Wednesday, September 28, 2011

401. Senyum Umpama Suria...

Oh manisnya senyuman mu,
pocketeers, have u ever envied those
that have the sweetest smile in photo's
hanged by their wall?
they dont have to think, it comes natural
to them and somehow the pic will turned out great.
well i'd say among other things, it kinda depend
on your face proportion,
skin tone plus the 'Chemistry'.
if u have a nose that took 80% of your face,
u cant do much ok..

Skin tone, this is not me saying, but lisa surihani is,
in that comercial that showed her measuring up the
fairness of her skin.

Chemistry, well according to some, girls in sri lanka
is prefered to have the extra kilogram as they are
considered more beautiful that way. the skinny ladies,
would usually ends up not getting married.
In japan, the comel is more prefered to then the beautiful.
ma what ever it is, we can blame it on the majalah for
chemistry issues. They guide, we unintentionally decide.

anyway... how do u smile sweetly for the camera pocketeers?

my tips would be,
to smile right before the cameraman say'Fire!!!'
ok they dont, but u know what i mean right?
the theory was, every smile have its own 'tarikh luput.
just like those u see in gardenia's bread.
They would state the date when u can
expect to see mold florish happily :D.
and just like bread, different people
would have different 'tarikh-luput'.

i'd say mine is 0.4second,
that is why i dont wanna smile that much
in my photo. Simply missed the perfect moment.
siti nurhaliza most definitely 16minutes,
P Ramlee.. well he have the best smile there is
and it stays fresh even after he hold the smile
for 2 and a half day :D

'Okkkk semua rapat rapat rapat!!!'
says the phtotographer,
make a serious face.
'ready haa.. tiga!!'
hold it!
hold it!!
hold itt!!!
(kinda remind u of william wallace in that movie braveheart kan..?
'say ...'
its either u'll get half a smile which is hideous,
or u'll get the best smile one would smile just by looking at it.

please do try pocketeers,
and tell me how long is your tarikh luput :D


Saiazuan said...

haha aku sgt suck bab smile ni.. susah nak smile dpn kamera..haha

Pocket said...

Xper, lelaki lagi ensem kalau tak senyum :D

Asyila Zainuddin said...

tak pernah kire pulak tarikh luput ni.. haha..

HEMY said...

aku mmg tak reti smile...aku senyum je buleh..bawahahaha

una berry said...

maybe for 5 seconds kot, pastu mulut jadi herot
fail betul kalau kena hold senyuman ni
senyuman saya paling menawan adalah bila di candid *perasan*

kjaharun said...

sudah sunyum :)

cpt la snap my picture..

Adila said...

tiap2 kali sy senyum, my siblings kate... camtu ke senyum? mcm marah jee AHAHAHAHAHAHA

Aemy Shamy said...

wow this is a new thing for me. i never knew about this stuff! haha. okay i don't know how long my smile would last..all this time i thought it's the angle that's influence how sweet the smile in a picture..but i don't care about that...just smile on the camera! haha :P
but this is great, thx for the info ^^

MIMIE AIZA said...

smile masa tangkap gamba mmg fail

littledolphin said...

susah nak hold smile ni.tarikh luput begitu cepat sekali.sampai terketar bibir .HAHAHA

Akue Achik said...

i rarely say cheese,,i will hold my smile until the photographer clicks the snap button..

n the result, not all the time works..haha

will try this kind of smile later..

*SiRibenMerah said...

thanks for the compliment...

mummy iyra kannnn~

Pocket said...

pocket pun tak pernah, tp memandang kan kejaaap jer trus senyuman jd basi, 0.4 second jer la kot :D

iyer lah tu kamu:D

hehhe, betul kan, paling menawan bila candid,


adoh, sampai gitu skali!!
'joker' kan diri!
'joker' kan diri!

yes, i tot so too,
most probably its new to most people, try to hold a smile for 5 second, and snap on the sixth...
it wont be as sweet as on the first second, but then again your tarikh luput maybe sejam so...

kalau masa tu gak smile, memang la jadi separuh smile. daah nampak cam najib :D

jadi kamu pun serupa pocket :D

kan, lenkali senyum jer masa lash lash tu,
cam sikit lg nak snap tu masa tu baru senyum.. sure cantik :D

Yes, MummyIyra,sama sama :D

~SaL IjOu~ said...

me around 8 second!~ ^^

Sebut pasal senyum, teringat lagu ni:

Senyum seindah suria..
yg membawa cahya..
ku tersenyum..
kau tersenyum..
kemesraan menguntum~


Finaz Jaafar said...

tak tau bila expirednye smile i ni..janji smile mesti nmpk gigi..hahahha

rozeeta rashid said...

saya senyum mesti kena nampak gigi. trademark. haha.