Wednesday, September 07, 2011

385. Sunshine, Coins, Kill!! Kill!!

this should be a short post,
my juice for today is nearing its bottom.
Been drawing the new header... what do u think?
i think i need to hit the floor.
(Yes, i sleep on the floor ok)

Hari Raya cuti, all the pakcik makcik is home in Guar Jackfruit,
i came back a bit later then everybody else. so when i entered
the house, it was full with people running here and there.
big and small, long and short. beauty and the beast.
there is also two arnab that looks so out of this world,
that u'd think like googling 'how to take care of arnab' right away.
i think i like arnab.

After my peluh dries off, my brother the FIlantera,
introduced me to this game, 'Plant Vs Zombie'...
A tower defense game that requires u to defend
the house from zombie.
The best part was u do that
with some seeds of plants.
Well I know u know the game,
its not new anyway.

Me being the game freak i am, got hooked right away.
finished the game in a matter of hours. A sense of guilt
came rushing into my vein as i was playing the game
on my third hour. Crept under my skin, forcing me to stop.

I am sorry for my absence in everybody's conversation.
I am sorry not helping mama with her raya preparation.
I am sorry for not being there even though this flesh and lemak
is sitting on that stool, the mind however was imagining
the tall'nut' and Cherry.
Plant, sunshine, coin!, kill! kill!!

Pocketeers, when u are there,
please be there mind, body and soul.
This is me saying to myself.
Regretting my absence.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

...and that's the drawback of getting a very good handphone. When Angry Birds sounds like your wife, it better to throw that red birds over the green babaya. It is more satisfying.

This is me talking...when all I had during raya was an annoying lady who talked about her menantu doktor:P

echaRierie said...

wah..cantik header..jeles..hihi

pocket game apapun yg kita main mesti kita addict tahu..haha..

huhu..touched plak baca utk family to..

ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

selamat hari raya encik pocket..=]

nurayunni said...

En.pocket slmt berblog..1st masuk blog nie..:)

una berry said...

Hamna like that game!
she talked on n on abt it with my cousin
not to forget angry bird, hoho

p/s: can u draw my header pulak? can ah? haha

Edy Ramanov said...

salam merdeka raya encik pocket.

Finaz Jaafar said...

okay i dunno how to play that game..not interested..hee~

don't feel so bad about that pocket..chillex la bro..ada u know how it feels so next time u won't repeat it..hope so~

Dee said...

don't do that again ye..but i like the header!

HEMY said...

baru nak nyesal..dah takde guna pocket!!!bwahahahaha

nice header by the way..

guar cempedak ke? jackfruit nangka kan? ke mmg guar nangka?

El-Janna said...

uik.. kreatif betul^^

KB Emily said...

amboi "big and small, long and short. beauty and the beast." if diorg bc blog nie sure will ask, who is the big and who's the beast..sure kene ketuk.

game plant vs zombie tue best x?? bunyi cam best je..but what to do with seeds and plant plak?tanam pokok smbl lawan zombie ka?

anyway, i am game freak as well until im married with kids. dlu game2 lama, sebut semua i tau.. :P

zieyzain said...

haha~,..whos the big, the long and the beast?. ada kena rotan kang..haha~

Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

lawee headerrrr.nae u xblk kg awal en.pokettt

filantera said...

sorry, for introducing this game to all the peeps in house huhuu. terus macam ramai yg addicted..

used to finish the game in 2 weeks, well main kat opis kannn