Tuesday, September 06, 2011

384. Fitting Time!!

CikBashtiah was posting something about
the compatibility between two things,
two souls,
two item...
... is best if the two items are from the same material,
same background, easy to say same shape.
Her post is here :
Doktor Dengan Doktor, Arkitek Dengan Arkitek.

Her point is quite understandable,
for an artist (Or a jiwang gay guy),
a flower is a beautiful thing created by god
with colours and propotion made in heaven
only for us human to enjoy for three days.
Then it'll fade away, down to the ground.

For a scientific guy who if he study a bit more,
he'd definitely found god.
A flower is a spawning organ, which makes him
despice the gesture of giving flower to girls in
special occasion.
Why give her a spawning organ?
Oiihh!! nak sarcastic pun pada pada lah!!

For a mathmatician,
well he'd be amaze with the golden ratio
in gods creation 1 ; 1.67

Imagine all three of them sitting in a room,
how will they ever understand each other?

I see your point sis.

But from my short life of being human,
I'd say that we are like a piece of jigsaw puzzle.
Each and one of us are, with weakness and strength of our own.
Different shape but fit in with others nicely.
Some with gaps, some fit so good u can even hold water with it.
We fill the emptiness of others and others fit us vice versa.
(Tingin nak guna ayat ni dari dulu.. betul tak penggunaan nih?)
Your patience calm my anger,
My humour fills the house with your laughter.

We fit into one small portion as family,
in that family we function, helping each other
buying the little brother a motorcycle so that
he could go to work.

We fit into a bigger organization,
where pocket is required to stamp the carton box
with 'Approved' stamp, but instead he is typing
a post in his blog.  Oi Oi!

A girl fit in her BF finely.
Where one is weak in cooking things,
and the other just works his/her magic in your
little kitchen both of u are working hard for.
another 28 years of payment,
nak coq pisang.. boleehhh?

Bottom line is, all of us are different.
Similarities may cause contradiction.
Its the fitting that requires some thought.
Is he the missing pieces in you?

There u go CikBashtiah
another answer to your previous post
u can always take other's post and elaborate


Sarah Mohd Saleh said...

beza itu sgt penting bagi mencomplete kan kekurangan diri.tapi kalau same jek msti busan kann.xte variety dlm lifee.tp ade jugak beza 2 org menyebabkan berlakunyer antare 2 drjat.mcm cte p.ramlee tuh.heehe

Saiazuan said...

klu brbeza, memang understanding tu kurang, but will get used to it.. and fikir dari segi hasil tu.. can produce anak yang super pandai klu blend well the ingredient.

p.s apa aku ngarut ni?

intan.maisarah said...

Bottom line is, all of us are different.
Similarities may cause contradiction.
Its the fitting that requires some thought.
Is he the missing pieces in you?

suka kata-kata diatas :)

Asyila Zainuddin said...

setuju sangat! :)

Finaz Jaafar said...

ouh yess...sgt bgs kalo kte dgn ssorg tu complete each other..just like what you said..bila i kurg u topupkan.bila u kurg i topupkan..itu yg bgs..toleransi, chemistry..that's the word i guess..

filantera said...

i wont marry my ownself haha. one of me is enough.

Bashtiah said...

Hi Pocket! You're sooooooo kind! Thank you for the advice at the end of your post, betul lah kan boleh je cari post yang menarik and elaborate dengan words kita sendiri like what you're doing now and I LIKE IT! Sangat!

Your post here is a different perspective from mine, bercanggah pendapat tapi I tak marah pun. I'm open to other opinions. Based on the comments, seems that ramai setuju dengan you. hahah.

It's really hard though to find someone that fits really well. To find one that fit so good til' you can even hold water with it is even harder. Susah sangat but not impossible.

Oh yeah, all of us are different. It's either you love the similarities, or hate it ;)

ps: vice versa tu betul je gunanya. Gunala lagi, macam stylo kan. eheh. ;)

Bashtiah said...

Oh by the way I followed bukan sebab 'I follow you, you follow me back' okay. I love your writing style!!!

echaRierie said...

stuju dgn sarah..ada point kat situ..
tp depend pd orgla..kdg2 ada org suka lebih byk persamaan ada yg lebih suka kepada perbezaan..heee...

peace yaw !

Pocket said...

antara dua darjat? yang ada penarik becha tu? eh? dah tak ingat!! oh nooo!!!

then nak la berbeza tahap gaban, melayu-cina maybe?
anak pung lain macam nyer comel :D heheh

heheh, ayat tu nak pikir pung mahu berejam tuu..

Setuju jugak!! :D

yes, bila i kurang kredit,
u topap kan.. buleh la talipon selaluuu!!
(Masa post serious jer kan, masa reply komen merapu rapu pocket nih!! hoh!!)

i'm laughing my tears of here bro:D

good one! good one!!

CikBashtiah,empunya post.
memang buleh elaborate orang lain nyer post, tp jangan selalu..
beli lauk diluar dan hidang dirumah kalau selalu.. muak juga :D

plus, jangan lupa etika blogging.
backlink lah kat siempunya post :D

bercanggah kan, yang tu susah,
kena berhati hati pilih ayat.
jangan singgung perasaan empunya asal post.
humm hummm..

memang susah sis,
tp kalau tak dpt yg ngam ngam pun.. dapat yang buleh ditolerate pun kira ok lah kan :D

PS: kamu baca every single word i've typed!! sukaaa!!

Depend pada orang,
tp pocket rasa dua tangan kanan,
tak leh nak dilekapkan sekali :D

buleh salam tapi..
(Apa la koneksion nya)