Wednesday, June 25, 2008

69. Sexocket

As if SexyPocket
How do u define sexy?
Well, u just take off all your clothes and that'll be sexy lah!!
hummm... i kinda have to disagree wit dat. That's naked, or simply pornographic.
I think there's a fine line between sexy and porno.
My definition of Sexy would be (Informally writing)

Things that makes the mind wander
(Explicitly of course)

but pocket what are the things that makes your mind wander?
what about :
Tulang selangka
Well this is just me, i'm fetish of collarbone

U know those shirt thats left hanging,
It doesnt have to show the pusat.
Just seing that its hanging also considered sexy
(Well at least for me it is..)
British Accent?
Found a lot of girls saying british accent is sexy but then again how does that stimulate the mind to wander off? well... i do think that british accent does have its own sexiness, and am trying to speak british, with the 'k' and 't' sound at the end just like i've mentioned in my 50th post with the title EnglishOriented, but i am not going to the extend of pronouncing 'talk' like 'towlkh')

What about scent?
Sexy working man have their own sexy sweat odour,
i totally dont think mine is...
been in an elevator alone with a young girl once,
cant help noticing her finger kept on touching her nose

and not to forget the usual things like:
Six packs,
Broad shoulder,
Jaw bones(?)

Many people with many opinion,
what about u pocket?
how do u define sexy and to list down one or two examples?


Ayaq masak said...

First again! Must be my lucky week. :D

Pocket said...

yup!! ayaq!!
this is your lucky week,
memang bebetul nyer kena beli buah pala kasi hadiah nih!!

Ayaq masak said...

Saja nak spam komen banyak2.

Okay2 to the real one.

My definition of sexiness:
For a woman - the way she carries herself, doesn't necessarily wears slutty clothes, pakai baju kurung pun boleh nampak seksi ok. The way she moves, walks, talks, body language yadayada.

For a man - British accent. Enough said. Oh, and Chuck in Gossip Girl. Epitome of sexiness. Haha.

Am not going to talk about 'natural body scent' because I suck at that. All I smell is stinkiness. :P

Ayaq masak said...



bendul said...

hey pocket..!! you forgot the VOICE..!! when you are on the phone with someone who you never met also, you can say she/he is sexy by her voice, right..?

yankiut said...

mata sepet sexy la pocket...hoho (jgn perasan laks)

p/s: gambar talipinggang to teringat kembali pada talipinggang EDWIN yang saya masih pakai sampai skrg..hoho

Annaster said...

Agreed with Ayaq Masak :-

My definition of sexiness:
For a woman - the way she carries herself, doesn't necessarily wears slutty clothes, pakai baju kurung pun boleh nampak seksi ok. The way she moves, walks, talks, body language yadayada.
-Ayaq Masak

But for me :-
* sexy when me with my high heels
* sexy when i'm wearing black (hitam itu menawan aka seksi)
* feel sexy bila pakai my fav perfume..

For woman & men :-
* woman sexy when she has lips just like Angelina Jolie
* men sexy when he is booootaaakkk..


~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ sexy? no idea sebab kepala still pening2 lagik. tapi nak add gak komen. ;) ~

Anonymous said...

hehe. sexy ni byk perspektif. klw bg diya la kan... lelaki yg romantik tu diya nampak sexy... :D

Danisha said...

Agree ler dgn bendul....
Yr voice memang sexy la pocket....


Lelaki cam ni seksi pada aku ;
1. Serius person dengan penuh karisma ( pandangannya mampu menembusi sanubari ini )


2. Matanya yg sepet penuh 'u' la pocket...( Aku pun sepet gak)

ninadw said...

the way they dressed.. not just by showing their cleavage *for women* or their 'pusat'..
pki baju sesuai dgn their body language itu leh buatkan seseorg nampak sexy ok..

n of course, their body language itself.. :)

yg lain, suara n wangi boleh gak dikategorikan sexy.. other, eyes.. hands.. *haha*, the way their laugh.. lotsa things cud b categorized as sexy.. kan?? haha..

Pocket said...

Yup, one does not need to wear slutty just to be sexy.
i definitely agree...
those baju kurung with cekak musang at the neck, the opening is purposely lowered to the chest,
now the opening doesnt have to open up and expose everything.
The observer doesnt have to see anything
The mere fact that there's an opening there would already let the mind wander...
wondering ideas like:
'kalau aku tgk dari direct atas ni mestii...'
'kalau la button tu tertanggal...'
'angle dari sini kalu nampak tak?...'

and that is sexy.
Tormenting the mind,
letting it think,
wondering what is inside,
Wandering off to where no man has ever gone before.

reply pun dam macam post dah:)

so ayaq!!.. memang betul lah british accent tu sexy yer? nak pulun lah kalau gitu!!and with the british accent i'll say
'here is your chocolate coated buah pala madam'

yaaa!! voice is totally the origin of all sexiness!!
Even listening the low tone, husky and somewhat like blunt voice tru the phone would caress the heart.

dup dap!
dup dap!
dup dap!...
tuuuppp tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppp (Bunyi keretapi)

mata sepet sexy yer yan?
yg ni first time la dgr. eheh:D
perasan kejap.

Edwin yg bli kat jpung dulu ker?
same ere... the leather belt is still around my waist now. Talk about well worth buying kan:)

Sexy in high heels yaaa...
Yess!! got one lady here who always wear high heels paired with her naked leg. Dang she is sexy. Eventhough she is wearing standard company uniform.

Amy sakit lagi ker?
Wish u all the besh honey.
makan ubat tau.
n kalau rajin gi cari daun sekentut.
wat mandi. (Kalau demam campak lah)

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

sexy..pd watashi errrrr....


yeahhhhhhh'jawapan penyelamat nusa dan bangsa

Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

setuju dgn pendapat setengah org
suara pocket sexy..
jadi..suara mr beruang turut SEXY nyahhhhhh

Ayaq masak said...

Sile2 pulun cakap with Brit accent demi saye eheh.

Hoi tanak lah buah pala salut cekelat isk isk isk...

Suma orang dok kata sora ko sexy.. ni nak dengar jugak ni...........

Pocket said...

umph!! sexy banyak perspective,
lain orang lain plak citernyer..

romantik tu pun banyak jgak:D
giving u flower on your birthday is romantic,
but is it sexy?

pandangan kaaa...
dalam bahasa sasteranya.. 'panah arjuna'
heh heh...
kiranya cam staring u in and out lah yek:D

sepet kalu susah kut!!?

so for u it'll be body language yah?
but u have to move gracefully to get that..
and the way one stretch their back or shoulder ..

tell me how does 'keperibadian' can be seen as sexy?

suara pocket sexy?
danisha pun kata gini jgak...
tak leh tanya bendul cause he's a guy.
tte..sejauh mana kebenarannya masih lagi 'X Files'

umph!! tgh duk tergeliat lidah sembang ngan Mr George our HoD with british accent.
pulun demi ayaq

ayaq, hana chan kata sore pocket sexy pasal dia nak puji enBeruang jer tuuuuu...

nak dgr? try call enBeruang tgk?
hana chan... fon no please :_)

Princess Liyana said...

My definition of sexy?haha, no idea la bro. Orang kata bibir angelina jolie sexy?btolkah?haha..

your mind wander tak tu?haha

Tny said...

As u were saying "Sexy working man have their own sexy sweat odour"

Errmm tp pocket, klo kesaq bdn.. woo cannot go!!! hahahhaha..

Sangat suka ngn illustration hanging shirt tu :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ daun sekentut? daun apakah ituew... cam kelakar la plak bunyi nya. hahahaha.... ~

Princess Liyana said...

err..nak email..:p
nak add di ym.

kiah.ism said...

six pack tu seksi ke? arghh!

Pocket said...

well... angelina jolie and her sexy lips.
But then again liyana,
i dont think her lips is sexy.
(although the rest of the world does think so)
cause i just cant see any connection and my mind does not wander off explicitly...

nak e mail? umph umph.. dah bagi dah dik. Check your G mail.

Kesaq badan yeh?
tu laa persoalan nyer...
bau yg camana yg sexy,
bau yg camana yang 'yucky'

heheh, for instance
bau lelaki macho yg br lepas main bola is sexy.
bau guru senaman selepas pendidikan jasmani is yucky.
i dont know. cause i hate football and so does pendidikan jsmani...

well someone does realize that its an illustration of a hanging shirt. my message well understand:D

Daun sekentut tu adalah daun yg baunyer sikit jugak
cam kentut pakcik yg tak makan jering ataupun petai
kiranya bau pure kentut lah...
tak tau la Dewan Bahasa Pustaka panggil daun ni daun apa, tp kat kedah
(Or atleast my grandmother calls it like dat)
diorang buat ubat demam campak.

takder kena mengena ngan amy yg tak demam campak tu.

ikut orang jgak...
some think of it as a sex apeal,
some think of it as a mark that says
'dont mess with me'

i know u dont think much of em, but then what do u find sexy in men?

azie said...

sexiness lies in the eyes of the beholder,ahaks

fairuzniza said...

i feel sexy when i wear my high heels, and when i wear all black..muahaha..

but most of the time, i am scarry..
ngeh ngeh ngeh

Princess Liyana said...

tau takpe! i pun tak faham why people said her lips tu sexy:p
ah, tgk tak sexy pun.huhu biasa je.;p