Tuesday, September 20, 2011

396. ToRemember...

...Me By,

I have a younger sister,
I am calling her 'Along'.
Now u guys must be wondering,
how can a younger sister is called Along
when Along is usually a name dub to the
'Sulong' child of the family?
Well she is the 'Sulong' child in the family
My neighbor's family, but i cared for her the

The other day we were talking in our dapur
where she came early in the morning
just to say hi after her long absence.
she saw a handphone of one of my family
and pointed out that she hates the pic
the phone owner used as the caller id's
for her number.
(Poor me, i forgot to bring the photo
in question, paste it here tomorrow ya)

I asked her why do u care? its not for u to see..
its for the owner to remember u by,
honestly in my opinion, I kinda like this pic,
it shows your sweetest honest smile.
But she thought it was hideous,
well cant really understand teenagers nowadays,
and yes, she's reaching her 19thbirthday soon.
I hope I can understand her better
when she reached her 20s...

'abih, kalau orang taruk gambar beruk
utk bangwan, bangwan syok jugak ka!?'
in the most utara accent wiggling
her shoulder in gedikness.
'nanti, kalau bangwan call.. orang kata..
ish beruk ni lagi!, syok lagu tu!?'
oi oi... what is with the sudden anger.
jangan la maraah :)

If i ever own a handphone that can put
picture for every caller ID. I'll fill
in every pic i can for each caller.
try to make it a small pic,
about 200x350px maybe,
should'nt cost that much KB right?
Ayaq, i am putting dat pic with
the shawl as yours ok ?
Filantera, yours will be sammoHung,
Oh!dont blame me, u do lookalike :D
and i always luv 'you' in dat movie yipman2
Banji, i have your wedding photo to put :D
For commoner, i'll get that photo of the
flower from that game : Plant Vs Zombie okeh.
just to say that u provide me with sunshine :D

Mine? put that korean actor 'Rain' will you?
somebody told me dat starting from the halkum and above,
we got about 12% of resemblence:D Hoyeah!!
(Minus another 40kg of course^^ adehlaa..)

do u care about the pic people
put in as your caller ID?
the fat pic, the bad angle pic,
the laughing out hard pic,
must it be the chomel pic only?


budakijaupendek said...

i just put real pic of that person je.
habis cerita. hehe

fairuzniza said...

uish..opkos la i care. :p tp sy pun main bantai letak gambar suke ati jugak sebenonye. for example,i put compok's picture for my angah. (compok is her cat) :p

my hubby? he puts bunny's picture for me as he saved my name as 'bunny comot'. T_T

Saiazuan said...

she's 19 and going 20, i'm wondering how old are you..

hana sudradjat said...

i do care.but i dont expect it to be the comel pic.just at least something decent that will not make people to suddenly say,'buruknya.'

intan izani said...

no, i dont really care, its only for the phone owner to see. unless my pic sexy/tak tutup aurat la kan.

Pocket said...

yes, pocket pun!
tapi dia kata gambar tu tak besh.
ada plak besh tak besh?

Yeess!! u know what i meant :D
putting her cat's pic for her.
and whenever she's calling u,
her cat's pic will appear :D

bahaya tu, kalau dia xcden n tak sedarkan diri,
orang tak tau mana nak call dlm henpon dia. takkan nak call bunnycomot kan? :D

lets just say, i was there when her mother was secretly going out to meet her dad.

i was the licence for going out.
bawak jiran gi beli kasut sekolah:D

yes, a decent one would suffice,
tak nak lah gambar lelaki tidak berbaju ngan mengelebeh sana sini dijadikan gambar icon kan...

bayangkan kalau dia nak send fon no? pergh!!

camana la pic sexy u buleh sampai kat talipon orang lain?
pic tak bertudung dlm henpon kakak sndiri tu paham :D

yes, atleast kena la menjaga aurat kan :D

Cik Qemm said...

it depends, kalau gmbr tu sesuai then no ptoblem. tp kalau gmbr beruk mmg mara la..huhu..

KB Emily said...

berfalsafah.i hope i understand what u mean in my blog

KB Emily said...

oh no..u dont have to explain it, i read it twice..i got it..

tehais said...

Mestila care.. Bohla gambaq yg comey2. Haha.
Beruk tu dah takleh dikategorikan dalam gambaq tak comey.
Tu kategori kuang asammm dah tu. Hihi :p

HEMY said...

hahhaa..ko nk letak gambar aku rozita che wan la syok..ahaha

~SaL IjOu~ said...

i dont even put pict for any of my frens or family..& seriously i dont really mind about the pic people
put in as my caller ID~ ^^

Dee said...

i don't put a picture ID..hmm..nti nak boh gambar poket kat no pocket..itupun kalo dpt no fon..hahaha..

Asyila Zainuddin said...

along tu mesti chomel kan?? :)

filantera said...

the WHOLE 412 words of this post is actually...saja nak point out yang ada org sebut pocket muka macam RAIN kan!! and can put the best pict of RAIN so as to compare laaa kannnnn........

huh Sammo hung lagi hencem lahhh

filantera said...

the WHOLE 412 words of this post is actually...saja nak point out yang ada org sebut pocket muka macam RAIN kan!! and can put the best pict of RAIN so as to compare laaa kannnnn........

huh Sammo hung lagi hencem lahhh

Finaz Jaafar said...

actually sekarang i lebih suka gambar yang not really comels2, cover2 cun like that..so bored la..crazy faces are awesome what..haha..

dullu i malu dengan gmbar2 i yg teruk2 ni tp skrg really don't care much about it..style maa

Ayaq said...

I agree with Finaz Jaafar. Crazy faces sekarang lagi best haha.

Pocket said...

heheh, gambar beruk ker,
gambar boya ker..

I think u've understood it already sis, no harsh meaning or anything, just a spontaneous thought:D

gambar comel tu bagi pocket lah comel, bagi kamu mungkin belum cukup kan..

okeh, if i ever got your fon no,
i'll try to look for the best pic of Rozita Che Wan for u.


umph!! good for u,
if only Along was more like u :D

Pocket kat seluar kamu:D
or pocket baju melayu?
nak mintak KFC pocket haperntah tu pun buleh gak kan :D

Comel Comel!!

that was one of the point,
a minor one, okeh:D

sammo hung memang ensem lg :D
gaduh atas meja woo!!

Finaz and AyaqMasak,
gambar crazy memang la buleh,
tp jangan la sambil nganga ker,
sambil kantul curik makan kan :D

tp gambar ayaq yang bertelinga bunny tu comel :D

Dhiya Fariza said...

dont really care :P