Tuesday, May 13, 2008

50. EnglishOriented

Dey pocket,
I was sitting at the back seat of the Altis.
going to the supplier side at Thailand.
Listening to my music played on my MP3 Player.
i was then awaken by this song.
Avril Lavigne - innocence.

Now i'm not going to tell u about the song feeling or meaning.
i just wanna tell u about Avril's pronunciation.
We speak english everyday.
we try to speak better but always end up talking like malaysian english.
'i am from penang lah!'
'wait a minute, those product still got meh?'
'atleast we still got our pay loh'
'dat one no need to do one!!'
its not a problem if u'r talking to malaysian.
and most of us do talk to malaysian only.
its just dat i always dream of talking in better english rather than those
'wait wait.. let me eat first' which sounds like
'wet wet.. let me it fes' hahahaha

She Sings...
Waking up I see that everything is ok
The first time in my life and now it's so great
Slowing down I look around and I am so amazed
I think about the little things that make life great

I wouldn't change a thing about it
This is the best feeling

and i type,
she pronounce her 't' and 'k' brilliantly dont u think?
she pronounce her 'great' with the 't' sound at the end.
the somewhat sounds like a short 'tst'
she pronounce her 'amazed' with the 'd' sound at the end.
the somewhat like short 'dah'

starting of tomorrow i think i wanna pronounce all the 'huruf' clearly lah pocket.
kut kut buleh berasap sikit heheh...
any comment pocket?


Princess Liyana said...

First to comment in here:)
At least ada effort to speak English kan bro?
Daripada takmo ckp lgsg.
Practice makes perfect:)uhuhu

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ i pun suka dgr lagu yg dinyanyi kalo huruf2 yg disebut tuh clear. cam puas jer dengar.. ~

pandagumuk said...

jgn suwuh tukang komen pun dlm bi sudah :P

Ayaq masak said...

I hate Avril. With a passion. Oh yeah.

Kami punya interpreting recording pun kena pronounce betul2. Yang mana ada urup 's' ngan 't' kat hujung tu macam nak tersembur je air liur kat mike. Hahaha

yun said...

dh lama tak practise speaking. lidah dah kelu hahaha

ninadw said...



i've always been 'perli-ed' by my sabahan fren who thinks that her english was really good. but, u know.. she doesnt know that her english is manglish.. and my english is american-english.

tapi, takpe..
orang perli kita senyum jek.. :)

aria ayumi said...

huhu. kite suka rojak english ngan malay. *terasa plak neh*. ekekeke. sbb kite nye english tak sebagus pocket. huhu. kite nye english ala2 budak kg baru nak belajar. hehehe

btw, sukerk most of lagu avril!~ she's awesome, talented and a bit scary sometimes :p

Pocket said...

hooh kan, ado orang memang tak nak langsung,
tak nak usaha,
tak nak didedahkan pun.
heran heran..

kan, tp actually memang suma mat salleh or minah salleh cakapan nyer terang terang,kito jer yang Manglish sket :)

heh.. tak yah la dik panda oii... kang suma orang pakat pakat tak nak komen kat sini ...eheh:D

Why ayaq? why?
but then again suma orang ada pendapat sendiri.
interpreting recording? eh mungkinkah ayaq ni... nobita? eheh:D
bawak tisu banyak banyak ayaq.. utk lap mike tuu

actually we dont have to show off. she just shown her stupidness by showing off to u girl..
as long as we know we're talking
the right intonation,
the right pronounciation,
the right word,
hell they can say what ever they want to :D

heheh.. didnt u realize aria? dat
everybody speaks like that these days.
everybody writes like dat these days.
its more... interesting. eheh:D
so rojak pun OK... :)

azie said...

i was only interested in the part where u sat at the back of the ALTIS..i love ALTIS!

Ceera said...

hehehehehe... ok la tu kan, asal paham sdh.. for me la kan, =P

Ayaq masak said...

Hahaha aku bukan nobita lah. Belum lagi sampai tahap tu. Ini utk kelas interpreting ja...aku mana grad lagi lah...

Pocket said...

Hehh, luving altis too but just cant afford em ...
dont think i will..

Yup, the main thing would be for people to understand, kalau bercakap loghat texas kat nibong tebal... surely no one would understand u hahah :D
and by pronouncing it right, would increase the chance of people understanding u even better^^

kalau grad kang jadi nobita lah ayaq yer? eheh... jeles jeles...

missyizzati said...

agreed! if everyone pronounce their words clearly, the world would be a better place. ahah.

p/s hye from me. =)

A t i Q a h said...

yeap, the best way to learn english pronunciation, is to listen to the songs.