Thursday, November 26, 2009

234. DiAgliTrus

There was this movie Kaserin haigel
and jerad batler as the main actor dat
i tot was too sexy for young blogger
like Chaa to watch without parental
(As if she's that young)

a hillarious movie perfect for those
sunday night time-wasting-movie
session. It was suppose to be about
we who are always afraid on how ugly
the truth is in relationship,
as we always prefer to look away to
a better answer.
a better excuse.
but in the end the conclusion was
love is never like math where 1+1 is 2
but more like sastera, where u might l
ike this poem, but i dont.

we always talk about how men are a Mr-fix-it that dont listen
and girls are always a listener who dont do anything.
Like my comment in IntanIzani previously about the toll gate girl...
and the same goes to Zara about the teacher who nag at her
in her post Palat.
there i was proposing a solution but i failed to listened.
Oh i listened alright, after i've understand the problem..
the next thing comes to mind would be 'what to do about it?'

well anyway, in dat movie, according to jerat batler,
men are simple and very appearance base minded.
So for girls to get men out there,
let it be for hubby stock, BF stock even for chicken stock,
LP Lum mentioned this in her post : StocKs sukA-suKa atAu StockS isTeri..
...improve your appearance.
How i think otherwise. Please let it be otherwise...

To make my point worth discussing,
let me spoil u the details. those who havent watch it yet,
here is the spoiler, proceed with full caution...
jerat and kaserin danced passionately and the luv god cupid
shot both of them with his notty luv arrow.The arrow stuck
on the left eyebrow letting an awkward feeling in the elevator
while going up to their separate rooms.
(They're suppose to be boss and worker so..)

But the hormon just couldnt be kept under the lid so they kissed.
instead of heading to the same room, they went on their separate
room hoping to re think about a relationship that may bond.
Jerat then went after to see kaserin, to pour his heart out to her.
Telling her 'i think i love u and please be mine' maybe...
(Terkulat kulaaaat, macam budak nak gi jumpa cikgu besar heheheh)
but she was with her Macho dentist BF,
a cat person macho who also owns a convertible.

kaserin came out leaving her BF in the room to talk to Jerat,
kaserin was facing jerat.. didnt tell him nothing, giving the look
hoping him to tell her to ditch the BF,
hoping him to men up and tell her that he wanted her.
But he didnt. Well i guess most guys wont...

do u girls would actually thought we men would say
'ask him to go away and come to my room instead tonite'
what if u are actually loving the BF?
what if the passion and love that i thought happened
just now was fake and momentarily kinda thing?
(Pocket memang selalu perah-santan so... macam kena slalu dah)
asking u to leave your BF and seeing u regret it the next day?
or asking u to leave him and get a slap right after.
i wont risk the relationship that we had until today.
Even if its just talking and no touching. But i luv it.
And by saying such thing may ruin everything...

so what do u think pocketeers..
do u really want us to men-up and lead the way?
Regardless of what may happen?
Previous posting 59. GonePocketGone was also related :D


mier@merr said...


saje nak claim dulu...
nak g baca jap :)

Pocket said...

Jahat!! :)
kna buat pertandingan jgak nih!!

mier@merr said...

nak g tgk citer ni dulu jap.... ahakz... nanti i dtg blk...

Pocket said...


virou said...

sha blur kejap. kena bukak dua windows from the same blog supaya dapat komen.

lead the way?

kalau nak fikir lead the way to work the other relationship because you're playing gentleman...hmmmm...the girly sha would say,

"arrgghhh...sweetnyeeeeeeee!!! comelnyeeeeeee!!!!! tesentuhnyeeeeeee atiiiiiiii..pengorbanan itu sangat sweet!"


one thing sha sangat suka ialah honesty. reality bites, but that's the use of having u heal that injury after being bitten:)

like when someone used to say to me that the feeling of me speaking about my favourite food, yakitori was not that pleasant:P

i would certainly evaluate my options kan? whether i need to continue eating the greasy yakitori (though it taste nice) or for me to start checking out the ulam-ulaman for my morning dose.

you tell me which dosage i preferred?

after that statement, even passing yakitori in front of me in pasar malam is no longer a problem.

so, men...

be honest, we'll lead the way together:)

* boleh paham ke metafoooorrrrr nieh?

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

tengok tajuk ingatkan citer apa tadi...pelik jer bunyik nye.. hehehe..

boley carik..

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

tengok tajuk ingatkan citer apa tadi...pelik jer bunyik nye.. hehehe..

boley carik..

a.z.r.i.n.a.03.07 said...

tengok tajuk ingatkan citer apa tadi...pelik jer bunyik nye.. hehehe..

boley carik..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

oiiit..apasal nama sha jadi virou dalam blog nieh?!!!!

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

entri pocket nih cam ada kaitan pulak dengan entri amy untuk hari ni. hehehe..

bukan amy nak kutuk lelaki ye pocket. being single for almost two years. amy kenal a lot of guys. ramai yg tak tahan dengan amy becoz i'm too naif kot. i don't like to talk about sex and so on. kalau ko nak pegang lebih-lebih, gerenti aku bagi side kick lah. so, nak jumpa yang baik and honest in friendship tuh sangat lah susah.

once i found yg baik n jujur bila bercakap. then, amy decided that i can't just let him go. cinta is different. it will come once you know him better, kan?

Cik Qemm said...

hmm ini kena bercakap dari hati ke hati

for me as a women (eceh dah ley claim women,dulu duk ngaku girl) mmg la duk berangan men will lead.

tapi cuba bayangkan tersuka kat mamat yang lampi(lambat pickup), duk la tggu bulan jatuh ke riba. so in that case, kena la kasi hint or kasi je first move.

anyway.tak pnh lg rase kt tmpt kaserin so tak tau la ape reaksi cikqemm di situasi tu.

kdg2 pmpn ni mmg mcm kaserin tu, hoping that the guy fhm ape yg ade dlm kepala otak die (tapi mmg la org tak akan fhm kalau kite tak spilt it out kan).

ape2 pun, cite ni mmg theuglytruth.haha.lucu.

mier@merr said...

i'm back.....!!

sori yer lame sket...
mendonlod cite ni dulu semalam...ekeke...

~~sweet ini stori...
~~sy mmg lg suke klu guys yg start sbb sy ni pemalu + ego...kah3...
~~so apa yg ada kt dlm ati akan trus ada dalam ati slagi pihak satu lagi xmemulakan langkah....
tu yg terjadinya penantian 2tahun setengah yang tiada mkna... (my entri tjuk bukan untukku)... then when i have the courage....the strenght to talk about it...its late already..and he ask...

"y now?".....

maw nangis pn ada...maw gelak pn ada...

sy rs sy tnjuk even sy xckp... but i wont start...hahaha...

ok...sekian luahan perapuan yg entah hape2...

to kak sha...>> ape pun nama ur style mmg dpt dikenalpasti...hehe

~LP Lum~ said...

bg sy... sy sokong ngan amy, being solo almost 3 years, mmbuatkan atie dah xdpt nak knl yg mna 1 lelaki baik n jujur n yg mna 1 lelki yg idungnye brbelang... :)

n sokong gak dak miera, sy ska lelaki yg mulakan sbbnya bru ar rsa "jantanmen" ckit.. ;)
(like my ex... y i cant stop frm loving him??)

persoklan yg slalu sy tnye pd dri sy lewat solo mcm nie ialah

ps: slam aidil adha wat pocket.. :)

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Well, I nagged a lot I guess~
But yeah, I love this so much!
I mean, I love this movie so much!!

Adila said...

citer ni!!!
nak tgk la nanti!!

dr hari tu dok carik2 gak ape la tajuk dia haha