Thursday, September 15, 2011

393. Jeles Jugak...

nice comment pocketeers,
pocket suka!
pocket suka!
anyway since i've typed this post earlier,
so i'm just gonna publish this :D
just a thought with my experience as proof.

here goes :

Ima and I used to go to melaka for work.
(now as most of u already notice, Ima
is just a common name i use to adress
every ladies in my story)
I chose her not only for her competency
in doing her work, but also because I was
having a 'thing' for her. what can i say,

this flesh is too weak :D

Yes i know that she is someone's GF,
but the temptation was irresistable.
Her BF didnt say much about the whole thing
anyway. Never even cared then.
He tot his GF went to melaka wit some
chinese pakcik who care less about this
malay underweight lady.
But one day, I drove her to her house
and he was there. He might have heard her
giving salam when we were saying good bye
and hells break loose.
The fire of jealosy starts to burn him,
the heat is boiling his balls in his
scrotum like some telur rebus during kenduri.
Prohibit her from going to melaka wit me anymore.
Well what can i say, that is the nature.
A few days later,
'Ima, kamis ni ima kena gi melaka, arrange yer'
'BF ima tak bagi la pocket, dia kata kalau gi
ngan MrLee buleh lah.'
'loh!! cakap la kata nak gi ngan Mr Lee'
'tapi bukan abang ker yg nak bawak nanti'
'yes, tapi BF ima tak tau kan..'
'err.. camana tu?'

Anyway, why is it that he is ok with MrLee,
but not with me?
I might have been more then him in certain ways
that he finds it intimidating and thus the
thick liquid of fear come dripping from his ears
pulling his head down to earth,

bending his spine till he cant stand.

I might be more understanding compared to him,
i might be making more money then him,
(This i dont know)
i might be slightly more good looking then him,
(This i know not true, His face looks a bit like detective hotchner
from Criminal Minds!!)
and so my point stands.
There is no such thing as jealousy,
there is only fear. Fear of being compared to.

If it was a fat pakcik,
he wont be compared to for looks.
He'll definitely win.
but not wit some young malay bloke who got
some mix blood in him. Although i know,
I would lost easily with detective hotchner.
(Mr lee however was a pakcik that best described
by one word : hearing-aid)

If it was a bos, he wont be compared
for how understanding he is.
Cause he know his lady wont be talking
personal issue wit her boss anyway.
But not wit this malay guy who happen
to be born 4 years earlier then his girl.

Jealousy is actually 'Fear' of being compared to.
and the fear of loosing the competition
makes u do things, shitty things.

what say u?
if i am a midget with 100cm as my height,
who drives an OKU shitty car. Do u still think
he'd be jealous of me with his GF?
it was never an issue before..


Anonymous said...

he should.

well. like what i said before. he was insecure. why shud u give permission to uf GF to go out with someone else. he SHOULD have fears. okay? haha

i like lelaki yg jealous. comelll :D

Dhiya Fariza said...

Sebab mamat tu takut :D takut gf dia pergi ke pocket.

Saiazuan said...

comeon pocket, laki mcm tu dikira lame.. he should trust his gf.. i hate that kind of guy..

zieyzain said...

jeolous yg berlebih-lebih sangatlah tak best, sengal!..just be cool la encek pocket..

budakijaupendek said...

jelous la baru romantik! haha

Aemy Shamy said...

that guy is full of insecurities & fears of losing his my bf, he sometimes restricts me from going out with another guy or someone that's not his friend..he admits he's jealous..huhu..guys are so mysterious to me..but i find it cute when he's jealous..sometimes annoying as well :p
be careful with someone's gf...i don't want anything bad happens to you okay..jealousy can turn into worst thing...

hanaahmad said...

sesiapa pun pasti akan cemburu jika kamu pergi berdua. :)

Adila said...

he xde confident yg his gf is faith kat dia ke?

tbh, if i were that girl, i'd think byk kali la jgk if lps i explain he still doubt me

jeles sikit2 if fine but if dah mcm mengongkong and kacau work stuffs, tu control gile arh!

lps kawin ape lg la yg dia nak control

but looking at it from a different view, ok la kan
at least the girl tau that guy rasa tercabar n maybe prove yg he sukaaaaa sgt that girl heeeee~ :P

Run Away said...

jeles tu perlu...hik...;d

~SaL IjOu~ said...

kdg2 mende mcm ni boley jadi sgt complicated kan..~

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

i can't click like in blogger, Pocket. This is not FB. But I like what you have been presenting so far. Okay, your next post should be...

"put yourself in his shoes."

Re-write the story but replace your name with the bf's name:)

cikpepel said...

haruslah jeles....! bf sy pn jeles gitu... kalau dgn pakcik2 pn dia jeles jgk.... tp kalau reasonable dia on je.. :)

Ayaq said...

Cemburu tu perlu. Tapi kalau dah tahap tak bagi buat itu-ini..saya cabut jer. Belum kawin dah nak kontrol. Lepas kawin? No thanks. :)

echaRierie said...

erm..takut la tue GF dia jatuh kat pocket..hihi..

but for me, be professional la..

dh asaimen keje buat keje je la..
masing2 igt status tue..Ima dh ada BF so pocket jgn nak mengada nak ngorat pula..(cth ok..hehe)

org klw dh syg, org lain nak ngorat mcm mn pn sure x sy la..

no offense :)

Syazwan Che Deraman said...

aku rasa, kalau aku, aku jeles gak.

Akue Achik said...

dia jeles sbb dia syg gf dia..n yes, bcaoz he is feared of being compared to u..but, if he has something that we call trust, i think he might consider this kind of thing..
as long as nothing happens between u and his gf, i guess it won`t be a problem..
tp fhm2 la kan, setan akan salu gasak manusia utk berkelahi..

HEMY said...

hahaha..been there done that pocket. and the end of the story of mine, the jealous bloke didn't even get her officially. they broke up and the girl married someone else

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Kalau tak jealous dengan gf dia, macam tak ada perasaan je.
Tambah pulak zaman sekarang, dengan MrLee tu pun tak boleh percaya, hehehe...macam-macam boleh jadi.

Finaz Jaafar said...

susah la kalau pakwe cemnih..baru bf kut..belum jadi husband lagi..aiyoo~

Kalau i, i tak rasa semua nak kena ikut cakap bf, mintak izin bf..

jeles tu mmg la normal tapi bila dah jadi macam ke tahap mengongkong tu macam...erkkk erkkkk **mncari prkataan yang sesuai..lalala

budakijaupendek said...

singgah sini.
abg pocket, nk request chatbox diletakkan dlm blog ni =)
anyway, sy klik nuff pocket ^__^

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

still jelesh.might be u seems nice to her so kemungkinan die boleh suke kat u.pocket jaat,cube nak kaut gf org.heheh