Wednesday, June 11, 2008

63. PocketDust

'u know when I said I know little about love?
well that wasnt true, I know a lot about love,
I've seen it.
I've seen centuries and centuries of it.
And it was the only thing that made watching
your world bearable.
All those wars, pain and lies, hate.
made me
want to turn around and never
look down
But to see the way that mankind loves.
I mean u can search the furthest reaches
of the universe and never find anything
more beautiful.

So yes, I know that love is unconditional,
but I also know that it can be unpredictable,
and well strangely easy to mistake for loathing.

And...(chuckling and Smiling embarrassly)
what i'm trying to say, tristan is...
i think i love u.

My heart,
it feels like my chest cant barely contain it.
Like it doesnt belong to me anymore, it belongs to you.
and if u wanted it, I'd wish for nothing in exchange.
No gifts,
No Goods,
No Demonstration of Devotion.
Nothing but knowing that u love me too.
Just your heart in exchange of mine.'
/EndText> to make my point worth discussing,
i have to give u abit of the storyline. here it goes,
Tristan is from our real world, went to seek for a falling star
to fulfill his promise to victoria in exchange for her love.
The star falls in the magical world.
There, star are in a form of a lady,
a cute one i'd have to add.heh,
So tristan went to get the star, her name is Yvaine.
Tristan got to Yvaine by using a 'babylon candle' and
the adventure begins on the way return.

Pocket, i'm not going to talk about the movie ere,
i was merely attracted with the way she confessed her
love to tristan as written above,
so obsessed with it that i've rewinded the movie to write
the wording one by one. listening to it over and over again...heheh,
she have said it with her best expression as if what she said
actually comes from the deep of her heart.
And i was touched by that...
(OK, every now and then i am allowed to be mushy right?)
the thing is, lately love has been soo common to people
that after 24 dinners together,
trips to genting or pangkor together,
seeing each others parent,
the couple would felt like they understand their status together.
I'm going out with him, he is my boyfriend.
i love him, and i think so does he' ... and that's it.

No more confession ceremony. where u call him or her out,
The heart poundS like hell, u cant feel your toes, hundreds of butterflies in your belly, Coldness felt on the skin makes u shivers but inner heat causes u to sweat. its so sacred, that most of us terrified of saying the word. most of us just uses letter instead. just to say the magic word...
'pocket (Exhaling quite a lot of air... looking down to the toes and then look up to his or her eye and)
...i love u'
tte pocket without those...tak rasa rugi ker...


bendul said...

org sekarang ni kalo buleh lepas tanam pokok, terus nak keluar buah without the bunga or putik come out first, right..?

pesen zaman sekarang, "mengayat" untuk mendapatkan somebody adalah satu agenda penting.. lepas dapat org tak ayat dah.. everything will goes naturally..

tte, aku tergolong dalam org dulu2 la kiranya, pasal aku ayat lepas aku dapat.. lepas aku tanam pokok, ada bunga, ada putik, putik pulak luruh, tumbuh bunga lain, kuar putik lagi, then baru dapat buah..

Annaster said...


mummysyafie said...

cinta mmg sukar untuk diramal..

Ceera said...

CInta begitu la..

Princess Liyana said...

huhu:) is complicated:P

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ erm.... susah nak ckp pasal love a.k.a cinta nie. yg penting hargai la org yg syg kita and org yg kita syg. kan? ~

A t i Q a h said...

making a confession - cant really imagine how i would face it one day.

and i think love makes ur words are soooo...


Pocket said...

yup bendul, u got that right...

eh kenapa? tak paham ker karangan kiter?
huhummmm... kata pocket sambil muncung.

Yup, Unpredictable, but what about
I'd say yes.
that's why one always ended up buying
murtabak at a pasar malam near her house.
lagi sedap kononnya,
(Tp dalam hati duk mengharap, please god let me 'accidentally' bump into her tonite)
heh heh...

satu jer buleh diramal,
pasti ada air mata kerna cinta :_)

umph umph!! tang hargai tu yg penting,
dlm kata omputeh nyer 'cherish'
katanya woman are moved by this.

well... its either u have to go through the whole
gabra time telling how u luv him,
terrified of rejection,

or simply be nice wit him till both of u kinda understand it yourself.
That u guys has just taken the next step after friendship

lindosh said...

pocket! ada sesuatu ye. tanok ler cakap sal hati perasaan cinta bla bla :P saya hearlesss skang ekeke tatau nak kasi komen. kalo kasi komen mesti merapu dah haha

Ms Chrome said...

pocket, nk email add leh x? coz mc dh private blog... nk invite pocket

Princess Liyana said...


Pocket said...

wahahah, actually jawapan merapu
pun di alu alu kan lindosh.
just swing away!!:D

tp pocket bukan nya nak cerita pasal
ati n perasaan sangat, cinta ker.
cuma, kebelakangan ni rasa cam kurang
sangat confession of luv, atau dalam
bahasa kampung nya, 'declare' wahahahahah

'korang declare tak lagi?'
'alah, declare gitu gitu jer'

nak privatekan yek? humm hummm...
mesti ado sebab tertentu nih :D
anyway, here it is

liyana senyum jer tuh, ado apo apo ker :D

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ hehehe... ader kaitan ekh ngan entri nih. bukan nya apa, amy bgtau kat blog because i can't answer him sincerely bila dia tanya. if dia tanya amy suka ker tak kat dia, amy jawab 'ntah, tak tau'. mesti la dia sakit hati kan if kita jawab tak ikhlas camtuh.... so, medium yg paling baik is through blog. tak sangka dia akan baca.... and now, we both dah tahu each other memang suka sama suka. cuma kami tak declare apa2 pun. the way he treat me cam his gf la kan...

btw pocket. he is not the guy yg i cerita kat YM harituh. this is another guy.... ;) ~