Monday, September 05, 2005


Introducing!! MaNuAwek!! hehehe the name is 'birdnest ferns' dis awek seriously can grow, once i've saw the same kind in some taman, grows up to my height.. hehehe huh.. talk bout murah rezeki kan .. there are saying that kalau si isterinyer tinggi lg, then murah rezeki..
She needs to drink every now and then, so as a pakwe.. i'll always ask her to drink like everyday, in the morning and late in the afternoon. she has been quite nice to me lately, spreading her 4th hands since she became my awek. huh.. guess what, she can talk. whenever i talk to her, she'll talk back. but i have to open up my ultrasonic deep inside the heart voice control to the maximum la...heheh..
Haaaa bundle, i've heard dat one.Seriously talk to your awek, or if you're a girl.. talk to your pakwe.. cause these green makhluk tuhan can make tough decision for you or they can be the best 'ear' listening to your problem..hehehe..why? cause they wont bangkang u :P hahahah....
She luv da sunlight, but overdose could cause burn mark, so .. i'm placing her in the best place so that she can get the sunlight only during the evening. so that her beautyfull hands wont burns. If u watch closely, she's already burnt in a few places. huh.... so thats it pocket.. MaNuAwek, dont you be tellin da rina bout dis NuAwek plak, then she'll freak out and start callin me every 12 seconds:P hehehe. To you ma ferns... sory for not giving u all da sunlight u always crave for... its for your own good ... If you're reading dis, just wanna tell u dat i luv ya:) huhu

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