Friday, July 29, 2011

360. FallingForU

have u ever fallen for an internet
figure? i did once. a blogger.
She is not that tall, free hair,
One time she cut it so short,
she look a bit like dat lady who
acted in 3,2,1 cinta, or that lady
Roksen Richi from megamind.
my own personal liking in ladies

Ok so i got a crush to this lady once and everyday
i'm opening my internet window to her blog first.
then it'll be yahoo.
Although it is rude but still i collected her pic
whenever she posted any. and when i say 'any' here
i meant every pic i could.
her toes, her baju, her wardrobe.. and even her lantai.
Having the pic makes me feel near, like i am there.

One thing that i always hope for was a high resolution pic
of her closeup. so that i could kiss the monitor everyday
before i go to sleep. <- shut up pocket!!
but i was not that lucky, she knows better.

Have i ever tried my luck getting to know her?
No sir never. I always thought that i'm just a small peasant
looking at the kings daughter in awe and amazement.
For me to even approach her is unthinkable.
Commenting in her blog was far far away from ever happening.
Intimidated? terasa rendah diri? maybe..

One day she tied the knot with a guy i am far from
ever standing my shoulder next to him. but i dont care.
I luv her the same. By this point i have come to realize
that it was not the attraction between different sexes
that attracted me to her, it was something else.
It was her, and her alone.

The other day she commented in my blog.
When i say 'the other day' doesnt mean last
few days ok.. so dont go on and search which
one is her. <-ayat pelapik supaya jangan kantul.

It was a short comment but meaningful,
and i can tell that she definitely read my long
and long karangan. not like those comment
that take only the last paragraph point
to comment on.

haaaaaa... (Exhaling) i am in heaven :D

So pocket, have u ever had anything like i did?
how did it go?
(U can always say.. 'am going to say "i do"
with him next month'heheh )

*congratulation to MrAdrySabry who tied
the knot recently. I guess i missed your
update in my bloglist cause for me its like
u havent posted anything lately.
anyway.. put in more pic of your wedding ok :D


intan.maisarah said...


i'm ur silent reader.

Pocket said...

macam pernah tengok icon sebelum ni, tp bila gi ke link 'anginbisu' rase mcm foreign la plak.. mcm tak pernah gi sblum ni..

anyway komen komen lah selalu..
:D buleh kenal kenal <- kesitu plak.

Heidi Shafiq said...

dont tell me she is Hanis Zalikha.. cuz Hanis is mine.. :P

Pocket said...

Hanis pernah ambut pendet ker?
tp kalau hanis ambut pendet memang la lawa,..

eh jap!!?
nak hanis lah!!


fairuzniza said...

(U can always say.. 'am going to say "i do"
with him next month'heheh )

pocket macam tau2 je sy nak kata gtu. :p

Anonymous said...

belum cuba belum tahu

gud lak


Anonymous said...

aku pernah buat dulu2

Ayaq said...

I know how it feels. Dapat satu perkataan pun jadi laaaaaa sengih tak hengat satu hari. Kan? :)

Pocket said...

pergh!! kamu nak kawin ngan blogger gak? besh besh.. :D

Kan, sila jatuh hati ngan somebody :D

kan! kan!
kalau yg lelaki mesti ada wat nyer lah:D

memang sengih dari telinga ke telinga, kalau buleh nak wat post kata ..
'dia comment siot!!'
gitu gitu :D

EZAN IDMA said...

nak ckp saye, sy tak freehair. jadi bukan saye la. ahaha

Aemy Shamy said...

Ehem, ehem....waaa a simple comment can make you feel like in heaven're so into her ^^
I wonder who's that girl. Hey, you should tell her someday if the time's right :)
Well I never experience the situation because I already have a boyfriend in real life. Hehe..

Kak Long Mawar Merah said...

Siapalah agaknya orang tu ya?

Pocket said...

tak.. bukan kamu,
sebab sayer baru tahun ni kenal kamu :D

i would,
but wait till she got her second menantu :D by then it wont be so awkward.

even if u'r owning the best
car there is for u...
u can still look at that car
parked next to you.
look at the tinted glass.
melted by its halogen lamp
with liner and
not to forget the spoiler :D

blog dia kaler merah!
blog dia

huhuuu.. clue yang general.

echaRierie said...

wow !
if i were that girl i should like this post..haha..
perasan ya..
but, why not u try bha..hehe :)
support u..

intan izani said...

sape, sape sape??? bg hint sikit entri mana die komen, hahahaha
lama memendam perasaan eh...

Pocket said...

tak naaaakk!!
tak naaaaakk!!
akuttt.. :D heheheh

tapi dia tu glamer,
so pastinya ramai lagi yg
terchenta ngan dia ..
so my post would be just another
post ...

hint seterusnya..
she's quite sexy..
dulu lah, skrg kurang dah.

memang lama!!
semenjak mengenali donia blog la kiranya.. mahu lima tahun dulu nuh!! :D

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

uuuuuuu , ade eiyh org camnie , horror ~

eiyh by the way , perasaan happpy sbb dpt one short comment tuh , MMG! sampai mimpi , ahahah

Pocket said...

adaaaa!! kalau tak, camana la perkataan stalker tu nak wujud :D

kan.. kalau dpt short comment dari sidia tu, terasa mcmdlm mimpi pun kuar komen itu :D
heheheh<-perasan snnggoh pocket

Cik Qemm said...

baru tau pocket ade crush :D