Monday, June 09, 2008

62. KungfuPocket

on last sunday,
i have watched kungfu panda,
i've went with my dearest old buddy zam
and naset. (not to forget their lovely wifey)
There was some misunderstanding during
the ticket buying process. No one's fault.
the condition just didnt fit.
well cut the story short. we got there late.
And for dat guyz, i apologize.
when we finally sat our butt on the Wayang
seat, the movie actually started.
but we didnt miss Jack black appearance scene. The Noodle Stall Waiter who's too fat to move
I actually felt the experience first hand
when i was working in a tight restaurant myself.

well... he took a role of a fat panda.
what else could he be.
Its a story about a fat guy who just wanna
live life like everyone else. Having dreams
striving for the dreams just like everyone else...
me as a fat guy felt his sadness.
but am still not to the extend where i cant see
my toes yet but ... well u know what i mean.
yeah.. living life like everyone else was his dream
but end up as a hero of the whole village.
dont all of us think dream dat way every now and then:D

now pocket... as much as i wanted to tell u guys
about the whole movie, the acting, the story line,
character and everything.
i have another important point that i need to emphasize.
the only feeling that stayed inside me after watching that movie was...
The aching muscles pain in my face from too much laughing.
am a bit disapointed with monkey didnt talk that much during the movie,
looking forward to hear JackieChn voices though.

all and all, it was the best movie one can enjoy laughing.
Go and see it, and tell us what u think pocket :D

Biggest spoiler of the day:
'there was no secret recipe to the secret recipe Soup'
I wonder how does KFC react to this? :D


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ perasaan membuak-buak ni nak g tgk kungfu panda hari rabu ni. dah ramai ckp best... harus g tengok. ~

Ms Chrome said...

aah ler amy.. naz pun ckp best giler.. kelakar... rabu nih kite ngk keyh...ehehhe

Anonymous said...

uhu. kungfu pandat would be very entertaining. tgk the making of pun dh gelak2. :p

Annaster said...

Best ekk citer nie??
Nak tgk gak la!!

antalya said...

lor..kita tgk pd hari yg sama rupanya

bendul said...

so, there no such thing as "secret recipe" la kat secret recipe tu..? huhuhuhu.. diorang tipu ker..?

Princess Liyana said...

mesti tak boleh stop laughing kan?huhu:)

EpaL c0keLaT said...

Eh, best eak cter tuh ;;)
Nk test tgk arh :D

pandagumuk said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.(tensen tak tgk lg)

Pocket said...

perasaan membuak buak? eheh, pocket pun gitu jgak
ari tu, terbahak bahak actually:D

loh!! nak gi tgk skali ker? pocket nak gi tgk skali lagiiii! eheh, pasal ari tu duk dpan sgt. so tak clear sgt ..:P

the making? nih mesti the making kat ntv tujuh nih...

Gi tgk
Gi Tgk,
tp kalau tak sempat kalu, cari jer la DVD heh:D

entah entah kita gi tgk kat panggung yg sama...hheheheh... tak nampak yun pon:p

eheh, yg tu ko kna tgk la sndiri...
dan 'Secret Recipe' tu mungkin tak la secret sangat hehehehhe

Pocket said...

non stop smile on your face ready to burst to laughter:D

Make sure u dont seat the front seat cause then the action is kinda hard for u to see... huhuuuuu, nak tgk skali lg lah!!

U of all people should have seen it panda... cause its about u :D wahahahahahah

Princess Liyana said...

lately ni g2la senyumnya:)

Ms Chrome said...

pocket, ri nih movie day.. jom la sekali kungfu panda.. huhuhu

mummysyafie said...

akak dah tengok gak citer ni.hihihi

KFC..wah..tul lah poket..apa reaksi diaorg erkk..