Monday, October 19, 2009

215. FirstChoice

hiii!! pruuuu!! hiii!! pruuu!!
hiii!! pruuuu!! hiiblurblubblub, kohek kohek!!
kohok!!! buwekk!! mashin!!
now farid is on his feet, coughing away the water
dat got into his respitory system, standing in the
waist deep water of Seberang Jaya Public Pool,
let me rephrase that, standing in the shallow area
of the swimming pool, going from one end to another
making sure he can still reach the floor every now and then.
he cant swim, yes but we must honour his effort people,
show some spirit laa..

'gambare!' sing a girly voice from behind.
A voice dat would torment him a year after,
a voice dat would create a chance of a lifetime
but he dont know about this yet.
And before farid could see the voice owner face,
she swam away, farid could saw that she was wearing
a light green one piece, that is all he could see.
His vision was blurry by his own goggles and the
splashes she make pushing kicking the water. he followed her,
she was freestyling fast, while farid was slowly
taking his breath every stroke of the kuak dada,
drinking the water every four stroke, n before he realizes it,
he is in the middle area of the swimming pool,
'Alamaaakk!! dah tengah la plak, mampos aku'.

He is out of breath! but he know, that if he panicked,
the whole world would collapsed down on him and
the next thing he'll be seing is the paramedic,
that is if he's lucky. So he turn his way,
trying to reach the nearest edge, his step is failing him,
was it the leg first or the breathing first? then when do
hand comes in play? he's struggling now,
making half kuak dada, half butterfly and even tried to dive.

N then comes a soft finger to his throat,
pulling him with whispers to his ear 'shhhhh shhhhhh'
like a mother trying to calm her baby to sleep,
before he could panic n struggle,
the soft voice whisper again in his ear,
'do not move, u touch anything i'll personally drown u, ok?'
so close dat he can feel her breath on his cheek,
and so farid was breathing normally again,
looking at the stars,smiling, enjoying the sweet feeling
of her touch under his chin, trying hard not to move,
regardless of how tempting it was to move his hands around
hoping to 'accidentally' touch anything that is worth drowning for.

It was about 12 second till they've reached the edge,
a short indeed when farid was hoping she would pull
him about three time around the swimming pool.
just as he felt the floor by his feet,
immediately he stands and say
' thanks!! sy buleh jer berenang tadi tu,
tp dah awak nak tarik sy kan..
besh jgak kna tarik skali skala nii'
'elleeehh, mcm orang tak tau jer sikit lagi dia nak jerit "maaakkk!!" tadi'
she said mimicking a panic pondan drowning.
'sy ader jerit ker tadi?'
'mcm pondan'
'macam la u kenal sangat pondan jerit camana?'
'hey orang kenal lah!! ' smiling on the side of the pool,
splashing n spitting pool water like pocahontas did. addoi laaaa...

...and here i have to end the first part of this story,
its going to be long. Farid as usual tells his story with
back ground music and hand gesture that i think its
worth the time for me to write it here.
'hang tau, paih tu aku punya la kelepiaq nak sampai tepi tu,
dok nampak batu nisan dah, paih tu hang tau...
sekali kena sangkut kat bawah dagu, puuhhh.
lembut nya tangan diiaaaa!! ghoti gardenia
yg baru masak panaih panaih tu pun tak lembut lagu tu!!'

was some of his actual words:D
so next post yer pocket :D


ZARA 札拉 said...

Nak nyanyi lagu Gardenia juga~

miera a.k.a merr said...

gardenia.... sungguh enak dimakan begitu saja.........

zara...aku join ko nyanyi...

banji said...

Your story is ten times better than Farid's

Tetiba teringat lak time banji belajar berenang.. dah le rabun ada hati nak usha awek gak tu :p

Pocket said...

Zara, Miera..
Ohh gardeniaaa, sunggoh enak dimakan begitu saja...

well farid have his own way of putting it, n i have mine :D

berenang jom banji!! menarik woo,
buleh cuci mata dengan membuka mata mu
didalam air.

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

kali nieh i'm not going to make a karangan. i'm going to sit and relax...enjoy the story until the end.

* for now, the score for farid is negative 30:P

bendul said...

remember, once upon a time there was rumors that saying farid is actually pocket..?
but not this time, right..?
(i means all the time la kot..)

kikkake bro, kikkake..
i love story of met somebody by the kikkake.. omoshiroi kikkake will be better, with omoshiroi ending.. promise me the next part(s) will be that omoshiroi..

*omoshiroi : interesting
*kikkake : errr.. pocket please explain..?

Pocket said...

alaa sha!! takkan markah nyer turun 30 kot?
so pas ni lagi turun lah :D heheheh
maa.. just sit n enjoy the story first,
now that i've done secondchoice,
i dont think i know how to end this story,
but that'll be more interesting isnt it?

Farid was never pocket bendul,
but pocket memang berenang,
tak pandai tp buleh la seseket:D

Kikkake yer?
the trigger? sebab? penyebab?
well, i hope the next part will interest u too bro :D