Monday, May 19, 2008

52. Tensed Flirt

remember CatWoman and her 'nak?' story?
this is yet another story of her...

i was sitting at me desk, on my side was an empty seat.
it was judd's seat and today, he's on medical leave.
Felt quite lonely in ere though..its not like there's no
others in this room..Oh its crowded in here indeed.
The girls are ere
the engineers are ere
so does Mr George and paknan
but still the loneliness just lingers in the air...

and then she sits on judd's seat. Not saying anything..
just sat there with a piece of paper and start to write in it.
she didnt say a word... just sat there writing.
she didnt even looked at me ... just sat there writing.

Me as always amazed by her beauty.
always a sweet treat for the eye.
always soothes this tired and swollen sepet eyes of mine.
They say that age is shown on the back of your hand by
the wrinkles and veins popping up. If that is true than i'd
say she is not older than 5 years old.
Cause there's not a mark of scratch
on her hand and the veins are vaguely visible.
far away from wrinkles nor any dot on
her fair hand... allantoin kut?

Stretched my neck a bit to look at what is she writing,
it was the Petty Cash Form.
Hummm.. why does she comes all this way from the
production just to sit ere and fill in her Petty Cash Form?

I didnt say anything... just watched the stunning
view of nature writing her petty cash form.
The CatW0man sitting on judd's seat,
crossing her leg showing a bit of her pink with white stripe sock.

Now dont let me start on her look.
This time i've just notice that her uniforms sleeve
was cut short, its basically shorter than the standard one,
with a shirt amended to be tighter and sexier,
I wonder why she still wore those long additional
sleeve not to show her skin...
well maybe she just wanna be sexy by showing the
shape not the skin... Naughty.

'Umph!! siap, u dari tadi tak tegur i pun kan...'
looking at me from the corner of her eye.
'jauh tau tak nak datang dari production sana!'
all of a sudden the air becomes tensed
'so apasal datang sini, tpt u dah abih ker Petty Cash Form?'
'tak... banyaak!! its just...'
'u didnt even voice out anything... i thought if i come ere...'
she paused thinking of what might happen if she recklessly
spill her heart out.
'and u just sat there looking at me, next time will u just say
or make some noise or something!?'
her tone was angry but with a slight sweetness of a little girl
mengacum about her broken barbie.

'u know what? i've even wore my new tudong today
just to give u an ice breaking point. ' giving the 'muncung' lips.
i'm still speechless, as i was opening my mouth
'huh!! sudah lah...'
sudden movement of straightening her hand to the thigh
somewhat imitating the gesture of slamming the table.
she walks to the door
slightly stomping her feet on the floor.
making an absurdly large shoulder gesture.
swinging it back and forth.
(Alahai tomei nyeeeeeerrr)
aaa... Pocket?
she's being mad at me for not saying anything?
(u say it best when u say nothing at all - ronan keating)

Eh? acaner yek pocket? salah aku ker?


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ lor Pocket nie, she just give her body language on u. u should notice yg die nak u tegur or say something to her la. peluang terbuka luas utk u tu. aper yg u tunggu lagik, kang lambat melepas.... :P ~

Ayaq masak said...

What da helllllllllllll.

That girl obvsly is flirting with you and you just let the opportunity went away???????? Gile kauuuuuu. *jentik idung*


*yes I'm a male trapped in a female's body*

freakmie said...

hurm...dia suka kat ko tuh..apa lagik..cergaskan radar..tackle dia balik la..hehehehe

Ceera said...

lor, asal senyapppppp... tengah ada can tu, cit...

Anonymous said...

huhu. ada jugak ye girl yg open camtu... i mean, cakap straight je bile pocket tak tego die. eheh. agaknya dia mmg bebetul nak pocket tego dia le tuh. len kali take action okeh. ahaks

A t i Q a h said...

hahaha..dia tak tau kau juling-juling biji mata tengok dia. hahaha

Anonymous said...

Pocket Says,

yup.. yup.. i think i am those kinda guy who dont see a chance when he sees one :)

aduh, sakitnya idung nih
heheh, a male trapped? huh..
tak jadi la nak ajak ayaq dating .. eheh:D

cam rasa dia flirting jer, pasal kekadang dia nyer signal tu cam double meaning jer.. but then its another story la kan :P

Kan, kalau layan pun besh jgak. tp mcm what i have told freakmie, sometime she does gives double meaning signal. this bloke just simply confused ...
(Penakut sebenarnyaaa...)

humm, open minded lady sometime does arise and show herself. frankly speaking, da pocket does not know how to react actually or simply terrified .. hahaha..

well tgk tgk seems like not enough for her... she wants interaction. waaahhh!!

ninadw said...

dia bagi lampu ijau dah tuuu..
siap muncung lagik..
takde cover sket pooon klo dia minat kt u..
wah wah..
but i do like ur way..
tarik ulur sket..
tp, jgn lak lama sgt.. nti dia larii.. ehehe..

esok, try la tegur dia..
bagi senyum paling HOT. hehe..

igt, senyum adalah cara terbaik utk semua hal. :)

banji said...

dah kahwin ni banyak dugaan... hati2, jgn sampai nak seronok dua tiga hari, yg disayang tu terkorban

azie said...

lelaki..mata saja sudah cukup untuk berkata-kata..

Princess Liyana said...

ish bro. u ni,say something la!marah dia tu. Penat je dia pakai tudung baru.
At least u ckpla 'cantikla tudung u'
ataupun 'cantikla u hari ni'

mummysyafie said...

dier ada hati kat ko kot..layan jer..tak rugi arrr

pstt..ko kena tag erkk..lariksss

Anonymous said...

tang senyuman paling hot tu macam boleh dibuat. almaklum lah, senyuman itu sedekah, eheh. try senyum la sket besok ...

heh heh, well u've given up why didnt da pocket flirt with the catwoman there... but that's another story :D

kan, i should have said something, but somehow the word didnt came to me. i think its the same as

dari kerana mataaa...
yang mempunyai kuasa,
ooooo... aku tergoda,
aku tergoda tir kuciwa,

kena tag!! waaahhh...
tunggu ko tunggu ko, jangan larik!!
eheh, okeh nanti akan di usahakan tag tersebut.

Ms Chrome said...

nak ke taknak? jual mahal lak die... ahaks

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ Ms Chrome nyer comment wat amy gelak terguling-guling kat ofis. hahahahaha.... betul gak tuh. ~