Saturday, April 26, 2008

45. Flirting Pocket

I was walking,
walking with her in the production line,
we were walking briskly after some discussion
at the meeting area. The conclusion was made
and everybodys happy.

she is the production people,
am not sure of her post but the
line's process effectiveness is on her shoulder.

A sharp girl, pleasant way of presenting herself.
fair skin with a naked lips,
watery like u can squeeze a fluid out of it.
very nice looking with tight outline.
Her tudong is kept smart and tidyly tucked
underneath her collar.
(cause the company says so)
She is one of those people who ammend their company uniform,
most of them do,
ammend the size making it tighter,
changing the fabric from normal to stretchable,
This gives a very obvious contrast on the outline of their waist...
and any other part connected to it.
I wonder why...
maybe its a ladies thing kut.
felt nice and breazy, easy to move and ofcourse...
tormenting those watching eyes.
just like the catwoman clawing and whiping her
lash with a suit soo tight, u'd think she just
painted her body black.

'mak oih... wangii nya diaaaa..' i said just to fill the silenceness.
'apa yang wangi tu? sayer ker perfume sayer?' said the catwoman giving a smirk.
'dia lah yang wangi... perfume tu additional jer' i said,
well what better answer do u think there are?
she let a small chuckle and smile, just then she came
to a junction where she have to take a left turn.
walking, still keeping her speed,
she looks at me and said
The intonation is too sweet for my ears to bear..
just like a little 4 years old girl holding a candy
with her two cute hands asking, 'nak?' to her first crush.
just like your girlfriend having a cake in the street of paris,
taking a spoonfull of the cake and ask 'nak?'
and i replied... 'Nak!! Nak!! Nak!!'
so loudly
so clumsily
so abruptly
that it took out all the sugar in the conversation.
took out all the sweetness of the mood. Oi Oi Oi

She smiled and keep on looking at me from the corner of her eyes.
tilting her head a little.

am in the cloud now.
smiling to myself for about two hours already
and still feeling my heartbeat pumping the blood through
a vein near my neck.

Oi Oi Oi... girl flirting is destructive...


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ hahahaha... i gelak sorang2 bila baca ur entry nie. so, ala2 love is in d air la nie? ahaks.. :P ~

Princess Liyana said...

So sweet! uhuhu. I love the way you describe it:). Jangan lepaskan that lady.hihi. Rugila bro:p

Ms Chrome said...


ceta la lg nnt... heheheh

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...


apak tulih ni arrr.....

Pocket said...

its more to berdebar debar rather than luv. cause if its luv, i wont be sleeping that well last nite :D

heheheh... i love describing it. but then again... i need to know more of those lovey dovey words to enable me to describe better. eheh...

Ms Chrome,
if there is any more short story, would luv to tell it ere :D

Hana chan...
tanya ker tu?
ayat penyata ker tu?

Princess Liyana said...

Hehe, looks like you're into that lovey dovey words now:). LOVING and liking someone are totally two different things:p

purplechoc said...

ehem..i noe that feeling :)

ya,berdebar2.its not love yet,but maybe someday with few steps more :)

luvys said...

uihh..layan jek bce ur ntry diz time..dun let her ar msuk minang dier..hak2..xpn suh jek boss dier rkomen kan..ahak's

bendul said...

hahaha.. lawak giler.. ala.. benda biasa la tu pocket.. kat sini ari2 flirting, or being flirted.. hohoho..

ninadw said...

oi loike!

cerita yg boleh buat horny..
tp dgn cara yg sopan.

buat lagi!
tp, nina takleh horny..
sbb entri ni pasal perempuan..
im not a lesbian.

eh, the way she flirts.. just like the way i flirt.

Pocket said...

actually always have been, the luv is always in the air, got soo much of them. just felt like wanna spill it around :D

yup, the berdebar debar,
cant explain it much...just hoping people would know about it

heheh, some girlz are best to be let go.

ado banyak giler stail flirting.
High level usuallly causes us to berdebar debar a little bit more :p

Horny is it? that would be one way of thinking about it.
Imagining u flirting like dat would make your fans goes head over heels about u sis :P

Ayaq masak said...

oooooooooooooooooooo somebody is flirting!