Monday, September 12, 2011

391. Hit and Crash!!!

Pocketeers, just a thought,
The other day u'r waiting in line to get
your hari raya hair cut, it was a long line
so u've taken out your 11.4 inch dell inspiron
and start typing something, let it be your
resignation letter, your luv letter, or this post.
(This is so not me as i prefer pen and paper ^^)

u were spilling your brains out when all of a sudden
some bloody punk who never went to school pushes u
off your stool trying to run away with the lappy,
he grabbed the lappy by his stinkin ketiak and starts
initiatin the 'hikmat-langkah-seribu'

But today is not his day, u were equiped with a glock
21 9mm automatic. U slid your hand into your bag
and start shooting that effing punk three time from
one got tru his left chest flying right tru
his heart putting it to an immediate stop.
One hit him by the back of the head,
the bullet gone spinning as it was flying
inside the punks head and blows his face off
to the extend of victim identification would be
by the jewelry on him.

The last bullet flies right to his left knee
taking him off his balance and down he goes
landing what ever left of his face onto the
dirty pavement smearing blood and his unusable brains.

The lappy? well it was tossed so high in the air,
just to hit and crash as it lands.
Hit and Crash.
"Braaasssshhhhhkkkkrrrrr kedek kedek kedek"

So the question is, how do u get the punks wife
or mother to pay for the lappy? the 'engsel'
between the monitor and the body of the lappy
is now broke, and it is not usable anymore.
How to get ganti rugi from the punks mother,
U just ask?
People would say, the punk got what he deserved,
dont burden the family with your petty lappy issues,
but your lappy is now broken!! and no one
to pay for it.
well the kid paid it already with his life!
what more do u want?
i would want my lappy back!!
(Or something equivalent to the lappy of course)

So if u ever shoot anyone who's trying to run
away with a precious cargo, try not to kill him
Aim for the buttocks or the balls or maybe the
lower spine maybe but not the face. u'd end up
without anyone to pay for the broken goods.
humm humm

-same goes to u there who wants to get your girl back.
dont ruin the precious cargo along the way..
u may still need it ok:D


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

don't kill...

next time if a man wants to go out, u just ask him to tanggal that thing and happily let him mingle with others. that way, u will feel secure and u won't go to jail.

If he wants to do it still, and someone else is still trying to steal, then..give that thing to semut, let's see what will happen:P

That's the advice from the elderly. I keep it until today.

ciK LyndaWawa said...

selamat hari selasa..=]

HEMY said...

ahahaha..hebat advice you dapat kalau yg nk ringan2 je tak guna benda tu camne?ekekke

pocket..dasat ah lu punya sastera mau xplen dan kupas itu isu..hehehe

aleen aiden said...

kah3,this is awesome!aim 4 d balls!agaga~

Finaz Jaafar said...

tiba2 i tak tau nk komen apa..haha

Rtp Farra Arisha said...

i read ur stories for about a few times cause the first time i read, i didn't understand at all..ahahaha.

what i want to say is, keep on blogging with ur good writing :)

Dhiya Fariza said...

SMART! well the way u illustrate this story gempak dude. nice, ni mesti kes curi lappy kat mamak mana tah haha

~Kenanga Suchi~ said...

never think about this matter.