Wednesday, September 07, 2011

386. Best Day

This is a multipurpose post.
I have so much thing to talk about
lately that i cant tell em once daily,
(But making more then 1 post a day is
prohibited for the pocket. Its like terms
and condition with small font right down
below an agreement letter)
so here goes...

I cant remember birthdays, i just cant.
Its a good thing that FB is having that
Birthday reminder, but still I wont know
if i dont go online.
Why is it that i cant remember birthdays?
Well i think i've eaten too many semut
from scourging the 'RecycleBin' looking
for food, oh we got lucky alright,
a half bitten karipap from the MRSM canteen
that is swarmed by semut is the lucky day,
usually its the crumbs only.

So how to prevent this u may ask?
Well I'm putting people's birthday in front
of their name in my handphone now..
hoping that I can see their birthday everytime
I saw their SMS coming in.

This is suppose to work but today
I still cant remember your birthday
Ayaq Masak.
Even after a few SMS and calls,
I still didnt realize the number
at the back was todays date.

For that i am trully sorry.
Next pizza hut will be with Cake ok :D
Happy Birthday sis, u look stunning today.
See u next birthday with an even more killing look...
(wishes like this is another way of saying, be careful
crossing the road or making reverse parking for i wish
u to live until next year's birthday, atleast)

That was about birthdays,
now what to do if I have a birthday but
I dont have any number to put in?
For those blogger whom i state their birthday
below please reply your phone no in the
comment area :D
(Punya la bangang cara nak mintak nombor
talipon kan.. well a guy can always try^^)

To miss Arissa who also born today,
I will ask u your phone no in another 20 years or so.
I know u'll grow up to be a beautiful lady just like
your mother. Congratulation to MsHanaChan
whom fought for her life and survive delivering
a healthy baby girl today.
I know u wont be commenting,
but I guess its for the sake of announcing the happy news.

So there u go pocketeers,
too much item in one post.
I'm posting without any spell check.
maaf kalau ada subjek dan predikat yang salah,
maaf juga untuk koma dan noktah,
hanya memastikan mesej terluah,
harap makna sampai terang lagi cerah


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

....and i like the way you're asking for phone numbers! now u u don' u u don't!

so, when are you going to post about me? jealous of ayaq masak olredi...

zieyzain said...

n jangan lupa mintak number the new baby tuu, nnti lupa jgk befdaynya,..ehehe=)

Pocket said...

Yours would be by 13thOct
and i have to 'not-realizing' about it but still buy u lunch :D

btul gak,
tp baby ader ker phone no?
kena beli henpon mahal sikit lah lagu nih..

Dhiya Fariza said...

Don't u want mine? Haha will mention it later inside ur future kad raya that I'll be giving after my exams :) thanks pocket for the goodluck wish!


Ayaq said...

Gambo ini jugak dibubuhnya. I like the one with me and Yaya tu hahahaha. But yesss thank youuuu for lunch. Jasamu dikenang.

KB Emily said...

haha..ur a funny guy..yela..probably u been eating alot of semut from the recycle bin and forget to clear it..haha..anyway, nice idea on the saving the birthdays..

Pocket said...

yes, i do..
but are'nt u too far away for me to call? well i can always call or SMS during Raya Season kan:D

ala kalau gamba kamu n yaya jer,
gambo pocket tak der la..
nak self appeal gak!! :D

jangan kenang jer dik, nanti belanja pocket teh tarik okeh :D

yes yes,
since u'r not doing in bright daylight,
(Who check the RecycleBin in bright daylight?)
u cant see much,
hence the semut as chocolate rice on my karipap :D

hanaahmad said...

great idea bro. kih3

Saiazuan said...

huhu aku slalu gk pening tgk xtau phone num ni..haha

btw smart wei header ko!!! simple! aku suke header mcm ni!!! :D

Pocket said...

only applicable for cheap HP.
kalau HP mahal yg buleh bagitau Status FB Bagai tu..
tak perlu taruk cenggini huhh..

pening kan,
nak wish birthday,
tp tak nak la typical wish dlm FB jer kan..
nak la up close and personal sikit. tp tak tau fon no camana?
(Buleh ker alasan gini?)

header baru yang 200kb jer :D

Ayaq said...

Okay why do I look bored in these pictures. I'm not bored, sumpah! Tak reti senyum betul. Teehee. Okay nanti bila2 teh tarik's on me. :)

echaRierie said...

bestla klw dpt awek yg selalu bg surprise time b'day..hehe..

btw, happy b'day to them..may Allah bless them..amin ~

ala, xde pun dob yg kena dgn echa..hahahaha..#gedik

filantera said...

heheh today also is birthday to our panjang gurl - Ms Tny...(8 sep)

Titisan Hujan said...

gud idea la bro
usahkan besday org
snd pun asik lupa.

Finaz Jaafar said...

ahahah..very good idea nama org dgn tarikh lahir ! oh well sangat hebat cara anda mintak no..tapi i tak boleh nak bagi sebab i lahir 17december ! lalalala~

Pocket said...

iyer ker nampak boring?
simply senyuman mu memang begitu jer kot, kalau amik candid, nanti kamu suruh padam lak huh! :D

yes yes, bendul is checking his schedule already... when is your next gaji?
(Or when is your next derma darah?)

DOB kamu akan diletakkan di post yg lain :D hehehe

oh ya ka,
never knew that,
she's not in my number list.
send my regard to her too ya :D

birthday sendiri?
then nak taruk fon no sendiri dlm henpon sendiri,
eh.. bila pulak diri sendiri nak call diri sendiri?

birthday pocket bilaa yer?

just because your birthday is the same as mine, doesnt mean that i cant put your name with the number in it :D

sangat best cara mintak fon no?
empunya besday tak reply pun lagi.. ^^;

ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

29 oct bday saya.hehehe....simpan dalam reminder..lalalala~

Ayaq said...

My next gaji is by the end of this month la... 4 semester jadi tutor tak pernah la pulak check bila tarikh masuk gaji. Tau2 ja ada duit dalam akaun. Hahaha the perks of living with parents. :P

Fatin Mraz said...

hi thr! tanx ye sudi singgah umah kite n komen.. nway, nice post. ;}

Pocket said...

err, kena ada fon no baru buleh simpan dlm talipon pakcik :D

tak per, kamu akan kira hari bila dah keja nanti :D or maybe not.. but that is how i am :_)

THanks jgak :D datang lagi yer :)

Cik Qemm said...

hehehe pocket oh pocket, u dah immune dengan tulisan di sebelah list name tu so ur mind just ignore the dates.

mine is 09 sept ok pocket. so yeay, pizza for me too :D

Pocket said...

kamu masih di penang?
Kalau di KL, kita makan sesama tru Vdo call ok :D heheh

biLa aKu muLa mEmbEbeL said...

hi pocket. =)
saya tak lahir on 26th April. =p

p/s : unexpected hampeh comment,ya. hihi.. teruk la si bebel ni. =0