Friday, November 06, 2009

222. First time...

...i'm hearing this and i've fallen for this this song,
i luv the way she sings this song, i luv her crying face boo hoo
i luv her way of pronouncing the words.
can u hear the 'khh' sound at the end of 'Clock' from the first ayat?
...and guess what, when i've heard the actual song
jewel - you were meant for me
i didnt like it that much...
(Bendul.. look it up and make a link in your penuhmuaturun will ya^^)

She was Anna Raffali who sang it here in yutiub,
go on and view her for yourself will ya,
(definitely this vdo is too old that it is inside every malaysian who own a handphone dat can play vdo)

Well maybe the fact that she was soo dang
cute and witty.. and the original singer is..
well.. old:D hahahah (As if i am not)
or maybe because i've heard the cover version first.
and then only that i've look upon the original version? hummmm
u tell me if this theory is valid or not?

One will like the first thing better then the second same thing just because of the sequence.

i guess this theory will not apply if your first luv
was a futureless bum who ask his mother 5 ringgit
every morning just to have tea with u. hahahah, ('But he was so sweet' u might add...)

But i think it is valid for the story u hear in the news,
only one party is good, the other party is always bad.
the blue party making new bridge at some distant
kampung and the other party built a big bad
kandang kambing that caused foul smell to the
whole kampung...
regardless of how true it is,
the first story u hear will be better and considered as the truth.
i mean u dont believe in any of those story from
cheap flyers they pass around in permatang pauh recent
election even if the flyers denying all those misguiding
allegation were true.
A political point of view from the none political pocket.
makes u wanna shout out 'shut up pocket!!!' kan :) okeh okeh..

Ever be an ear for someone who just broke up with his BF or GF?
A wet story, cause for girls it'll be tears on the shoulder.
A smoking story, for some for its easier to pour out with Nicotine's help
However the story will be, the first story u hear from your dear friend
will always be considered the true one.
The story from her BF? well he's just lying to save his ass,
this is true isnt it? or dont u think?

even if u listen to the enemy side of the story then after,
will your ground change? i dont think so.. or at least i dont, (And i need to change this)
dunno why, i guess its my nature,
just like why i like Anna Raffali better then Juwel i guess.

so how about it pocketeers?
valid or not?

The first time i've tasted mee kari my whole life was in japan
by the age of 20. A friend cooked it and it was a bit salty.
Till today my perception of mee kari would be..
kalau tak masin sikit tu, tak jadi lah tuu...
Haaaiiiihhhhh....Lapaq mee kariiiii!!!!!


mier@merr said...

1st time mkn ikan keli goreng...
sgt hanyir n lmbik n iiyyeekkkk... sgt xbest...

3thn dok utm mmg xpenah bli klu g mkn kt kafe..pdhal mmbe sume melahap sedap sgt je...

final yr..bru trasa nk try...

perghh....sedap okeh..siap g bli lg sekor wat meratah...

so..yg 1st time xbest...yg 2nd best sehh.... haha...

Pocket said...

yes, betul tu,
mahu 3 tahun jgak tak makan ikan keli kan...
pasal 1st time gagal,
kalau la pas tu makan skali lg,
sedap pun, mesti gagal jgak betul tak?

ker pocket salah?

mier@merr said...

kurang tepat..sila cuba lg..ahakz..
.... sbb skng da suke mkn ikan keli... wawawa....

xsmstinya yg 1 st adalah betul... n xsmestinya yg kedua adalah salah.... :)

stiap org ada interpretasi snirik :)

Adila said...

what the....??
mee karriiiiiiii
bak spinggan! hehehe

well.. if me, if it's about something yg i tak tau, obviously i trust the first person/fact yg i dgr

if got byk version sgt about the facts... well, just forget about it haha
i mean.. well this will sound very selfish, but put it this way.. diorg nak save their own ass, kasi konpius org lain.. patut aku pduli?
as long as it won't affect me, i'll be neutral :P

it's a bit easy if it's about factual stuffs (can google up, do some research and such) but if it's about cerita org.. hrmmm~ susah nak ckp
for sure ade tokok tambah, kan?

but anyway, trust org yg first ckp dulu if u know that person well as in.. dia bkn kaki klentong haha

....this got me thinking...
with all the bullshit org ckp, we should always just listen to our own self aje~ lalala~

eh off topic ke ni?
rs mcm dah mengarut la plak hohoho

Super HaNa said...

waatshi sampai skang teklak takleh terima mee kari...

biar pun first time or ratus time sekali demi meenjaga hati

:sedappp makcikk...ini pling sedap yg saya penanh mkn

dlm hati?
mee kari sedap rasa cane arr???

bendul said...

kalo bab dengar cerita org, mmg kita akan percaya cakap org yg pertama..
tambah pulak org kedua tu mmg musuh kita, dia dtg pegang2 kaki merayu percaya cerita dia pun kita takkan pecaya kan..
so, kalo ada apa2 nak mengadu, pastikan kita orang yg pertama mengadu..!!

pasal makan..?
dulu sebelum gi jepun try makan sushi sotong mentah kat bangsar..
rasa macam makan tayar basikal..
sampai takut nak gi jepun, takut mati kebulur pasal ingat kat jepun ada tayar basikal jer semua..

bila dah 2 tahun kat sana, tayar basikal tu la yg dok selalu makan..
especially sa-mon aburi..
issskkk... meleleh ayo lio..

need more than 2 times trying to make comparison eeehh..?

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

amy plak, amy suka dengar both party. maybe cara orang yang pertama cerita lain. dan apa yg org kedua cerita lain. from that, i learned something. *konon nak jadi kaunselor tapi tak kesampaian kan*. so, maybe both ada salah sikit-dua, tuh yang dua-dua fakta jadi tak sama.

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

Here goes another karangan:

Sha is always in the middle.

- When the youngest brother told me his newly purchased undies have been stolen by one big brother, I had to listen.
- When the older brother told me, "Mana tau. Brand sama, saiz sama, rupa sama, ingatkan sendiri punya" I listened as well.
- When the oldest brother took the younger and youngest brother undies and said, "Eh, I thought ibu beli for me?" - Have to listen....

It's like blog hopping and READING. You don't always agree with all the stories you're hearing but you have to listen to all version.

Regardless it's the first or the last. The first blog you read might be boring, the second one might be more interesting. But you'll get something out of all the stories:)

Because, if I listened to the youngest brother story about the 2 oldest brothers who have been stealing his undies, I might be bias as the eldest sister among all, don't you think?

And my second boyfriend was better than the first one. ALWAYS.

I like the Az Yet version of HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY than the Chicago version though I heard Chicago first:)

I still ate my aunty's Laksa Sarawak though my first taste of Laksa Sarawak in Laksa Shack was horrendous. No regret:)

The judgment is all yours. For me, number 2 is co-incidentally the best.

I stumbled, I cried then I'll get the best:P

Hope won't become bini no. 2 dahla....hahaha...

atty's said...

fir suka ikan keli ..kalo leh ari2 dia nak ..

kojah said...

postponed baca leh tak bro?


Cik Qemm said...

lain muke ana dulu ngan sekarang eh.
suare die sedap.