Monday, October 12, 2009

210. OneWouldKnow...

...If one is hated.
Usually one would know if one is hated,
when every one else puke just by the sight of him.
Well not to that extend of course,
if u'r a beggar wearing a mangy shirt with pants
torn off here and there, smelling just a slight better
then a non mantained public toilet.
Well then people would puke indefinitely,
but i dont think my reader ever goes to that extend isnt it?
heheh, (Pointless kan perenggan ni..^^)

Usually one would know if one is hated
when everyone else picked up their trays and leave
as one sits on the stool of that long table at the canteen.
Cant it be more obvious?

Usually one would know if one is hated
when everyone leave the building just by the news of him
arriving there. Alamaaakkkk,
he's coming to this party,
he's expecting a lot of people there.
but as he arrived, there was no one,
just the party throwers making a sad face,
'haaa, mai masuk mai masuk, yang lain balik dah,
tinggai hang sorang jer la kan, tp mai la makan apa yg ada.'
isnt it obvious? when the party thrower start to give lame
excuses of why this guy left. and why that girl suddenly
having an aunty who got sick from food poisoning.
cant he feel it? he felt it, but he is just too sad to
take any action about it.

Usually one would know if one is hated
when SMS replied only with 'K' for OK. even after a long sms..
'dik, abang tak sempat nak gi bli lg, nanti abang blikan.
musim raye ni jalan jam sangat, harap adik paham'
and her reply was...'k'
(ok, not hated but she might be sleeping heheh)

when he starts to give lame excuses for not seeing u tonight.
'abg kan ker celcom, sepanjang musim perayaan ni tak
leh call sayang, sorry laaa.. dah tu sangkut Jam plak lagi'
(Eh? dah macam betul punyer excuse jer nii?)
when she is not calling u in return even after 12 miss calls.
'maner ader u call?'
or just by the sound of those long exhaling sound. 'huuuuuhhhhhh'
(Dlm bahasa jpung nyer 'tameiki')

humm humm

wan would know when wan is hated.
but its too painful to act like one.
too lonely to stay away,
too hard to stay together,
to choose between own family and family-to-be
is just excruciating

but then again pocketeers,
wan knows... wan would stay away,
wan did stayed away, am staying away,
but he dont.


miera a.k.a merr said...

one would noe...if one is hated when

one asking her fren, two
:two.. would u mind if i join you to jusco dis evening?

two answer : sori i forgot to tell u that i got class dis evening

suddenly three comes n ask two : beb.. jom shopping kt city square

two : megasale!! jom....ptg ni k..

then blah cmtu je tggl one...... huish..kuciwa seyh...then one would noe......

apekah? ade point tak d ctu..? ehe..

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

one would noe...if one is hated when..

-he/she is not invited to an open house/wedding.

and when he/she goes online she would see a beautiful happy picture of everyone except him/ FB. everyone will comment on the picture with captions like, "kita semua kawan baik!"

imagine how do you have to react:

* putting a happy comment back would make you look stupid but it is safe that way because you're not exposing you true feelings. regardless, that's what everyone wants you to do, because they want you to suffer (that's the intention)


* by putting the comment, people will laugh behind you, saying,"hahahaa..aku dah tau dah dia akan buat2 happy. jom sakitkan hati dia lagi!" and they will start with..."best tau....tuhlah kau takde. tp kitorang mmg dah plan sesame kitorang je." and they will wait for your reply after making that knife piercing statement.


* no reply will make them guessing but will cause you a reputation saying that you might be a coward;)


* replying angrily will make them say you're overreacted. it will make it easier for them to hate and hate and hate you more.

even if you know they hate you, even if you're reacting...they will find another way to let you know again and again and again and again...

just like neville longbottom in HP, people won't stop laughing the moment he does something which was never his intention:)

* i'm writing a posting for your posting. AGAIN. Adoi!

bendul said...

you call 3-4 friends,
"hangpa nak pi kenuri umah izwan satgi hangpa ajak aku dulu naa.. aku segan nak pi sorang.."

nobody's called..
and you arrived at izwan's kenuri with everyone is there..

you're dating,
your gf friend came and ask,
"who is this..?"
the answer was "my friend.."

nobody come to your blog..

ZARA 札拉 said...

and he kept answering Ok all the time when I'm sick. Like I'll care of the moods and emotions while me and myself even breathe harder.

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

one would noe...if one is hated when..

she asked you to watch movie or jalan-jalan but you give a lot of reasons. amy lah tuh yg nak bagi alasannya coz i don't like her. mengelak untuk jadi kawan rapat. ;)

fitriah said...

waaaaa tak nak dibenci!

tapi adat la..bukan semua orang suke kat kite kan?

nURmALa mAZLan said...

one would noe...if one is hated when

- she/he starts to give a lot of excuses for not seeing u

kalau x bg alasan pon.. last²minit sure cancel..ahahaha`

lieya orange M.I. said...

...lieya kalau gaduh ngan bucuk lieya, msj yg paling menyakitkan hati, bila tanyer, dia jawab erm...
...uihh, bengang lieya tau...
...k utk ok pun sama...
...nasib mssj free, kalau bayar rugi jer..=p

Pocket said...

yes yes, we would know kan,
i mean cant it be more obvious,
dah ajak dah,
tp ko tak nak gi,
ada samting la konon,
org lain ajak nak la plak!!?

err, tang part
'kitorang memang dah plan sesama kitorang jer'
tu terasa cam sha simply sangka buruk,
but then again, i cant blame u sis...
when we're thinking the worst,
thebad seems sweet
n those ayat ayat dengki seems like cherry decorating the cake of hate.

skali dlm facebook lg diorang komen...
heheh, mcm dlm sangat nih,

sabo sha, sabo...

Pocket tak gi blog the bendul bersebab,
terlah dinyatakan dlm talipon,
sila jangan marah.

about the GF annoincing u as 'my friend'
that is not hate, that is simply she's not
wanting to be attached with u publicly yet:D

buleh ker pocket kater gitu?

kenduri memang lah sial kalau kengkawan ngi asing.
sampai jer situ, kita kena makan meja lain..
walhal kengkawan lain makan satu meja.
humm hummm

tambah tambah plak mase tgh dmam campak tu kan,
kiter ni bosan la bosan,
dia reply ...'OK'

u are different,
u'r not the hated one,
but u'r the hater..
(Tte ader ker perkataan sebegitu?)
tp betul jgak,
org dah bagi hint,
perasan perasan lah sndiri...
kejam tp.. paham paham kan lah..

luv your comment sis :D

ada citer org dibenci bebaru ni,
cam nak tulih post jer pasal itu,
tp ...
cam nenanti lah..

tak besh kan kalau dalam 200 komen kat blog kita,
100 daripadanya ayat ayat benci kan..

last minute kansel!!
pocket selalu buat ni!!
n i understand if i ever be hated due to that.

dia jawab 'erm' tu kan..
bukan perkataan pun!!
lebih kepada bunyi jer..
dia simply berbunyi..
gitu gitu..

punya la bosan kan..

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