Sunday, August 14, 2011

370. TheLady...

... in the white top.
i was parking near a pasar ramadan today when i saw the lady
driver who parked infront of me was coming out and opening the
back seat to take her baby out of the baby seat. there was
other passenger too, a 4 years old kid who really listen to
her mothers instructions. This i got from her gesture when
coming out of the car, holding her mother's hand. and cross
the street politely.

dik, (definitely younger then me regardless of the package)
abang buleh temankan.. nak?

what attracted me to this lady was her body..
(ooii.. direct nyer ko tulis, tak leh berkias kias sikit ker?)
ok, what attracted me was her appearance, she wore a baggy
jeans with tight top, her deltoid was obvious and so does her
pectoral latimus, i could almost swear out of the shadow that
decorated her white top, i saw a line separated her abs just
like how it should be in diagrams about anatomy.
A slight line, nutting much. but u know its there..

she is a tall lady with long straight hair, and her baggy
jeans could not hide the perfectly shapes gluteus maximus.
i think she must be a gym instructor to ever posses such contour.

Gambar Hiasan Okeh.. tp lebih kurang lah kot..

ok enough describing her, posa woi! posa!!
what i wanna point out would be that ladies are trying their
best to appear beautiful in our view or scenery. They wear
their best, they work their leg off in the gymnasium and they
even bought those nutrition suplement that make u visit
the loo every 24minutes. just to look beautiful.
even if not all ladies are like that,
i'd say 7 out of most part of malaysia.
98 out of 100 if the statistic is taken from KLCC.
atleast they clean their face with a suitable facial washer.
not like me who forgot how does it feels like to wash my face.

why cant we men do it?
why cant we men hit the gym a bit..
why cant we men clean our finger nails a bit..
why am i saying this?
just go on to the nearest shopping complex to you.
observe from 100 male over the age of 30,
how do they look like?
in KL maybe the rating is higher,
but here in penang.. i'd say 50% dont give a damn if the zip
is chucked up or not. (this is metaforically talking ok,
ofcourse they dont want dat to happen kan)
another 25% cant remember his own weight.
another 23% cant remember what size is his own undies,
2% would be a metrosexual guy sesat,

that is the thing,
i think lately men are taking 'Rupa tak penting,
yang penting hati budi' too much till they practically
dont care about their smell. or their 'daki' or the
minyak they apply on their hair.
why cant we be more like the ladies,
who buy support garment that cost hundreds,
and have them 5 pcs per season. while we men owns
one talipinggang for nine years.
Ladies who even if they dont go to the gym,
they still wear their baju with matching colours.
Proper tudong like they're wearing it for a purpose.
to look beautiful.
not like us men who wear a half pants with a kemeja...
and a sport shoes. adehlaaa...

so there u go pocketeers,
an opinion from looking at that lady with the white top.
a sense of metrosexual is rushing into me,
pedicure ke pas ni?
dumbell dulu kot..
bila last pocket beli baju yer?
tak ingat..


Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

eeeuuu , tak suke lelaki metrosexual , tak cool langsung , macam shemale je ~

perempuan ~ Allah cintakan kecantikan, tapi haruslah berpada pada , SEXY bukan definisi cantik dalam islam ~

Elie Lily said...

seksi dan wanita terlalu subjektif!

HEMY said...

hensem2 pn smart2 pn naik kapcai pompuan tak pandang

mind set laki skang kot..ahahaha

Ain Atika Zailani said...

hahahhaa...ehh sekarang tak salah tau nak kawen dengan lelaki klau salah satunye sebab duit..harga barang semua dah naik ni..nyiahahahha...hati baik pun kalau tak beruasaha cari duit susah tuh..nanti macam mana nak tolong mak ayah bulan2. lampin anak. makan minum anak berana..ih ih ih payah tu...

Dhiya Fariza said...

very nice point of view indeed :) i got your point.

Cik Qemm said...


erm a close male friend of mind visit gym regularly.

even my fiancee kalau boleh main bola hari2, then he wanted to. so far few times per week.

lately qemmal byk kenal lelaki yang take care of their healthy, jaga makan minum dan bersukan. mungkin orang kiri kanan pocket belum nampak jalan lagi kot :P

*SiRibenMerah said...

pocket, setan kena ikat bulan posa..
so, kalo dah gatai macam neh, sendiri mau ingat la kannnn~

echaRierie said...

pocket, ala just jaga kebersihan diri..pakaian kemas dan bersih..okla jd lelaki pilihan jgk..
haha..tiba2 bg pdpt utk lelaki plak..

hanaahmad said...

yang penting kemas. aku tak bape suka lelaki metro ni...biasa2 pon dah ckup. ekeke.

EZAN IDMA said...

pas ni nak g gym lah

una berry said...

outer appearance is important, at least for 1st impression
tak gitu?

Finaz Jaafar said...

bkn kata gym, joging pn aq mls..
tak slalu la aq nak melawa2 ni..sempoi jeh..hee~

tp nk la lelaki yg kemas but not cerewet !

Pocket said...

macam shemale?
as if a male but a 'she'
huhuuu.. metrosexual memang pembersih sikit sebab hormon estrogen tu lebih sikit. tapi tak la sampai 'half and half' kan, eh.. sampai yek?

Sexy memang bukan definasi cantik,
dan pocket tak kisah sangat pasal akak tu sexy.
dia cuma menjaga badan nya ketahap yg lebih sikit. (ker memang genetik ker tak tau la kan)
tak macam lelaki ini.. ohh.

subjektif, tapi kalau dah terang terang tu tak perlu bersuluh lah kan:D

pasal kita pikir macam tu yang
kita tak kisah pasal appearance tu beb!!

alaa.. tak ensem pun tak per. asalkan dompet aku tebal:D heheheh

betul!! bukan stakat tak salah!!
malah satu requirement

basically kena pikir masa dpan lah kan

paham kan, terimakasih :D

kamu baru umur beraper..
org yg pocket referring to is more towards 30s or 4os.. :D
but anyway mungkin betul jgak apa yg cikQemm kata. pocket nyer masyarakat jer kott..

Sambung lepas berbukak!!,

Aemy Shamy said...

"her deltoid was obvious and so does her pectoral latimus"

hahhaa..i like it when you're trying to use filter in terms! ^^

yeah women are much more fetish than men in taking care of body, appearance & fashion..but not all, just majority. for a record, i like metro-sexual know, the well-groomed men, branded & clean outfits, cool hair..i like it! :p

Pocket said...

tang maner dlm post sayer tu sayer gatal?
tengok mak orang lah!! :D

heheh, kamu satu satunya penyokong lelaki setakat ni :D
heheh, yes!! jaga kebersihan diri buakn nya senang,
pompuan jer buleh buat tuu.
contoh, kuku.. :D

so lelaki metro tu berlebihan lah yer? :D

part mana yg berlebihan tu?
kasut kilat? :D facial n pedicure!! waaahhhh

Sila sila,
bg naik sikit berat badan dulu!!
then sila jadi angelina joli

betul tu,
kalau kulit buku pung gagal,
jangan harap la nak sampai muka surat nam :D

Sempoi tu pun kalau cantik tak per,
kamu tak pakai seluar track ngan kemeja kan...
we men do :)

Pocket said...

hehehe, dan kamu memahami!!
tak ramai sangat yg paham tu.

puas laa pocket dok mencari dlm homepage bina badan...
nasib baik ada orang perasan :D

if u like it!!
then i'll be it!!
beli kemeja yg ada cutting sikit tuh, tp kena la macho dulu.. ohh..
lambat lagi perjalanan ku..

Ayaq said...

Amen to this post.

Guys don't need to be metrosexual, but just enough to look proper and sharp.

Ayaq said...

Oh by the way, just because a man cares about his appearance doesn't make him a metrosexual. (Komen lebih2 ada dalam sms pocket. haha!)

hamzah ian said...

pergh.. comel2..

Pocket said...

ohh adik.. that is where u are missing the point. i do mention 'becoming metrosexual' to look good..
but it doesnt mean that i'll actually be one,
its just a term of speech that one would use to express the need to be half from the best, and the best in good looking guy was 'metrosexual'.. although i can say 'guys in military' but they look good on the kawat field not on the war zone.

its like if i wanna say that i wanna cook, then i'd say.. off i go to the trail of becoming a masterchef and chef ramsey or chef wan would come up.. but becoming a chef is not that easy, all the study about combination and science in becoming one just make it impossible to even dream of it.

okeh dik, jangan ticked of just because i've used wrong impression in my post okeh :D

appreciate your comment very much.
u tied the knot at the loose ends for this post :D

biLa aKu muLa mEmbEbeL.. said...

ohmy.. uuu..
hey,what a sexaaay post,man.

i wonder how tegap her shoulder when u mention bout her deltoid.
and mannnn, pectoral latimus is always be among one of the sexiest parts of women. haha~ nakal ye. =D
anyway, i like the way you explain the anatomical structures by using the anatomical terms. good job.

urm, metrosexual. i dont think it's bad coz lelaki metrosexual memang comes with good looking appearance. so, it's not a sin pun if they want to over2 sikit pun.

to me, it doesnt matter how weird they might look, the most important is hati.
if ala2 Bob Marley pun i layan, janji sayang. haha~
*i like man with dreadlock hair*
cooolio. ;)