Friday, August 19, 2011

374. The Waving Hare

This story somehow stayed in my mind,
A joke MrG told me, wonder if i've ever told u before,
I'm sorry if I have (Then this will be a double post)
but for those who never heard this before,
here it is.
Cheer up will ya,
weekend is right after these few hours.

Two guys were driving, one short another was tall.
They were listening to the bonjovi's song
over and over again, talking about their life and
discussing their past sins..
Well what else can a guy talk about?

As they were driving the long straight road by the woods,
a hare jump out of nowhere trying to cross the road.
As what u'd thought would happen, they hit the hare.
Down the hare goes tumbling a few time to stop still
on the ground.
Down the hare goes tumbling...

The tall guy stop the car, got out and went running to the
injured hare. The hare was breathing heavily trying its best
to live a second more.. or a few second more.. hoping for his
wife to come along maybe, to tell her that he love her. We
dont know this.. Not related to the story, lets ignore.

The tall guy pittied the little fella, he tried heart
massaging, CPR, aqupunture and everything a person can to
revive the poor thing, but non prevails.
As he was about to give up ad start to read the hare's
talkin... The short guy got up and went to the car's trunk
bringing back with him a weird looking bottle.

He emptied the bottle content onto the hare's body
and massage it a little bit, and so they wait.
Not long after that, the hare start to twitch,
the eyes start to open, some sound coming
from the hare, and before u know it, its starting to
come about and run its way to the woods.

But the strangest thing happen, the hare stop every 10step
to look back and wave its hand like i'm waving u good bye.
he run again and by the 20th step, he stop again and wave,
maybe he's trying to say thank you?
kept on doing the same thing till u cant see
him anymore lost in the darkness of the woods.

The tall guy interested in what was the bottle content asked
his friend. The short guy just smile and show the bottle label
that says..

"Hair Restorer With Permanent Wave"

Heheheh :D
Happy Weekend Pocketeers,
see u next week


Dhiya Fariza said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Homagad!

echaRierie said...

hahahahhahaha..adoi..pttla arnab tue waving ~ hahahaha..

*SiRibenMerah said...


filanastasia said...

hahaha.. adei.. gelak guling2.. tq pocket.. u bright up my day.. ^_^

intan.maisarah said...

:) fairy tale
yang cute


Finaz Jaafar said... funny !
permanent waving..haiyaaa..hahahaha

Aemy Shamy said...

hahahaha! can't be true! that's for hair, not hare..even a hair restorer can be confused :p ahahhaha..this is funny! i wonder if the hare keeps on waving until he meets his wife, would he still wave? hahaha :p

HEMY said...

ahahaha..never heard of this one..niceee

Dhiya Fariza said...

pocket just so u know, dhiya link blog pocket on my page. sorry :D