Monday, September 19, 2011

395. GoPocketGo!

I commented on someone's post recently and
the comment made me remembered this story,
my story, the name is true enough that if they
read this story, they would comment,
'usang nya citer niiii'

This story took place way back in the 70s when
Penang Bridge and North-south highway was still
in somebody's head. I was taking my MCE's in
some school in the rural area of Perlis.
Back then the water supply was still air kapur.
saiazuan, how is arau now?
(U guys know this is not true right, i'm not that old)

Sports day, all the Rumah Zamrud students
were clad in their proud t shirt that look 100%
copied from an adidas shirt sold in the shop.
I was in delima where our t-shirt was just
a plain red in colour.
It was the finale for tug of war,
Zamrud vs Delima,
Ning was the third from the front, a guy
who's weigh more then me by 20kg back then.
I was also the third from the front,
on the other side of course.
Liza was... in the crowd cheering
for zamrud's player to win the cup.
She was a plain simetrical lady whom I fall for
not because she was glamorous or beautiful,
but by her voice and by her smile that is so fresh,
any picture of hers would look like a candid.
Ok well have to admit that she was cute like hell :D.

The first round was won by us,
Zamrud was disappointed but they can still
wear their fierce mask looking like an angry lion.

Change side.

The empire starts to blow his whistle,
Everybody is taking their place,
the player starts to shout for semangat.
The cheering crowd is just 3 meters away,
this was a school sports day ok, not the olimpic.
They are allowed to be on the fields right by the player side.

As i was making the ladder on the ground using my heels,
I saw Liza was calling some of her friends for a huddle,
I could not hear her, she was far away in the enemy zone.
They ended their huddle with a clap and somehow all the girls
took place just by the side of all the ten players.

We picked up the tali kapal and hold...
awaiting the empire third whistle.
I saw the girl behind Liza was asking
another girl next to her, the gesture looks
like she was asking for the guy's name.
finger pointing, same lips movement for a few time.
Wait Seminit.. what is happening?

'Pree Preeeeeettttttt!!!!'
and tug!!! there we were tugging the tali kapal
putting our back and spine like we meant it
concentrating on our step and muscle.
The red handkerchief in the middle was moving.
Now its more towards our side. hoyeah!! go pocket go!!

But then i saw it, She was cheering him up.
She was calling him by his name, clenching her fist
holding both of it to her chest shouting.
I could not hear her, the crowd was shouting
so loud that if a train passing by, no one would
turn and look. But like I told u, if we concentrate
hard enough, we could read lips, and I saw her lips,
'niing!! tarik lagi ninggg!! sikit jer lagi niiinnnggg!!!'
her smile, her enthusiasme, her cheers was excruciating to me.
and there I was, holding the tali kapal, not pulling it.

The war ended with both of them holding their hand
high up together. If it was not in malaysia,
I'd say they would have hug each other in victory.

I could see that this trick of Liza worked.
one to one personal cheering with names involved did worked.
or so what ning told me that night in the Dewan Selera.
'alaammaaakkk sorry lah pocket, I know about U and Liza,
but when she cheered for me, the adrenalene was more then
any men could handle, her voice was like a sound wave.
making my body numb. sakit tangan tak terasa, kaki aku tolak
macam jalan kaki jer siot, korang tak seberat mana lagi.
jangan amik ati ok.'
'taaaakkk... aku tak amik atiii pasal liza,
aku sakit ati pasal kalah jee'

A lady was having an issue where her better half
is having a bad year, all i can say to her was
be the best cheerleader one can be.
For that is what we men wanted anyway..
cute and cuddly girls wearing tights yelling
'Go pocket go!!' ok not literally but u know what i mean kan pocketeers?


Nadzirah K. said...

all about liza :)

Saiazuan said...

banjir di arau dah surut beberapa hari lepas my friend.. thanks for ur concern.. :)

Aemy Shamy said...

"She was a plain symmetrical lady whom I fall for
not because she was glamorous or beautiful,
but by her voice and by her smile that is so fresh,
any picture of hers would look like a candid."

oh my god, pocket...i love those words! i wish my bf would write like that for me..hahaha.. ^^

Titisan Hujan said... sweet

ptd td bl tgk dak sek pkai bj putih kain biru
teringin plak nk pegi sekolah balik.huhuuh

~SaL IjOu~ said...

penangan cheerleader~ ;p

Pocket said...

tak jugak,
all about cheering him up :D

dok bayangkan kamu bersampan kekelas :D

He would!
if only u let him
(or force him, maybe threat him)
to describe u in his own words.
he may do better :D

am thinking of whether the real Liza should read this post or not.. humm u think?

baju puteh skirt biru tu besh!
mcm tak leh lupa gak

Terkena dah!
terkena dah!! :D

Dee said...

tulah pelik..amik MCE..biar betul pocket ni...hahaha..

yelah..semangat tu naiklah bila ada awek cantik jerit2 nama kita..hehehe..

ciK LyndaWawa said...

ning itu laki or pompuan..?hehehe

Finaz Jaafar said...

semangat yang datang dari seorang wanita..ecehhh~

eh pocket, i have to agree with Aemy Shamy about those beautiful words,,huhu

fairuzniza said...

err..not to comment on the entry but.. in 2003,the school in the rural area u meant still have the 'air kapur' in the toilets and pipes. :p and we still have to carry bottles of water from the dewan makan. :p and we had the problems of rambut mengeras and muka berjerawat due to using the air kapur everyday. :p

i am not sure how it is nowadays.. :)

Pocket said...

hehehe, takkaaaaan la pocket amik MCE, punya la jauh sangat dah :D

memang memang!! semangat naik woo!!
'Ning was the third from the front, a guy
who's weigh more then me by 20kg back then.

Lelaki laahh, kalau pompuan,
adil ker lawan ngan lelaki dlm tarik tali?

tu yg nak citer tuu :D
tak semangat ker?

Junior pocket :D
air kapur tu besh gak kadang kadang, makan maggi ngan air kapur terasa lain sikit :D hehehh

fairuzniza said...

pocket masak air pakai air kapur? budak lelaki memang aci bedal je kan? :p

rasa benda paling xleh lupa kat tempat blaja kita adalah ikan jaket ngan burn surau. :p hahahah