Monday, August 01, 2011

361. PutchiFeeling

Putchi is a japanese translation for
the french word 'Petite' which
means small or insignificant.
They pair this 'Putchi' word with
a noun to describe how small was
the 'Noun'

Easily explain by giving u
an example.
Putchi Happiness is when u felt an
oblivious happiness so small that most
people wont even turn their head even
if it scream.

whatever.. anyway.. here is a list of my putchi feeling lately.
(Am posting it after finally i figured out the word to describe this)

Putchi Relief like the relief u felt after pulling that piece of meat stuck in your teeth after eating rendang. The feeling when a huge chunk is finally out of the hole in your teeth, the hollow feeling. now the pain is over.
oh what a relief. aaaaaaahhhhhh...

Putchi Bangga when u pulled out a chunk of taik idong from your nose, round and ball them up into 3 mm diameter of dunk and flick it over to the table next to you, it is so massive (in taik iduong point of view) that it makes sound as it lands on the table.

Putchi Malu when u were approaching your bike, take out the key, cursing the sampah people left in your basket. Just as u're thinking to pour down the sampah away that u've realize that it was not your bike.
Eh! motor aku sana laaa.. adehhhh...

Putchi Revolted when u were having phlegm in your throat. U suck it out and spit it to the longkang, u were not that lucky, your aim missed, it landed on your mother's pokok pam's leaf. The green gooey stuff didnt stay on the leaf, it dripped down, like a thick melted chocolate they put in van houten comercial..

Putchi Disapointment when u sms your wife/spouse/GF of your life about something sad that just happen, and the reply was 44 minute later. ohh... what's the point of a hand phone if u dont have them in your hand.

Putchi Spark of Love when your kekasih gelap replied first. heheh:D


Dee said...

amboi..ada kekasih gelap ke..if putchi means petite..kak dee org selalu panggil petite..kak dee putchi ke? hahaha..

Aemy Shamy said...

Then I'd be a putchi girl because I'm so petite. :p Hehehe.
Okay I've experienced all of the putchis, yeah kind of..the putchi relief when you're doing a "hard business" in a toilet and finally delivering a big hard poop..hahahaha! Jk! :p

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

putchi spark of love ?? OMO , every guy akan ade kekasih gelap ke?? gggrrrhhh

errrm , french dont use noun after petite rite ? kan2x

because there's someone call me , "hey mon petite amie" = hey kawan perempuan sy yg ketot mungkin , haha .. ya , sy pendek , sgt petite , ok dah , bye!

Pocket said...

bukan la 'ada' kekasih gelap tu, dia lebih kepada macaaaaammm.. anu kan, ari tu tu ada la macam ni ..

oh kak dee pun kecik gak ker?
(Tukar Tajuk)

Hahahaha!! btul tu, dia macam bila dah abis tu terasa macam bebas dari segala. heheh..
so kurangkan minum milo, makan bebuah, n PruneJuice!! :D

tak la every guy, definasi kekasih gelap tu pun.. pocket rase different from one guy to another.

tak dik, this is not french usage nyer petite. ni frenceh nyer petite dlm jepun nyer usage.
twisted kan.. heheh.. banyak lagi ni.

kamu ketot? nampak tak macam tu pun. ilusi optik ngan skirt labuh mu la kot dik :D

HEMY said...

hahha...putchi laugh is when I read this entry and looking around to see if someone notices..ekeke

izzah said...

hahahaha..semua contoh geli-geli jer...tapi yang putchi malu tu kalau izah tak rasa putchi...itu malu besar gak tu, nak-nak kalau ada orang kat situ..niway, thanks for this new word/knowledge;)

Aemy Shamy said...

Kurangkan minum Milo...?? Oh I love Milo I know..hahaha.... :p

Pocket said...

then dok cover.. oh oh ada orang melihat ker tadi?

contoh geli geli yer,
so kita tulihkan nya sebagai..
puchi geli geli!!

Aemy,yer yer,
sila buat cabaran skali tgk.
jangan minum milo dua minggu.
lihat apa kesan nya :D

echaRierie said...

owh im putchi laugh because ur contoh is so geli..haha..
ok, now i know what is pucthi means..
(factnya tak pernah dgr n tau pun..haha)

EZAN IDMA said...

yg kekasih gelap plak lebih care. cmne ni haha

Pocket said...

heheh, contoh tu geli yek,
nanti pocket buat 'Putchi2'
ngan contoh yg revolting
plak heheh

tu yg besh tu!!
buleh jadikan alasan :D heheh