicest guy a story book can make to spice things up... abih laa!


kamu pun tanga sakit gak?
ngigau tak?

when one falls for another,
its not just 'pick yourself up and go' kinda treatment, it'll be a long and painful road of misery trying to get up..

Adele kan.. she sings as if singing to that someone in every stage she's on kan :D

its not cheating, its not gatal... its realizing that i may have chosen the wrong path last night by saying yes to you, and now i have to correct it.

i know by correcting this, i may be hurting u, but best if i tell u now before its getting worst.

believe me when i say that its not about u are not good enough sayang, its about me having second thoughts. if u'r saying that u dont want me to be happy on top of someone elses sadness. what about u? u'r doing just that by clinging to me.
i wanna be happy too.

aichewwaaahh!!! gitu gitu lah adanya aemy :D

Liza Razak said...

susahnya kalau dpt demam cinta kalau sudah berumahtangga ni..and its totally forbidden love

rozeeta rashid said...

bahaya jugak camni. mengigau pulak. memang kantoi laa.

nak sambung nyanyi jap.

i wish nothing but the best for u too. don't forget me, i beg. i remember u said, sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

ok dah habis nyanyi. haha.

Finaz Jaafar said...

ermmm 1st sekali, kenapa nak jugak ada affair walaupun dah ada yang bila dah jadi macam ni susah la kan..hurmm maybe sekarang dia tak habus demam cinta tu..nanti lama2 okay la kot

kjaharun said...

adakah ini cerita 18 tahun ke bawah??


cik pulau said...

sayang sangat ler tuu

intan.maisarah said...

i read this with a sigh..
its not easy to delete the feeling..

Dhiya Fariza said...

if that feeling of love had already been build strongly within i dont think it wud be that easy to erase right away.

Akue Achik said...

curang,,i hate that word.

bendul said...

the most scariest thing, sleeping with mentioning someone else name.. huh.. girls, please stay out of my dream.. heheheh..
i rather sleep mentioning your name pocket.. ehhhh.. kang yana kata apa plak kan... ahahahaha....

hanaahmad said...

someline like you tu lagu fav aku. sedap. lol~

Elie Lily said...

bagus jadi kaunselor ni!

~SaL IjOu~ said...

si husben tu kira baik la kan...masih sudi bg peluang ke-2~ tp dah kantoi pulak dok sebut nama lam mimpi pulak si isteri tu~ adeyh..

Mya said...

wooooo adviser ni..

Anonymous said...

hmmmi think she still didnt forget him.

well this is so love-sick-thing.
she shouldnt. she's a wife. belonging to someone else,her hubby.

she shouldnt. sampai termimpilak tu =.=