Saturday, April 19, 2008

43. The Pocketen Kingdom 2

Pocket!! pocket!! wake up !!

So pocket, i've went to see that movie The forbidden kingdom today at 510pm,
it ends roughly about 7pm. Unlike other Jackie Chan's movie, this one doesnt end
showing the acting Blooper.
(I was actually waited for that)
The story was about a american boy who was
brought back to the world where the legendary
Monkey king was trapped in a statue form.
To release the monkey king, the boy has to use
the Monkey Kings magical staff on him...
(ketuk laaa...)
quite easy aint it? well the Jade Warlord protect
this statue from anyone's harm ensuring the
monkey king will not be release.
The Jade Warlord and his loyal assassin
the white hair witch (Li BingBing)

Well pocket, u know me...
I always fall for the bad girl in a movie,
Luved bellaxtrix lestrange from Harry Potter.
(the one who killed harry's uncle ...SiriusBlack)
No doubt about Sway from 'Gone in 60 second'
(But i thought Angelina Jolie was the good guys)
And of course, for this one i fancied the white hair
witch more than the golden sparrow.
Why haa pocket?
(The wig is kinda disturbing though, cant u just dyed the hair?)

I came to see this movie to watch the
legendary JetLi and Jackie Chan fight,
well that's what i've got.
There was this scene which i think took
about 10 minutes just for the legends to
show their skills.
Both of them just dont wanna give it in,
Both of them got hit by the other just equally,
Both of them did their stunt themselves,
But I have to say that Jackie did a better
drunken master back in his younger days.

Pocket... try to give attention to the foot
steps on the dirt. Now this is a carefully
made movie where the foot steps is
cleaned every time the director yell 'Cuttt!!!'.

Simply different with the movie about a car
drifting on a road with full of tyre mark.
1 st attempt... NG
2 nd attempt...NG
Got it right the third time but with full of
tyre mark from the 1st n 2nd attempt.
Tak leh padam yek?

All and all, i'll put the summary of what i think of the movie.
- A great movie cause i luv JetLi and Jackie Chan,
- U just wanna start doing kungfu right after watching this movie
(Who doesnt? but no worries... it'll fade off in an hour or two)
- Hilarious?
- Although i like Li BingBing character better, but Crystal Liu FeiYi
is a dang jaw dropping, cute and most of all hottest chick in the movie.
(She is the only chick in the movie)

So pocket... gi la tgk !! n tell me what u think :D
Right after the movie, just to my luck ... i've met Danisha,
She was waiting for 'Congkak'.
At first i was amazed with her bringing her 'selimut'.
At first i was thinking 'why selimut? cant it be a jacket or something?'
In the end, i do think it looks nice on u sweet heart...
Thank for jumping in front of us :D


Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

ehehehehehe...**gelak kt danisha

tkpe..watashi pun sama version nyorok kt seat la..ahahahaha

congkak tu takut sangta ke??

cea...tanya mcm watashi berani je

Princess Liyana said...

A big fan of JetLi and Jackie Chan:) ek bro? mesti you watch all their movies..'Always fall for a bad girl'

Pocket said...

ado dengar orang kater,
'she dont wanna pay her good money just to let people scare her'
hanachan tak bleh tgk citer hantu yek?

umph, luv them but havent watch all of their movie, cause their filmography list is berjela jela ok.

aria ayumi said...

me also lurve jetli n jackie chan!~ ahaks.

mulanya masa tgk iklan cite ni, kite ingatkan cuma jetli je hero yg outstanding. sbb jackie chan kan pki rambut pjg ituk, mmg tak bape pasan ah. then, a bit weird tetibe muncul american boy. heh. sennag cakap, nak tgk cite nih ASAP!~ :D

freakmie said...

oic..i'll try to see this weekend..


Hana-Ni-Mo-Nai2 said...

tk leh...sgt takut k..
pernah terkoyakkan lengan baju member(lelaki)
kes sbb nk nyorok
sib baik dia member rapat dan masih single

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

~ best ekh citer nie? kalo ader perang2 nie yg wat ku malas nak nengok nie.

tapi Jet Li berlakon, mcm syok pulak jer nak nengok. hehehehe... ~

Danisha said...

Slendang tu buat nyorok bila time suspen... ahahaha

Tapikan memang hobi ler lompat depan kengkawan. Excited Jumpa pocket aritu...Sayang tak leh lepak lama2kan....