Friday, November 20, 2009

230. SahabatPenaKu...Wani

Pocketeers, i use to have a pen pal,
i got a hold of her address first in 1992
from a column in a newspaper. The funny thing was,
i found the newspaper cutting from a 'kedai gunting rambut'
an old surat khabar waiting to be used as a packing material
for the hair i guess. Sent her my first letter, and she replied
back a year later, (Or at least it felt like a year)
and we've been corresponding tru Pos Malaysia ever since.

i've lost her phone number when i came back from japan,
(Changed my phone number and lost the last sim card)
that was 2004, now its 2009 i'm starting to miss a portion
of love from this heart of mine. Her very existence as my penpal.
Hope she got married with the actor i heard she was dating with.

yes, it is my fault that the communication broke down.
I know that 5 years is a long time for someone to realize
that he's missing something, i'm not going to list down
all the excuse i have. (It sounded silly anyway)
But I am just going to ask for your forgiveness.
wani... will u ever forgive me ?

And so i've sent her a letter to her usual address she use to live.
Hope the letter arrived to her safely and calculating that she'll be
receiving it immediately, then today is the day she's suppose to read
this blog.
This is a scheduled post as i am now in thailand.
But sure hope she leaves a message in the comment area.

Since ayaq masak is saying that my post usually ends with a question.
She mentioned it in her post Sibuk la sibuk sibukkk
then i'm going to put in the usual ending here as well...
POcketeers, have any pen pal from your earlier days?


Kujie said...

tahun 1979, masa umur 12 tahun ( giler punya retno kak jie ni ) ada pen pal dari amerika, wahh..gempaq masa tu dapat surat dialamat ke kampung paya, baling, kedah.

Pen pal kak jie ada kirim gambar dia, gambar ukuran pasport.

Kak Jie nak balas balik tak ada gambar, kedai gambar tak pernah jejak kat hulu tu.

Potong gambar kelas, gambar sekolah akhir tahun yang pakai uniform pinafore tu...

pindah sana sini, semua tu pun dah hilang...

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

yes, i have pen pal too. masa ni back then in 1999 kot. amy ada pen pal yg jauh nunnn di UK. yang sayangnya dia perempuan lah. if jejaka. confirm amy tak hilangkan address dia.

Ayaq masak said...

Saya tadak ada ke? Ntah tak ingat hahaha sadis~~~

lieya orange M.I. said...

...lieya takde penpal...
...pernah musim hangat penpal kat skolah dulu...
...sume bz ke internet cafe time tu..
...dulu buta it, balik skolah, terus balik...=)

HoPe said...

i used to have 1 too..
but..i took ages to reply 1 letter..
after 2 years i guess..
i gave up..

intan izani said...

i ada jugak penpal
masa 1996
time tu darjah 6
tapi lost contact
sebab purse hilang
masa tu alamat sume dalam tu
sedey jugak
nama dia jonathon
tpai bukan jonathon brandis yg mati tu

dahla hensem mamat tu

dia bagi mcm2
salah satu darinye
magnet fridge
so cantik
tapi ilang jugak


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

for the sake of pocket's posting,

sha tangkap gambo of a bo full of letters to a creature named Godzilla.

Nantilah...sha hantar kat email, k!

Siapakah Godzilla?

A character yang dicipta oleh Sha sewaktu berumur 15 tahun di Galaxie.

Ramai hantar surat kat dia.

Penuh sekotak:)

Super HaNa said...

pen pal

Super HaNa said...

zaman sekolah rendah ada kut.
tp dia hantar..waashi tak reply